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The New Jersey Nets are finding better ways to drive fans away than just by playing bad

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 4, 2009

If you ever needed a reason not to attend a New Jersey Nets basketball game, then I have one for you. Alcohol may have been a factor…at least I hope so.

Just watch the video and you’ll see and check out the shirtless Asian with the stuffed panda, Warren Sapp ain’t got anything on him, other than heterosexuality, money and a better station in life.

I have some alternate state mottos for New Jersey after seeing this video:

  • New Jersey Nets Basketball – TASTE THE RAINBOW!
  • New Jersey: Come for the hypodermic needle laced beaches, stay for the Gay Asian Stuffed Panda Dance.

Why was Kim Jong Il there? That’s the real question!


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