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I don’t care about steroids anymore

Posted by Ghetto_Philosopher on February 12, 2009

roger-clemensMuch has been made about the news that there is indeed evidence that A-rod tested positive for anabolic steroids some odd years ago. As can be expected in this media age of ours, it was plastered all over the newspapers, was the main focus of radio talk shows nationwide and was all over This prompted ESPN to of course arrange an interview between Peter Gammons and Alex Rodriguez where A-rod came out of the closet about his use of performance enhancers (more about this interview in a bit).

I must confess that when I heard the news, I stood up in indifference. Why do we still care? Granted that I am not the biggest baseball fan out there but I am tired of all the moral outrage being shown by folks in the media. This had to have been the worst kept secret and it is amazing to me that all this stuff took this long to come to light. It definitely says a lot about us as the fans and the media types. We didn’t care about this stuff when we were gobbling up the offensive explosions that helped save the MLB. Lets not pretend that we care now. As for the whole “we are sending the wrong message to kids”, maybe we should stop expecting athletes to be role models and be role models to kids ourselves. Nobody cares about these athletes when they age and stop producing. They just get tossed aside for a younger and faster replacement, yet we are shocked when they try to get an edge and hang on to their glory years? Please.

Now I am not trying to excuse these guys for cheating, I am trying to point out that we were and are complicit in it. We created these monsters and now we have to live with them. On the interview between Gammons and Rodriguez, does anyone move faster to make a story their own than ESPN? Like Petros pointed out on PMS (the Petros and Money Show, KLAC 570 AM here in LA), this A-rod story was broken by Sports Illustrated but within two days, ESPN took over the story by saturating the air waves with everything A-rod and quickly arranging the interview. And now, no one even remembers SI broke the news. Evil genuises.


One Response to “I don’t care about steroids anymore”

  1. coffee said

    it seems to be all about competition, winning at all costs, so it’s hard to blame players that shoot up;

    is their job to be sports stars or is it to “play the game”

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