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Excuse me you just stepped on my head

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 26, 2009

It wasn’t that long ago when MTV was actually showing videos and the few shows it aired were for the most part worth watching. One such show was titled Daria, that show cracked me up. One of the phrases that are said during the opening music was “Excuse me you just stepped on my head.”

Let’s forward some years forward and we have Chase Budinger of the Arizona Wildcats saying something similar to Houston’s Aubrey Coleman. For the record Houston was leading in this game until this incident happened. Of course Houston wound up losing the game.

Coleman was ejected from the game and appears not to be that upset over it. Note to Aubrey Coleman: try not to indulge your inner Chris Simon too much. There’s a reason the guy’s playing in Siberia these days…

Also is it just me, or has Chase Budinger been in college for 8 years? Is he going to be a doctor or something?


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