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Lock up the women and children, Duke is #1 again & Jay Bilas approves

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 27, 2009


Yes, it’s that time again. It’s time for Duke to be #1 in the polls and the imminent fall from grace is near. For the time being maybe, just maybe, Duke can get some respect from Dick Vitale. *Sarcasm*

The reason I’m writing about Duke is to help keep Coach K from whining. See when they were ranked #2 Coach K whined about not being recognized for being the #2 team in the country. (For the record I like Coach K even though he has the kind of face that begs to be punched. but I hate Duke)

“I don’t even think it was mentioned in the newspapers here that we were No. 2 in the polls,” he said to reporters recently … “I know it’s not that big here,” he said of Duke’s success, “but it’s pretty damn good. So when this group makes No. 2, it’s a new group, they should be celebrated for doing something good.”

Sure we’ve all traveled down this path before. In the ’08 season Duke went 22-1 before they hit a bad stretch of loses in February and March. Before that in ’07 Duke started out 13-1 and then the season fell apart. In 2006 (the last time they ranked #1) Duke was on fire going a blistering 27-1 then they met LSU and that was that.

So maybe this Duke team is different or maybe not so please forgive me for having doubts Coach K. After all it feels like we have all seen this movie before.


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