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I don’t care about steroids anymore

Posted by Ghetto_Philosopher on February 12, 2009

roger-clemensMuch has been made about the news that there is indeed evidence that A-rod tested positive for anabolic steroids some odd years ago. As can be expected in this media age of ours, it was plastered all over the newspapers, was the main focus of radio talk shows nationwide and was all over This prompted ESPN to of course arrange an interview between Peter Gammons and Alex Rodriguez where A-rod came out of the closet about his use of performance enhancers (more about this interview in a bit).

I must confess that when I heard the news, I stood up in indifference. Why do we still care? Granted that I am not the biggest baseball fan out there but I am tired of all the moral outrage being shown by folks in the media. This had to have been the worst kept secret and it is amazing to me that all this stuff took this long to come to light. It definitely says a lot about us as the fans and the media types. We didn’t care about this stuff when we were gobbling up the offensive explosions that helped save the MLB. Lets not pretend that we care now. As for the whole “we are sending the wrong message to kids”, maybe we should stop expecting athletes to be role models and be role models to kids ourselves. Nobody cares about these athletes when they age and stop producing. They just get tossed aside for a younger and faster replacement, yet we are shocked when they try to get an edge and hang on to their glory years? Please.

Now I am not trying to excuse these guys for cheating, I am trying to point out that we were and are complicit in it. We created these monsters and now we have to live with them. On the interview between Gammons and Rodriguez, does anyone move faster to make a story their own than ESPN? Like Petros pointed out on PMS (the Petros and Money Show, KLAC 570 AM here in LA), this A-rod story was broken by Sports Illustrated but within two days, ESPN took over the story by saturating the air waves with everything A-rod and quickly arranging the interview. And now, no one even remembers SI broke the news. Evil genuises.

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Barry, Take A Deal

Posted by Joel Jackson on February 5, 2009


Barry Lamar Bonds, baseball’s home run king*, is screwed. According to court documents, U.S. Attorneys have everything from positive tests for steroids to phone conversations by his equally genetically jacked up trainer Greg Anderson.

So the documents are available to the public, and as a warning, they are lengthy. Judge Susan Ilston is expected to rule on a defense motion to suppress evidence, such as the urine samples, or allow the evidence to stay when the case goes to trial next month. But in the court of public opinion, he is guilty.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper than just a few positive piss tests. Barroid also took clomid, which is a common masking agent for athletes using steroids. What is clomid you might ask??? Clomid is a female fertility drug, used to induce ovulation. Side effects (I love this part) include ovarian enlargement, breast discomfort, abnormal uterine bleeding, and multiple births. Translation: If you see this guy scratching his tit and his mid-section is bloody, we know why. I don’t even wanna know where those multiple births are gonna come out of.


One of the steroids that he is accused of using is nandrolone, a common steroid. It is so common that some of the people who have failed steroid tests include C.J. Hunter (one of Marion Jones former lovers), Roger Clemens (another dumbass), UFC great Royce Gracie, Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, formerly of the WWE and now currently in TNA Wrestling.

Of course there is the expected testimony of former players that either played with Bonds or were also caught up in the whole BALCO scandal from the beginning. Also, there could also be the possible testimony of Kimberly Bell, former girlfriend (side action, one in the chamber, jump off, chick on the side, ace in the hole) of Bonds. She has said in the past that Bonds talked about his use of steroids, including seeing him inject himself. Oh, for you 3 pervs reading this, she posed for Playboy. You can see the censored pics here. In that Playboy article, she also talked about his inability to “get it up”. I guess Clomid & Cialis doesn’t mix well. Too bad, because I would like to see Barry throw a football through a tire like the commercial.


I know that he is proud. It is that pride that got him in this mess. It is pure vanity that caused him to stick that syringe in his ass. He was a great player before all of this. Pride got the best of him. He better take a deal now, because he has been out of the hood too long. Once he gets behind bars, one drop of the soap and he will get his first prison style prostate exam…

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The MLB Players’ Association are Either Complete Idiots or Awesome Wasters of Time

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 7, 2008

It’s been long said that the MLB Players’ Association have been a major source of baseballs woes. Now they have the audacity to open an investigation into their own free agency practices that Congress would be rather embarrassed to open. Of course the MLBPA actually sent out a memo telling players not to cooperate with the Mitchell investigation.

Page 1 of the memo

Page 2 of the memo

The MLBPA has been investigating for several weeks what has taken place in free agency, in relation to Barroid Bonds, Kenny “Still No Ring” Lofton and other players who have gone unsigned.

LBPA general counsel Michael Weiner, when asked if they were near a resolution, said:

“I really don’t know. We’re still waiting for some information.”

If the MLBPA determines that there is something untoward, it could file a grievance on the issue of collusion at the end of the investigation.

So basically they want to know why Bonds hasn’t been signed yet. Let me help them out I might have an answer.

  • Steroids
  • Age
  • He can’t play the field anymore because of his knees
  • He’s an asshole in the clubhouse and to media
  • Hitler has a higher approval rating
  • His feet smell (Dusty Baker is the one making that claim)

“The union notified us that it was investigating potential collusion regarding Barry Bonds and asked for information, and we told them that there was absolutely no collusion with respect to Barry Bonds or any other free agent,” said Dan Halem, MLB senior vice president and general labor counsel. “We are aware of no facts which would support a collusion claim regarding Bonds or any other free agents.”

Jeff Borris, the agent for Bonds, said:

“No team has made me an offer for any amount at any time since Barry became a free agent. Barry continues to work out,” but when asked about his client’s prospects for this season, he said, “I’m not optimistic that he will be in a major league uniform in 2008.”

Well thank God for that Borris.

Barry Bonds & Lofton aren’t the only big-name players that haven’t gotten a major league contract this season. Here are some others:

  • Roger Clemens
  • Jose Mesa
  • Mike Piazza
  • Sammy Sosa
  • David Wells

Does anyone notice anything similar about all these players? Here’s a hint: they’re all old and/or aging. Did anyone think that maybe, just maybe, teams would rather give the 23 year old kid with upside a shot, instead of the 40+ one-and-done guy? No? Really?

Bonds is a distraction, therefore, no one wants him. Lofton though, I think he’s well past his prime but can make a decent 4th outfielder for a team. Even then, I think he needs to retire and he should be a shoo-in for the HOF.

If a GM doesn’t want a free-agent player on the team because of the negative PR that will result, how is that possibly collusion?

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