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The Coach is fired, Diane Sawyer approves but Dallas Academy…you still got your butts whipped

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 27, 2009

Dear graphics department of ABC News: if your goal was to make me feel even more pity for the girls of Dallas Academy. Well then, mission still not accomplished.

And the fallout over the 100-0 ass beating continues….apparently The Covenant School believes Jesus would be a little more merciful. Micah Grimes, or Grimey as I like to call him, taught us that a man can triumph over adversity and loss his gainful employment at the same time.

This past Thursday apparently officials from The Covenant School went the Dallas Academy to apologize. They apologized for having a superior team which beat the hammered the Dallas Academy to a resounding final score of 100-0

I asked the simple question: What would Jesus do? And I got a lot of good replies which is unusual since other than a select few are usually to intimidated are so awe struck by my awesomeness to open your pie holes.

The Covenant School also published an apology on their website:

The Covenant School, its board and administrators, regrets the incident of January 13 and the outcome of the game with the Dallas Academy Varsity Girls Basketball team. It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened.  This clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition. We humbly apologize for our actions and seek the forgiveness of Dallas Academy, TAPPS and our community.  The school and its representatives in no way support or condone the running up of a score against any team in any sport for any reason.  The school’s board members, Head of School Kyle Queal and Athletic Director Brice Helton have acted to ensure that such an unfortunate incident can never happen again.

Covenant school officials have met with and personally apologized to Dallas Academy Headmaster Jim Richardson and Athletic Director Jeremy Civello and wish to extend their highest praise to each member of the Dallas Academy Varsity Girls Basketball team for their strength, composure and fortitude in a game in which they clearly emerged the winner.  Accordingly, The Covenant School has contacted TAPPS and is submitting a formal request to forfeit the game recognizing that a victory without honor is a great loss.

Well this didn’t set to well with Coach Grimey who posted the following on his own web site:

In response to the statement posted on The Covenant School Website, I respectfully disagree with the apology, especially the notion that the Covenant School girls basketball team should feel “embarrassed” or “ashamed”. We played the game as it was meant to be played and would not intentionally run up the score on any opponent. Although a wide-margin victory is never evidence of compassion, my girls played with honor and integrity and showed respect to Dallas Academy. We honor God, ourselves, and our families when we step on the court to compete. I do not wish to forfeit the game. What kind of example does it set for our children? Do we really want to punish Covenant School girls?  Does forfeiting really help Dallas Academy girls?  We experienced a blowout almost 4 years ago and it was painful, but it made us who we are today. I believe in the lessons that sports teach us.  Competition builds character, and teaches us to value selflessness, hard work, and perseverance.  As a coach, I have instilled in my girls these values. So if I lose my job over these statements, I will walk away with my integrity.

Well Coach Grimey’s response to the apology has prompted The Covenant School to can Coach Grimey. But hey he still has his integrity.

Meanwhile at the Dallas Academy batcave…the eight girl team of 100-0 losers gets to meet Diane Sawyer and was on Good Morning American yesterday plus they are now the media’s new loveable losers. That’s right Chicago Cubs…you have been replaced…losers.

Dallas Academy girls, portrayed as lovable losers on the court but winners in life for their attitude after the loss, have been showered with praise nationally. They’ve were on ABC and CBS network morning shows on Saturday and are scheduled to make a repeat appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday as well as their Today show debut.”

So what are the lessons here? I mean this team got beaten soundly…and even cancelled the rest of their league games because of it. However since they have proven that they’re not very good at basketball they get to meet people like Diane Sawyer and get doted on as if they have special powers. The coach of the winning team gets fired for NOT telling his team to try their best.

I realize that this is a time when every kid gets a trophy or star for “trying” but what lessons have the Dallas Academy kids really learned? To fire The Covenant School coach is a serious overreaction in my humble opinion.

Is it possible that the way the story has been blown out of proportion the real reason why Coach Grimey was let go? After all about 3 years ago The Covenant School girl’s team lost a game by the score of 82-6; this really isn’t that much different.

If this guy got fired, Bob Stoops should probably be strapped to a rocket and sent into space and the truly remarkable thing is that Isiah Thomas is not involved someway in this fiasco.

Thus is the state of the “everyone is a winner” culture. It makes me sick. Why is there such a departure from winners and losers? This is teaching kids that they are entitled to something even when there performance is lacking. I realize that one team far outmatched the other, but that should be a lesson to the losing team that there are times in life when someone else is better. If you aren’t learning you aren’t living.

Despite all of this adulation, the team will face some form of punishment when they are inevitably handed an ESPY previously awarded to Jason McElwaine.


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