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Yes, there is also ignorance abound in Australia

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 1, 2009

Unfortunately the image above is real and it’s a crying shame. The Torquay Tigers football club of Australia did more than raise a few eyebrows for the team’s upcoming “All White Night.” It also enraged the National Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma as well as the team’s players. 

“Given the work we’ve been doing, you would think they would be much more sensitive to these issues and find them totally abhorrent,” he said. 

No shit Sherlock. 

Some moron volunteer posted this image on the team’s website to promote a weekend social event with an all-white theme. The white was supposed to refer to the dress code. I suppose this idiot figured nothing says dress like Rick Pitino like showing images that represent 150 years of bigoted ignorance. Fucking douche bag. 

“The latest Ku Klux Klan scandal comes after Fremantle this month denied claims by its assistant coach, Steve Malaxos, that players had dressed in Klan gear and raided each others homes as a prank.” 

Gee, that freaking doesn’t help matters either. Who the hell is running this team? The team quickly replaced the image with what I’m sure to be an unauthorized picture of Disney’s Snow White. I didn’t know John Rocker had moved Down Under.


One Response to “Yes, there is also ignorance abound in Australia”

  1. Joel said

    They could have at least used the white tiger Montecore, and photoshopped a pic of Montecore feasting on Roy Horn’s neck. That would have been funny…

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