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Let’s hope some better slogans come from Orlando than this

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 1, 2009

I would like to engage in consensual relations with that blonde-haired wit in the photograph above.

Trash talk t-shirts, I love them, you love them, we love them. Even though the shirt in the above photo is rude and abrasive it’s still funny as hell. Let’s hope people in Orlando aren’t as brain dead as Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi.

I normally don’t rag on beat writers but this guy has written some t-shirt slogans that are retarded and boring. “Magic Task: Beat LA!” Who cares? That is unoriginal.

Here are some examples:

• “Say good night to LeBron vs. Kobe.”

• “LeBron is LeGone.”

• “Bring on the Lakers.”

• “Mission accomplished.”

• “California, here they come.”

• “You heard me: the Magic are going to the NBA Finals”

• “Witness this: Orlando Magic 103, Cleveland LeBrons 90?”

• “I’m sorry, who was the MVP?”

I swear this guy is the retarded lovechild of Mike Celizic and Rick Reilly. That or I’m in a really bad mood. “Mission accomplished,” always a good thing to say not a chance that anything could go wrong after a statement like that.

Maybe it’s the team he is covering. Let me tell you how lame Orlando is…….After last night’s win over the Cavs, not one car was overturned and burned in downtown Orlando. WTF is up with that!?

Come to Orlando: Where we take your mild retardation and turn it into a fucking Minstrel Show!

Sorry maybe I really am in that bad of a mood.


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