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Let’s all hope this doesn’t give Phil Fulmer any ideas

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 23, 2009

Alright look…I have nothing against Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and I’ll admit that this is for a great cause but I can not stop thinking that Broadway and Izzo mixed together will result in burning couches and riots.

Tickets are now on sale for Izzo Goes To Broadway, a “Broadway-style performance featuring Tom and Lupe Izzo and six accomplished Broadway performers.”  It will be held next month and proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. All Izzo wants is to be the Elaine Page of basketball.

Yo Izzo give money and ask others especially those in your profession to do the same. Just write a freaking 6 figure check (you can afford it) and spare us this torture

“Izzo Goes To Broadway was written exclusively as a mini-Broadway show telling the story of Coach Izzo’s journey from high school to Michigan State to making it to the top on Broadway. The performance features music from several Broadway standards, including 42nd Street, Cats, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera and A Chorus Line as sung by professional Broadway performers. Among the six-member cast is one actor with 13 Broadway credits on his resume. One of the other professionals is a Lansing native who attended Waverly schools. Several of the performers are taking a break from their current Broadway roles to be a part of this special production.”

What, no Jay-Z?

Let’s pray that there isn’t dancing. I can’t wait for Pitino and Sypher in Swindler on the Roof. For the record Coach K is the lead in Durham community theater’s production of Rats.

If this works, can “Bob Knight Goes to the Psycho Ward” be far behind?


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