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There are lesbian teachers in San Francisco?!?! When did this happen?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 17, 2009

She doesn't need this, she inhaled her favorite whistle this morning.

Before I begin with this post I should warn you: Apparently there are gay & lesbian teachers within the San Francisco area. Don’t be alarmed from the intelligence I’ve gathered points to the fact they have been there awhile…cumulating in numbers…so please do not go all Rambo Red Alert on me.

Meet Megan Sainsbury, a 31-year-old PE teacher at Prospect High in Saratoga, she was arrested on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year-old student. Sainsbury is also a girl’s field hockey coach. Gee…a lesbian field hockey coach, what are the odds of that? Some say field hockey is a sport that was invented to punish women for wanting to play sports.

“The misconduct alleged in the documents occurred from October 2007 to January 2009. According to court records, Sainsbury and the student kissed and touched, but there is no evidence they had sex. They allegedly exchanged text messages of a romantic nature. Sainsbury bought the teen gifts, including a cell phone, to entice the girl to continue their relationship, a Santa Clara County sheriff’s report contended.”

I wonder if School administrators began to become suspicious of Sainsbury when rumors swirled about her newest practice drill, “Flicking the Bean.” From the looks of her mug shot one would think she was arrested for dealing and/or doing Meth.

To make matters worse, Sainsbury is an assistant coach with the University of California field hockey team. She played for the Cal Hippies Bears and holds the school records for assists and points.

The arrest of Sainsbury is the third of such arrests of female PE teachers in the San Francisco area within the past two weeks. The other two are facing more serious charges. You might be wondering what the in world is going on in the extreme left coast. Well, this is one opinion:

“You probably noticed that several teachers have been arrested on these types of charges lately,” said Santa Clara County Supervising Deputy District Attorney Mike Fletcher, head of the sexual assault team. “But teachers are no more likely than doctors, lawyers or newspaper reporters to commit these crimes. Sex crimes affect a wide cross-section of demographics. I think it’s just a fluke.” That said, Fletcher added that he believes the use of technology, such as texting in particular, can intensify a relationship between a coach and student.”

There it is right there! It’s technology’s fault!!! Damn Steve Case for inventing AOL!!! Let’s burn him on the stake!

Let’s review one comment you made Mr. Fletcher:

But teachers are no more likely than doctors, lawyers or newspaper reporters to commit these crimes.”

Umm, except teachers are around kids all day.

By the way that might be the longest job title in the world. I can’t help but think “head of the sexual assault team” might be a little confusing to victims.

Sainsbury: “I’ve been around the world, from Berkeley to South Bay!”

Student: “You can’t touch this.”


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