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It’s the day after Fulmer announced that he is stepping down & it’s time to deal with the aftermath

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 4, 2008

Yesterday was a very bittersweet day for me. A change in the coaching definitely was needed but like most fans; I’m very scared of what the future could bring.

Yesterday at work when I first saw the story I immediately e-mailed the members of the Big Orange Roundtable. I would have posted something but you know I have to work.

I spent a lot of time yesterday contemplating on what I was going to write.

Yesterday was a sad day in Knoxville. Coach Fulmer has given his heart and soul to the University, and most Tennessee fans know he’s a good man. Change was needed, however, I am proud to have had Phil Fulmer as the head coach of this storied program, and hopefully things will get turned around in the near future.

Phil has brought Tennessee;

  • A National Championship
  • 2 SEC Titles
  • A record of 45-5 from 1995-98, the most victories over a four-year span in school history.
  • 9 – 10 win seasons in 15 years and four 10 win seasons in the 2000’s.
  • Unbelievable consistency with no in state players to recruit
  • 1 down year when bigger programs had several
  • Double the future # NFL Hall of Famers than the program had in its history
  • 76% winning percentage
  • Six seasons finishing in the top 10 nationally and 13 seasons ranked in the top 25.
  • Seventeen Tennessee players have earned first-team All-America honors
  • Sixteen first-round NFL selections since 1993 and a total of 90 players selected overall. The team’s five first-day 2007 NFL Draft picks were the most of any school and UT has led the SEC with the most players on opening-day NFL rosters each of the last two seasons.
  • Fifteen bowl games have welcomed the Vols, including 12 January bowl invitations.
  • In two of the last three seasons, Tennessee football has led the SEC in Academic Honor Roll recipients.
  • Many trips to Atlanta for the SEC championship game
  • Dominance of the main historical rivals GA & ALA
    • 11-5 vs. Alabama
    • 11-5 vs. Georgia
    • 3-3 vs. Auburn
    • 15-1 vs. Vanderbilt
    • 16-0 vs. Kentucky
    • 14-2 vs. South Carolina
    • 1-0 vs. Ohio State
    • 1-0 vs. Michigan
    • 1-1 vs. Miami
    • 4-4 vs. LSU

Tennessee had a run in the 90’s that this program has never had. Most programs have never approached. Is it fair to compare his current run that is still better than most and better than this program’s history, to his unprecedented run in the 90’s? When he retires, and he should break Neyland’s record, and he is a Hall of Famer, this program might never see that type of success again.

So be careful what you wish for because often the “known” is better than the “unknown.” Tennessee may some day have a “better” coach, but we will never find one who loves the Tennessee program as much as Coach Fulmer.

For Tennessee this will be a very important hire and possibly the most important hire in the history of the program. Remember how Texas A&M shoved R.C. Slocum aside because they believed Coach Fran would save the day? It will take years for A&M to recover from that mistake, so let’s hope and pray Tennessee doesn’t make the same mistake.

What was unique about Fulmer is the fact he was the only SEC coach that played & graduated from the respective school that they are employed by.

Now what are the ramifications of Coach Fulmer’s stepping down?

Coach Fulmer’s departure is the right thing to do for the program and his press conference was both emotional and graceful. This departure could have been uglier like with other programs like Alabama, Oakland Raiders and West Virginia.

  • Look for that highly ranked recruiting class to bow out.
  • Look for the media & other fan bases to chastise the Tennessee program and the Big Orange Nation.
  • Fulmer could take a job at a school such as Memphis and coach against Tennessee.
  • The possibility of current players transferring to other programs.

The future is uncertain and scary. What isn’t uncertain is the fact that Coach Fulmer gave 34 years of his life to the University of Tennessee and for that he should be thanked by the school and the fans alike.

Whatever the winds of change might bring in the future one thing is certain: Coach Fulmer is a damn fine man.

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Is it the end of the Fulmer era or the beginning of a new one?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 31, 2008

As this football season lumbers painfully on for Tennessee fans let’s not forget it must be painful for Coach Fulmer as well. He has been associated with the University of Tennessee in some shape or fashion for the last 34 years.

For many fans all they know is Fulmer. While nothing has been officially announced the majority of the big orange nation knows a change is coming.

In this uncertain and dark economic time I would hate for anyone to lose their job. After some brainstorming I believe I have solution that will cure both the problems of firing Fulmer and choosing a presidential candidate.

It’s time to:


It’s a win-win solution for everyone and what five star football stud could say no to the president of the United States when he comes recruiting for Tennessee?

Let’s look at the issues:

The Economy

  • A pro-growth, pro-jobs strategy to get our economy back on track by working like heck.


  • Our nation’s future security and prosperity depends on the next President working like heck that will break our nation’s strategic dependence on foreign sources of energy and will ensure our economic prosperity by meeting tomorrow’s demands for a clean portfolio.

National Security

  • The most sacred responsibility vested in a president – the commander in chief – is to work like heck “preserve and protect” American citizens.


  • Fulmer will work like heck to secure the borders of Alabama (America’s own third world country) and deport all Alabamians back to their country while rescuing the poor trapped Americans that might be behind enemy lines.

Fighting Crime

  • Unless they play for Tennessee, Fulmer will work like heck to put them behind bars.

It’s time to wake up America and elect a leader that can endure the criticism of a fickle SEC fan base for 14 years.


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The War that is known as the 3rd Saturday in October

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 24, 2008


Most experts say that fans take sports and cheering for their favorite teams to seriously. In most cases I tend to agree with them. However those experts have never experienced the Third Saturday in October either. They do not know the joy or exhilaration of seeing the Tennessee Volunteers or the Alabama Crimson Tide take the field right before kickoff. Those experts have never felt the excitement in the air that is buzzing around when the teams line up.

This game is much more than a simple competition between two border state rival schools. This game is about passion, heart, pride & respect! And nothing means more than to these two teams than respect.

For Phil Fulmer this year’s game is about his legacy and his coaching career at Tennessee. For Nick Saban this year’s game is about a possible BCS birth and the chance to play for the national championship.

It’s hard to say who has the most to lose in this game. If Tennessee loses then Fulmer is most likely out as the head coach & if Saban loses then people will still question the hire by Alabama and people will point to this lose with an “I told ya so” attitude.

It is also equally hard to say who has the most to gain by a victory. If Tennessee wins then Fulmer will most likely keep his job as the head coach whether he wins out or not. A win would also propel the VOLS into a brighter national light. The number seven recruiting class that Fulmer is currently building could jump to number one. If Alabama wins then Saban brings Alabama to an 8-0 record and a possible number one ranking. The road to the BCS National Championship becomes ever so closer. And of course Saban could reel in yet another top rated recruiting class.

For the fans this game is an oxymoron of painful orgasmic joy. They live and die on every play, every called timeout & every injury. Both fan bases are smart enough to know that one can throw out the win/loss records for these two schools when they play. That fact alone makes rivalry games like this so intense.

Throw out what the experts say about sports and the seriousness of being a fan. They have never witnessed college gridiron gladiators battle each other like these two teams. If you look into the fans eyes on this holy day you will see both love & hate. Love for their favorite team and hate for the opposing team.

The Sunday following the game (or Monday for some fans) as the players and fans alike are recovering from their injuries or walking on air, the realization should set in that this is simply a game. However the fact that their memory will either joyously or painfully remind them of the final score and then reality actually sets in.

This is not a game. This is war that is fought only once a year and victors of that year’s war savor every moment of it for many times over in their heads. I’ve always said a good Alabama team is a beaten Alabama team.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is not a game: THIS IS THE BATTLE KNOWN AS THE THIRD SATURDAY IN OCTOBER!!!!!!

GO VOLS! Beat Bama!!!

Now let’s review some past Bama farks.

Read the rest of this entry »

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The Tennessee/Mississippi State Grade Book

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 20, 2008


The VOLS are still staying alive. While the offense showed some improvement it was the defense that dominated.

Eric Berry broke the SEC career return-yardage record with his 10th career interception in only 21 games.

“I’ve never seen anybody like Eric Berry,” said Fulmer.

“It’s amazing what he does when he has the football in his hands.”

That being said I’m still worried about the offense even though they managed to score 20 of the 34 points.

Let’s review the grades.

Quarterback B+

Stephens was 10 of 20 in the passing game with 136 yards to show for it and continues to run the offense better than the former starting QB which we won’t mention. He showed that he has a good pocket presence and even some wheels when he broke out for an 18 yard run.

Running backs C-

Though the backs are still struggling, Creer is showing excellent vision and cutting ability. He ran for 68 yards in 17 carries. He showed he has a good second effort on his 1 yard TD run.

Wide receivers D

For once I would like to see the offense run on all cylinders. Lucas Taylor made a clutch grab on fourth-down & Denarius Moore reeled in a 45-yard strike from Stephens to stretch the defense. Gerald Jones went out with an ankle sprain and never touched the ball and of course Stocker dropped one. Don’t we have another tight end named Warren? Where was he?

Offensive line C

For once this season they had zero penalties. Miracles do happen! The run blocking improved this game however they are still lacking that dominance that the past O-lines had.

Defensive line A-

Three sacks which is something that has been lacking this season. The tackles did an awesome job jamming up the interior running lanes.

Linebackers A

McKenzie had two sacks and Wilson tipped two passes that resulted in interceptions. McKenzie, however, was faked out of his shoes by the QB in the open field, leading to a first down. McCoy failed to show up again. He only had two tackles.

Secondary A+++++++

Eric Berry & Demetrice Morley each returned interceptions for touchdowns. Berry also had 10 tackles in the game and a QB sack. This secondary might be the best in the SEC.

Special teams D+

Britton Colquitt shanked a 26 yard punt off his foot. Was he drunk? Lincoln Logs continues to struggle by missing a 34-yard field goal. Decent coverage on kick offs and punts. Rogan had a 40 yard runback.

Coaching B

Clearly the best job this season. The game plan was sound. The offense was 7 of 15 on 3rd down conversions. For once Fulmer gambled on 4th down which led to a touchdown.

Overall A-

It was a nice and convincing win and the VOLS got the crowd involved. Though the team still needs work this was a huge step in the right direction. At times they looked somewhat like the Tennessee teams of old.

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Does Fulmer’s future hinge on a win against Georgia?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 9, 2008

Has Coach Fulmer’s career come down to whether the VOLS win or lose come this Saturday? It depends on whether if you believe the glass is half empty or half full.

For those that believe the glass is half empty then the most obvious answer is yes. They can simply point out to the current record of their beloved VOLS. Tennessee (2-3) is last in the SEC East, and only two other teams in the entire conference stands at 0-2 in SEC play. Those are Arkansas and Mississippi State.

When Josh Briscoe says things like “If we play the way we did Saturday, we won’t beat many (Southeastern Conference) teams” after the meager 13 point performance like last Saturday night, it does cause some to wonder.

Statements like that also cause a great deal of anguish and stress to those whose glasses remain half empty. Those that believe their glass is half empty believe their booing is a badge of honor.

Of course the Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer and his players aren’t exactly helping their situation either. When asked if this Saturday’s showdown with the SEC Eastern Conference rival Georgia was a must win Fulmer was quick to answer.

“It’s all of the above,” Fulmer said. “It’s not business as usual. This is a very important time for us as we fight like heck to stay in the championship mix and hope somebody else gets beat.”

Tennessee is in the bottom half of the SEC in 10 major offensive categories, including last in pass efficiency (102.6) and first downs (15.8 per game).

The opening point spread is Georgia by 13 and any glass half empty person will quickly point out how 13 is the unluckiness of all.

“But we brought it on ourselves,” Quarterback Nick Stephens said. “We didn’t really play as well as we could have the first couple of games.

“It’s to be expected.”

It might be expected, but to most it’s not accepted. Of course the people whose glass remains half empty will also quickly point out about how Fulmer has a 9 lives and a contract for life, then their glass goes from being half empty to ¾ empty. Read the rest of this entry »

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Big Orange Roundtable Volume XIII Hey Look Ma We Have a QB Edition

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 8, 2008

Like the annoying little girl in Poltergeist said “They’re back!” That’s’ right people the Big Orange Roundtable is back after a weeks absence. Did you miss us? Of course you did.

This week the roundtable is being hosted by the 3rd Saturday in Blogtober. Without further adieu let’s go to the roundtable. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Big Orange Roundtable Volume XI Florida Looms Ahead

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 15, 2008

It’s that time again folks. It’s time for the Big Orange Roundtable and guess what…I’m king for the week again. First thing first…let’s all welcome the newest member of the round table Curveballs for Jesus. I should have welcomed last week but I failed to much like Travis Henry fails to use condoms. I know, I know I’m a bad king.

In order to keep things simple, I’m only asking one question. That hallowed questions is:

How would you grade the VOLS performance this past weekend?

Now members of the Big Orange Roundtable are free thinkers so they don’t have to use the format that I used.

I’ve got my red marker handy it’s time to go to the roundtable  Before we go any further it should be noted that Tennessee actually won the game.

Quarterbacks: F+

Let’s be honest here the Mountain Messiah sucks. Crompton went 19 of 31, 240 yards, two TDs, two INTs. However UAB’s defense has been giving up over 350 passing yards and zero…that’s right zero interceptions against Tulane and Florida Atlantic. The reason they get an F+ is because Nick Stephens showed zip and scrambling ability in limited time.

Running Backs: A

Lennon Creer looked absolutely awesome & Foster did as well. Foster also showed he can protect the ball.    Montario Hardesty owned the defense when he was in there. Great job guys.

Receivers: C

Luke Stocker one of the tight ends sucks worse than Crompton. The boy had 3 dropped passes. However the play of Lucas Taylor and Gerald Jones saved this group from getting a D+.

The O-Line: D

Still sucks ass. Three senseless penalties are way too much for a group to be this experienced.

The D-Line: C

They kept the UAB QB in check most of the day.

Linebacker Core: C-

The missed tackle bug has struck us once again. However Walker had a forced fumble and McKenzie broke up a pass and pressured the QB.

Secondary: A

Eric Berry is a monster. He had seven tackles and an interception and Willingham had four tackles and an interception as well.

Special Teams: C-

Decent kick and punt coverage however the return teams sucked and they didn’t “flip the field” like the Tennessee teams of old could do.

Coaching: F+

Poor clock management, not that much of an improvement in the QB play. Missed tackling reared its ugly head again. They get a plus on the basis that Fulmer actually showed some fire and emotion on the sidelines. However going for it on fourth down instead of attempting to kick a field goal was a poor choice and it also speaks volumes for our kicking game.

Overall: D-

We had the talent to score at least 50 on this sub-par Conference USA team but didn’t get it done. Crompton didn’t show any improvement and in fact it appears we abandoned the passing game. UAB’s defense is ranked 117 out of 118 and all we mustered was 35 points. With Florida looming ahead next week, this appears it’s going to be a lllllooonnngggg season ahead.

Be sure to check the sites of all the Big Orange Roundtable members to see their responses.

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Big Orange Roundtable Volume X Great another team from Alabama

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 10, 2008

Yes folks even though we’re still “not happy” about the UCLA game we are still moving forward with the Big Orange Roundtable because we care. This weeks edition is being hosted by Gate 21 however the asker of the questions is The View from the Hill who has moved operations over to Gate 21. Is everyone confused? Good! I hope he tells people whose turn it is to host for next week. (Hint Hint)

Ok let’s get to the roundtable for this week questions.

1. So we’re all still pissed off from losing to a UCLA team we would without a doubt beat at worst eight times out of 10, and now a pretty bad UAB team comes to Knoxville before the epic showdown with Florida and the rest of the SEC gauntlet – the deep breath before the plunge, if you will. What I simply want to know is what do YOU want to see from the Vols this Saturday?

The man seems to always read my mind…how did he know I was still pissed? He’s a sorcerer like Chris Angel!

I expect to see Crompton be more mobile this week. I expect to see the pocket moving instead of staying stagnant. With that little adjustment the pressure that was placed upon Crompton in the first game should be drastically reduced.

I expect to see Lincoln Logs attempt more field goals from the 40 yard line or below in order to see his confidence (and mine for that matter) restored.

I expect to see the passing lanes become tighter this week and to see the run defense dominate which it did in the first game.

I expect it see huge punt and kickoff returns from the Vols.

I also expect to see Hardesty starting in the place of “Fumbling Foster”.

Since the game is being aired on the Lincoln Financial network I expect to the see the three Daves which means I’ll mute the sound and listen to commentary on the Go Vols network.

Foster is a Philosophy major. He fumbles therefore he is.

2. Flashback to Saturday night in Gainesville: up 23-3, Florida gets a good punt return by Brandon James inside the Miami 20. With 1:56 left, Urban Meyer sends Tim Tebow back in, and, after a screen pass, a throw into the endzone, and a lost-yardage run, Florida kicks a sand-in-the-face field goal with :25 left, prompting a death stare from Cane coach Randy Shannon and eventually a “handshake” at midfield after the game. Thoughts?



Yeah Meyer is an asshole. I’m sorry but it’s true. I would be saying the same thing if Fulmer did that. It makes no sense to keep the starters in at the time. It would be one thing if Meyer had the third string out there and they scored a TD after all he can’t tell his players not to try their best, but the first sting? You’ve got to be kidding me.

3. And finally, a question that I’m not sure has been so directly asked in the course of the Roundtable, but one that needs answering: the “woo” in Rocky Top…do you “woo” and why do/don’t you “woo”?

I’m not a woo’er. I find it annoying and little to redneckish. Plus I believe the man alive that is allowed to “woo” is Ric Flair.

As always be more like me and check all the members of the Big Orange Roundtable to see what their answers are. The links are below.

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The Big Orange Roundtable Volume Whatever

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 3, 2008

This weeks Big Orange Roundtable is being hosted by our friends at Southeastern Sports Blog. Since football season has begun we are going to trimming the questions up which in all honesty makes since to me unlike the way I witnessed Tennessee play this past Monday night. With that said let’s go to the roundtable.

“Who/what were you most disappointed in at UCLA, and what is your greatest concern for this team going forward?”

That’s a loaded question if I have ever seen one.

I’m most disappointed in the coaching staff particularly in Fulmer and Clawson. The play calling when you’re on the road, you CANNOT play it safe in OT…….you’ve got to go for the throat!

As I stated before the choice to kick two field goals that were over 50 yards was horrid, especially the second one. We were pounding them with the running game and yet for reason we stopped and said let’s go for the pass.

Just where was this new offense at anyway? We are still running the same plays that we did when Sanders was the OC.

I’m not the only one who is thinking that GoVolsExtra has set up a frustration hotline and I’ve called five times it’s been busy every single time.

Now its possible Fulmer was overriding some of the calls Clawson was sending out. That being said the progression of Crompton is still nil. In fact he looked worse than he did two years ago against LSU.

Every play had him standing in the same position after the snap, no freaking wonder he was bothered most of the night.

I’m concerned about simply winning. Does this team have the talent? Yes! Does it have the coaching? Right now no!

The Mountain Messiah looked like a high school freshman playing last night. His mechanics were horrible and I’m forming the Colemanauts, which are an elite team of fans who want to see what “Huge Hands” Coleman can do. However if there is improvement over the next several weeks we will back off unlike the Cromptonites who never backed off when EA was the QB

I have no faith in “Fumbling” Foster either. I believe Hardesty should be the new starter until he gets injured which will happen.

Right now my greatest concern is nothing will change with the play calling, coaching or coaching staff. We should have won that game Monday night and we should have won big. Heck we made Clemson look good. (No offense Tiger fans)

Be sure to check out all the other Big Orange Roundtable members and their sites for their response to this weeks question.

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The Big Orange Roundtable Volume VIII

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 26, 2008

Sings “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” I hate that song but right now is the most wonderful time of the year because college football is about to kickoff. How fitting it is to have the craziest Big Orange Roundtablers, Losers with Socks, to be the host this week.

Now call your kids and/or significant other to the computer and STFU because we’re going to the Roundtable.

1. In a perfect world, what time would your UCLA Kick-off start?

For me the perfect time would be 7:00 PM EST. In my perfect world that would give me the time to get my exercise in by throwing unopened jars of baby food at the homeless AKA Bammers, leave plenty of time to blog about how much UCLA sucks ass & watch Judge Judy.

2. Sometimes doing the right thing is tough. Sometimes we have to choose between bad and worse.  I have known snipers that get bothered even though what they did was absolutely right. It seems being a coach would have some similar circumstances. Did you think that Coach Fulmer and staff ever lose any sleep over their choices?

I’m sure Coach Fulmer lost sleep over that embarrassing loss to Bama last year but not because of the choices he made but devising a way to enact full revenge for this years game.

I’m sure if we lose a game by three points the coaches will ponder about the choices they made during and before the game, but lose sleep completely….no.

Phil making it rain....

3. Nick Saban is going to start 10 freshmen against Clemson.  Why is he doing this and did he just buy another year of grace from the Red Elephant Club?

I’m going to allow Billy Bob Bammer to answer this question. After the 11 arrests unfortunate incidents this off-season, Lord Saban has no choice but to start the freshmen. I’m not sure that Saban will start 10 freshmen against Clemson. It is my belief that Saban is doing what he does best and that is lying through his teeth playing mind games.

If Lord Saban AKA the Behr Reincarnated doesn’t win against Tennessee, Auburn and gets Croomed again then I is sure the Red Elephant Club will be reluctant to give him a pass. Then again he is the most powerful man in football at least according to Forbes and A.I.L. magazine (Alabama Incest Love) so he might get a pass. I’m out of here I gots squirrels to hunt!

RTR Bitches!

4. Critique Lou Holtz as a ESPN “analyst”. Irish and Cock Homer or scripted live rassler?

I personally love Lou Holtz…when he’s not within earshot of me. Holtz is the evil moke announcer of ESPN. Someone says something intelligent Holtz is compelled to disagree. I would say that some of his spoken drivel is scripted but the “Lou Lisp” makes it impossible to tell.

The final analysis is he’s a criminally insane Irish Homer who loves the Cock. Funny thing is neither present day fan base can stand him now.

Oh yeah he sucks at everything he does.

Be sure to stop by all the Big Orange Roundtable members’ blogs for their answers.

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