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18 free throws from 9 technical fouls all at once? WTF?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 13, 2009

Imagine if you will that your high school team is down by 5 points with 12 seconds left in regulation. Then some bonehead for your team commits an intentional foul. That should be game over right? I would be in the normal world however this is Rio Americano High I’m referring to so apparently normal doesn’t apply here since they a way to get eight technical fouls called on their opponent.

Rio Americano High was playing a league game against Bella Vista, both school are located in California. Rio’s Pierce Burton attempted a lay-up however the shot was cleanly blocked and he lost the ball. At that point Burton decided to go all WWE on Bella Vista’s Justin Haley and tried to pull him down to the ground.

Burton received a technical foul and was ejected from the game. There were no blows thrown, nobody pushed another player and the player even shook hands said “Yo it’s all good.”

However if you watch the video you’ll see where players from both benches took about 5 steps away from the bench. Because of this the refs went into technical foul crazy and the grand total is astounding.

Bella Vista was awarded eight free throws. Two free throws for the actual plus 6 free throws because of the three technical fouls that called against Rio.

On the flip side Rio (the team that committed the intentional foul to begin with) received. 18 yes 18 free throws that were awarded from nine technical fouls! I find it hard to believe a team can even receive that many technicals and Rasheed Wallace wasn’t playing for them and I’m shocked to find out that Duke wasn’t the recipient of this gift. One player for Rio made 17 of those shot to bring his team from being down by five to win the game six points.

The refs are standing firm and state that players from both teams “stormed” the court after the intentional foul and apparently Bella Vista had a lot more players that left the bench area. Bella Vista coaches say that’s not the case and even if it was, that doesn’t mean you give out a technical for every single one which in all honesty makes sense to me.

Bella Vista is appealing the game’s final outcome. Whatever the case might be give some props to the Rio player that made 17 out of 18 free throws, because there are several NBA players who couldn’t do that.

Mark Cuban is somewhere angrily blogging about this.

Bizarre finish to boys game disputed [Sac Bee]


3 Responses to “18 free throws from 9 technical fouls all at once? WTF?”

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  2. Doublek said

    Sometimes you see crazy endings and you think to yourself that you’ll never see anything like that ever again and then something genius like this comes along! It helps reaffirm to me that assanine things happen every day in sports all over the world. Thanks for the post. I so enjoy the dose of absurdity that you all pass along here quite frequently. Keep up the good work.

  3. zigzag said

    Sounds like LSU-Mississippi State last Wednesday.

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