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The liberal PC terrorists have won a victory in high school sports

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 10, 2009

Once upon a time there was something in this country called free speech and for the most part there still is. However the PC terrorists have been striking blows to sports fans as of late and it continues to this day.

The PC terrorists have ascended upon a Minnesota high school named Ashland High. There the classic cheers that are being used in high schools and college games are banned because the athletic director believes them to be “unsportsmanlike” and believes everyone should be living in some Disneyland utopia. Something I find strange is this belief is based upon Wisconsin rules…wait Minnesota and Wisconsin are two separate states right?

“The issue came to light last year when a visitor, noticing the fans’ behavior, asked if school officials were familiar with the WIAA sportsmanship rules. Ever since then the athletic director has been enforcing the rules. “You can’t turn your backs, you can’t single out an opponent, you can’t single out a team, you can’t say anything negative,” Olson said.

That includes using phrases like “sieve,” “what’s the score,” “overrated,” “airball,” and even singing “nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, good bye.”

Man, thank goodness the same rules don’t apply at the Metro dome during Vikings games.

Score one for the PC terrorist. This is just another step in destroying the 1st amendment. I supposed the “WIAA” stands for Whiny Immature Assholes Association.

If this athletic director and the state of Wisconsin believe the “traditional” cheers are rough you should have heard the cheers the student section that my high school would use. I imagine the “You’re all fagots”, “Pump our gas”, “We bang your girls” and “S our Ds” wouldn’t be allowed. The sad thing is I went to a Christian High school. Man, for me the sporting events I attended would have never been the same.

I’m betting Minnesota schoolchildren love Everyone Gets a Trophy day.


One Response to “The liberal PC terrorists have won a victory in high school sports”

  1. Pacifus said

    I think terrorists is a strong word for this overly PC crowd, perhaps language torturers. And BTW, not every liberal is a PC warrior. But I guess it’s easy to promote a shallow view when everything is a shade of grey…

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