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Is this the new Chris Jericho reality show?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 10, 2009


As sad as it is the fact remains that pro-wrestling is still big business. I stopped watching wrestling sometime around my thirteenth birthday however today’s wrestling stars are laying the smack down on real people in the parking lots all across Canada & that my friends upsets the most because that’s something I might find slightly entertaining.

Chris Jericho is one of the modern era wrestlers that have employed kicking the shit out of wrestling in parking lots. Why just last Sunday he punched a woman outside Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre after a World Wrestling Entertainment Raw Live event. Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre? Who says the WWE is not doing well?

The Vancouver Sun states:

“One witness said she saw the 225-pound wrestler spit in a woman’s face after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe and castigated him for losing the heavyweight championship to John Cena. With spit dripping down her face, the woman started hitting him, said Darshan Stevens, who watched from about a metre away. Jericho turned and punched her in the face, she said.

The woman who was hit, 20-year-old Ashley Levey, said the altercation began when her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, heckled Jericho as he drove through the parking lot. Jericho got out of his vehicle, Levey said, and made a derogatory comment to Johl, who is South Asian. She said Jericho pushed Kohl first. Levey called Jericho a racist, so he spit on and punched her, she said.”

What no DDT? I bet onlookers felt cheated. The fans might have experienced a better response from him if they would have spelled “Chris Jericho” on their chests.

Lucky we as Americans don’t have to miss this excitement because of the wonderful invention called “YouTube”, give a plus 1 for American ingenuity.

A friend of mine’s roommate in college did an entire paper on professional wrestling and its positive portrayal of women for a gender roles class. He was such a tool. Rumor has it that this work is not Dusty Rhodes approved.

And for the record:

“after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe and castigated him for losing the heavyweight championship to John Cena. With spit dripping down her face, the woman started hitting him”

Oh, we have these types of women in the South too! They’re called “Alabama fans”.

To make up for the unfortunate event, Jericho is planning on having the young woman and her son over to his house for a weekend of weightlifting and hanging out.

Still it certainly looks like good wholesome family entertainment and do you know what else sounds like good entertainment? If you said an evening with Ric Flair then you’re sadly correct.

The concert promoter says:

“I really wanted to emulate what I saw with an Evening with Kevin Smith. He was so flexible; he talked about gay rights, homosexuality, and his favorite movies all in the same sentence. In seeing that, that is what I wanted Ric to do. I contacted Ric Flair’s management and said, ‘I think this guy’s story needs to be heard.’ If there is one person who can go all night with stories, it’s Ric Flair.”

Splendid hearing Flair comment about homo erotic feelings he incurs while wrestling and watching “Broke Back Mountain” is just to damn frightening to me. Woooo!!!!


One Response to “Is this the new Chris Jericho reality show?”

  1. Ricky Henderson's cleats said

    The spitting was measured in “metres”……How Canadian, Eh?

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