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Getting choked out by a girl must suck

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 17, 2009

Let this video serve as a reminder that when you’re interviewing a female MMA fighter with limited English, you can easily become the bitch. 

Aaron Tru, of the website MMA Worldwide, found out what it means to make emale fighter Cris “Cyborg” Santos choke. Get your minds out of the gutter watch the video! Granted I wouldn’t mind making Gina Carano choke. Ok now that time my mind was in the gutter. 

To be honest English isn’t Santos’ first language, it also looks like “female” isn’t her first gender. After all Pit bulls wish they could have her jaw. Santos says it takes three seconds to choke someone out he lasted about eight seconds, not to shabby if you ask me. Maybe if he would have stopped calling her Jim, this wouldn’t have happened. 

If Michael Hutchence were still alive, watching that video would have gave him a raging erection. Well, as long as he could have seen his computer screen from the shower, that is.


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