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OJ and the Lakers have a parade!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 17, 2009


Well today L.A. threw the Lakers a parade for winning the NBA Championship. It’s not like the city actually paid for it though. Instead “private donors” were solicited for the funds and it took the L.A. City Council two day to vote yes to that. 

Since the city of Pittsburgh willing shelled out for not one but two parades this year for their championship team certainly Los Angeles could do the same for the Lakers. I mean L.A. should have a better economy that Pittsburgh. I suppose the whole state of California is bankrupt and here I thought the Terminator guy who made Twins was taking care of all that. What, people in Southern California are careless with their money? Get out of here! 

Also today marks the 15th anniversary of OJ’s “slow role” through the streets of Los Angeles, coincidence? Conspiracy theorists unite!


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