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ESPN suspends Scott Van Pelt for showing some intelligence

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 9, 2009

Let’s face it, the majority of ESPN radio personalities are babbling morons, albeit some are entertaining. So when one ESPN radio personality actually makes valid and relevant comments about baseball commissioner Bud Selig and his $18.5 million salary instead of analogies using Friday Night Lights well…let’s just say that’s a no-no.

Last week, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt throttled Bud Selig about the MLB Commissioner’s $18.5 million salary and apparently Bud Selig is not to happy about it. Van Pelt was suspended from his radio show as a result.

ESPN has corporate interests at heart?! Next you’re going to tell me they used to cover Arena Football because it was the next big thing!

Van Pelt refuses to comment instead diverting it along to ESPN media relations. According to some ESPN higher-ups the comments about Selig were “too personal” & the phrase “pimp cup” was the zinger that led to the suspension. Van Pelt, reportedly on his own volition, called Selig to apologize and was in agreement that his statements were a little harsh.

Everyone knows that Selig has a close relationship with some ESPN top executives plus they are locked into an 8 year, 2.4 billion (yes billion) broadcast deal that started in ’05.

I was driving to get a haircut when I heard his rant. It was 100% fucking spot on and the only intelligent thing I’ve heard on ESPN Radio… maybe ever. It’s absolutely hysterical that they’re slapping him on the wrist for this. I was glad that someone was taking Selig to task. Why should someone have a show on sports talk radio and not be critical of sports figures? And shame on Scott Van Pelt for apologizing to Selig, he has nothing to apologize for.

If he would have just stuck to Mike and Mike’s program schedule of eating contests, Nelson songs, and rap written by a no talent Irish kid, this would have never happened.

My biggest gripe with ESPN is that they don’t report news anymore – it’s all analysis all the time. Now they are going to start giving their employees hell for that, too? Can we please get a real sports channel in this country?

I heard John Clayton is scrambling to re-write his “Roger Goodell is a Douche bag” story as we speak. This is why Bill Simmons continues to have rifts with ESPN. I don’t see why this is shocking to any with half a pulse. Van Pelt needs to do what Simmons did and just provide a disclaimer at the beginning of the show and then sound off. Oh ESPN, you continue to embarrass yourselves.


One Response to “ESPN suspends Scott Van Pelt for showing some intelligence”

  1. Joel said

    Scott Van Pelt is my new hero. However, I see Fox Sports in his future if he continues his counter-culture ways…

    Unless he sexually harasses & stalks an intern. Then he would get Monday Night Football like his buddy Mike Tirico…

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