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This doesn’t help Boston College’s academic standing

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 6, 2009

Me fail English? Who cares, I'm a millionaire!

Even though it turned out that B.J. Raji didn’t smoke the sweet sticky icky weed like Percy Harvin it turns out that the boy just can’t spell. Maybe he should lied and said he did smoke pot. At least that would explain why he misspelled his school’s war cry. 

Boston College fans need to head over to eBay to bid on this “authentic” scribbling, made by the former Boston College player and first round draft pick. Of course he didn’t actually sign his name but instead wrote “Sore Eagles” referring to his alma mater Boston College. Oh yeah he also spelled “Soar” incorrectly…oops… Maybe he was explaining how the team felt after a game. 

Dan Quayle is sympathetic. He is also a total idiot and to be fair, Florida State players can’t spell their war cry either.. Fortunately, spelling is not a pre-requisite for a career in letting 320lb offensive linemen sit on your head.


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