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No! Neither David Beckham nor I have time for a f*$king photo!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 28, 2009

For the record I do not play soccer and the only time I bother watching soccer is when it’s on the TV at this amazing Mexican restaurant that buddy and I frequently visit. That reminds me, yo J let’s do lunch this Saturday. Even though I’m not a soccer fan I do know who David Beckham is or as I like to call him, Mr. Posh Spice.

Like dwarf tossing and Tony Romo, it seems having your bodyguards perform the smack down on the paparazzi is one fad that will not go away. Apparently soccer God, Mr. Posh Spice enjoys partaking in this fad.

Beckham is currently playing for A.C. Milan in Italy where he might be hiding out after the season is over. While he was in Los Angeles last month he allegedly had his bodyguards beat down a photographer named Emicles Da Mata while at a stop light.

In the photo above we see Beckham’s bodyguards explaining either Mr. Posh Spice believes having his picture taken will steal a small piece of his soul or he is still on the fad of beating up the paparazzi because he hasn’t discovered the newest fad sweeping America, the Wunder Boner.

Apparently the police obvious became involved but it seems Da Mata shook the whole incident off by telling them that he’s going to sue Beckham.

And what do you know Da Moto did what he said & filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court. Hey this is America man, the land of the lawsuit.

“We just found the lawsuit, filed last month in L.A. County Superior Court, in which Emicles Da Mata claims on December 7, 2008, he had stopped his car on a Beverly Hills street when Beckham reached through the driver’s window and grabbed his camera and attempted to wrestle it from him. Da Mata was holding the camera at the time.

The lawsuit claims Beckham’s bodyguard — also a defendant — then beat him repeatedly, grabbed the camera and threw it in a trash can. The picture on the left shows two of Beckham’s bodyguards on top of Da Mata.”

So Beckham has his goons rough up a photographer and he gets sued for it, but Pacman Jones arranges one little shooting and it becomes a “criminal matter.” *Sarcasm*

With a name like Emicles, you’d think he’d grown used to random beatings while growing up.

Whatever the case, I can relate to Mr. Posh Spice about this situation. I’m old school so what might be called a fad to some means it’s a lifestyle commitment to me. Besides these photographers are always following me around and getting in my way. Of course if you believe that I have photographers hounding me then I have some beach resort property in New Orleans to sell you. 🙂

Then again judging from this photo below…maybe Mr. Posh Spice has other things to worry about….



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