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Tennessee has supermodels cheering for them, yes it’s great to be a Vol

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 29, 2009


That’s right, model Marisa Miller was at the Tennessee game last night just to cheer for Tennessee’s own Emmanuel Negedu.

To make a long story short, Marisa Miller and her husband Griffin Guess had previously met Emmanuel Negedu when he was still in high school and promised to come watch him play so last night they honored that promise.

“It was really great to see him,” Guess said. “I think he’s grown about an inch and put on 10 pounds. He looks good.”

Psshhh dude look at your wife…she looks better….

“I think the atmosphere will be exciting,” Miller said. “I just hope I don’t embarrass Emmanuel by cheering too loudly.”

I can’t wait for the picture of a sweating like a horse Bruce Pearl giving her a hug. He might need some Dial for his “mansuit”.

So the Tennessee basketball team has supermodels cheering for them and the Alabama basketball team has….well…people like below cheering for them.


One Response to “Tennessee has supermodels cheering for them, yes it’s great to be a Vol”

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