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Well…that was an awkward spring game Internet stream for Southern Miss

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 21, 2009

Radio station Rock 104 live-streamed the Southern Miss Golden Eagles spring game for fans this past Saturday and totally made it interesting by talking about redneck sex, burping and making racist comments. I know what you’re thinking: People care about Southern Miss football? Really? Yes, yes they do, not many but some.  

Every Day Should Be Saturday has the audio in which you can hear a strange conversation that includes classic lines such as:  “What’s the weirdest thing you stuck yer dick in?” Oh…these two could go all the way to ESPN radio. I’m betting the phone lines lit up when they asked about banging fat chicks. 

Blakeney Communications, the company responsible for the stream, has already issued an apology: 

“Blakeney Communications, Inc. apologizes to the University of Southern Mississippi, ISP and Southern Miss Fans for a technical error which inadvertently resulted in a private conversation by Rock 104 employees being sent out over the internet instead of the internet web cast of the Southern Miss Spring Football Game. 

The employees were not aware that their conversation was accidentally being picked up by a live microphone and could be heard by Southern Miss fans who were trying to listen to the web cast of the game. The conversation was NOT broadcast on the radio. 

The employees deeply regret any offensive remarks which may have been made and wish to apologize to Southern Miss fans. They have been severely reprimanded by Blakeney Communications. The comments made do not represent the views or opinions of Rock 104 or Blakeney Communications, Inc. 

Blakeney Communications, Inc. would like for all Southern Miss Fans to know that the error was not the fault of ISP or the University of Southern Mississippi. Blakeney Communications, Inc. takes full responsibility for and deeply regrets the error. 

Larry Blakeney, President and CEO

Debbie Blakeney. General Manager” 

I love the line in the letter that states it was a “technical error” because technically, you should never put a microphone in front of a redneck and expect any different. 

In case you might be wondering, Black defeated Gold 18-15 but seriously what is the weirdest thing you stuck yer dick in?


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