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Oklahoma you just lost to the “4th best QB” in the Big 12

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 9, 2009


Congratulations Florida on winning the BCS title. Also Florida finishes first in both polls (Sorry Utah).  At least Oklahoma made game was entertaining.


Someday Bob Stoops will win a BCS bowl game again.

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YMSWWC’s Awesome F**cking Guide to the 2008 Bowl Season! (With pictures this year)

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 18, 2008


This would have been posted earlier but I kinda sorted screwed up and forgot to send Joel the bowl schedule. Yeah, my bad, I’m a dick. Whatever. Anywho let’s go over this year bowl schedule and mine and Joel’s picks and then you call your bookie.

This year there is a smorgasbord of crap-tastic games to choose from! Yay!

Non-BCS Bowls

EagleBank Bowl
When: Dec. 20, 11 a.m., ESPN
Where: Washington
Who: Navy vs. Wake Forest

Joel says: Anchors aweigh. I really wish Navy would have beat Notre Dame again this year. Wait, this is a real bowl game???

Thomas says: I pick Navy because I’m sick and damn tired of hearing how the Wake Forest is so good. Blah blah blah. Is this bowl game being funded by any of the bailout money by the way? Read the rest of this entry »

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Let’s Rap about shooting people that will lead us to the Heisman

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 1, 2008

Josh Jarboe who was arrested earlier this year on a weapons charge has made this lovely video during which he raps about guns and shooting people. Heisman voters take notice now!

Jarboe signed with the Sooners in February. In March, he was arrested after an assistant principal at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Ga., told a school police officer he saw Jarboe grab a gun from a car.

Jarboe was expelled from school, but completed his high school degree online. Insert F$U scandal joke here.

After Jarboe’s guilty plea, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops issued a statement saying that the Sooners “look forward to a long and successful career for him both academically and on the football field.

“He became involved in a situation at his school during his senior year that certainly has caused us concern. At the same time, we have personal knowledge of Josh through our recruiting contact with him and from personal references from his school and individuals of authority in his life. We have already stressed to him that his citizenship is of the utmost importance. He understands that anything less than exemplary behavior will not be tolerated.”

Well apparently his response is below.

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Bill Stewart: New Mountaineer Coach

Posted by Joel Jackson on January 3, 2008

Wow. I don’t think that the most crazed Mountaineer fan would have expected to blow out Oklahoma. Of course, Oklahoma hasn’t shown jack the past few big bowl games, which is puzzling considering all of the talent that they have (more on this later). This post will be quick, but I would like to start by congratulating the West By God Virginia Mountaineers on a very impressive performance.

As for the new head coach, multiple sources state that interim coach Bill Stewart will be named head coach. I like Bill Stewart and his fun going self. However, his one head coaching stop was at Virginia Military Institute, where he went 8-25 from 1994-1996. I know the Mountaineers had a storybook ending, but I keep thinking Bobby Williams of Michigan State. Bobby Williams was the RB coach for Michigan State when Nick Saban was the head coach. When Saban left for LSU, Williams was given the interim tag for the Citrus Bowl game. After an extensive search, Michigan State upset Florida in the Citrus Bowl, the players carried Coach Williams off the field, and the school listened to the players and named him head coach. After two and a half seasons, Williams was fired.

I really hope this doesn’t go that route, because from seeing some of the Fiesta Bowl press conferences and watching the post game interview, I really like Stewart. I just have this funny feeling that West Virginia is making an emotionally charged decision without thorough investigation, and I have seen what can happen…


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Oklahoma Player Sent Home For Having Sticky Fingers.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 31, 2007

Nothing brings out the best in people like competition. So if there was ever a shoplifting contest I would advise Oklahoma defensive tackle DeMarcus Granger not to bother even entering.

Mr. Granger removed an anti-theft device from a jacket and then concealed the jacket in a bag. He exited the store walking past the cash registers without paying for the jacket,” Mike Horn, a spokesman for the Tempe Police Department, said in a statement.

Granger admitted committing the offense and was booked into the Tempe City Jail on one count of shoplifting, Horn said. He later bonded out of jail.

I guess the Vizio 20-inch LCD HD TV that each player and coach received as a gift wasn’t good enough. Note the sarcasm because I’m laying it on pretty damn thick.

“DeMarcus Granger was sent home yesterday, will not play and we’ll deal with the situation when we get back,” Sooners coach Bob Stoops said Monday. “If there’s anything further, we’ll see.”

“It’s a big loss. He’s a key to stopping things up front,” said defensive end Auston English, who led the Big 12 with 9½ sacks this season. “He’s a great motivator for us. He makes big plays up the middle. His presence out there, somebody will have to step up and make up for it.”

If there’s anything further? How about kicking him off the team? And take his Vizio TV and ship it to me, that’ll teach him!

I can imagine that he was a great motivator. I can hear him now on the sidelines, “All right men I’ll steal 3 DVDs for whoever gets an interception.”

The real question is will this effect the outcome of the game. Umm no remember Oklahoma is playing West Virginia, so this shouldn’t matter.

So I profess on this day 12/31/07.


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 12

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 18, 2007

Yesterday wasn’t as exciting as the previous past Saturdays have been, but still for the 11th time this season, a team in the top 5 lost to a non-ranked team.

Good job Texas Tech but I have a few points to make.

Mike Leach talks about how officials are against him but those officials robbed OU of a touchdown.

It’s commendable that you didn’t want to run up the score on your friend Bob Stoops, it almost cost you the game

The Texas Tech cheerleaders are hot.

The Oklahoma QB, Sam Bradford, looks like a retarded caveman. Moving on….

Coach 0 almost looked like a coach yesterday and you could understand what he was saying, OK Ole Miss where’s the real Coach 0 at?

West Virginia almost lost, damn it Cincinnati learn to finish the job.

If Georgia committed those four turn overs at Kentucky they might not have won.

BC didn’t beat Clemson, those receivers that can’t seem to catch a ball that is placed perfectly beat Clemson.

Who would have thought that one of the biggest games of the year would Missouri & Kansas.

Well Notre Dame can finally look away, your horrible season is over.

Fulmer is like a resilient cockroach, no matter how hard he tries to get fired he finds a way to win.

How Penn State could let Michigan State comeback like that is beyond me.

What ever to that team that hammered Tennessee without mercy? No not Alabama, the other one, no not Florida, that other one, yes Cal…maybe Aberclay will answer that one for me. 😉

With Houston Nutt rumors swirling around his retirement, I see….I see a a…Baylor job in his near future.

I’m sick and tired of seeing about every damn Chick-Fil-A commercial they run this year.

There’s a lot of big games coming up this week. I’ll try to preview some of them.

Finally Lloyd Carr…I said at the beginning of the season he was retiring, it appears I’m right. Ohio State will really miss him.

So I profess on this day 11/18/07


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Playoffs??? Are You Kidding Me???

Posted by Joel Jackson on November 2, 2007

What’s that you say??? There is no playoff system currently??? Now, it’s called the Football Bowl Subdivision??? I say, until SEC Commissioner Mike Slive and/or Big XII Commissioner Dan Beebe grow some balls…excuse me…decide to leave the BCS and throw the current system into a state of true chaos, this will do. Why these two conference commissioners??? Because the Pac-10 and Big 10 are in cahoots (I listened to a Sen. Robert Byrd clip on youtube and said I would use that word somehow) and the Big East and ACC don’t make nearly as much money as the Big XII or SEC when it comes to football. What do you call a 45,000 seat football stadium in the SEC??? You call it a practice field.

In this playoff system, 16 teams are chosen. Conference champions from the SEC, Big 10, Big XII, ACC, Big East, and Pac 10 automatically qualify, leaving 10 at large bids. Those 10 at large bids will be handed out by the Selection Committee, which will be made up of former head coaches, officials, players, and sports bloggers. Why not actual journalists??? Sports bloggers are real fans of the game and is ESPN was doing that stupid “Who’s Now?”, bloggers would win over magazine and paper scribes.

The playoff system will be composed of four rounds. A consolation game will be played before the title game. The first round sites will be permanent, which will consist of the following bowls:

Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN)-So I am biased, plus the BBQ and Blues is a good way to wind down after a game.

Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL)-Good weather + hundreds of Waffle Houses = Good Times.

Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX)-This city has hosted Final Fours before so no problems with logistics.

Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA)-Has anyone seen the women in the 619??? If you have, do you really need a reason???

Motor City Bowl (Detroit, MI)-Nice arena that needs some real football played inside at least once a year.

Insight Bowl (Phoenix, AZ)-Halfway decent sightlines for football in Chase Field. Maybe not, but the indoor pool is pretty cool.

Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL)-Maybe the Carolina Panther Cheerleaders can hang at Banana Joe’s again.

Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX)-Don’t know anything about El Paso, but the payout is nice.

*Seeds for the first round games will rotate sites from year to year.

The second through final round sites will consist of the following sites:

Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA)-Oh the memories I have of Magic City…oops…I mean Coca-Cola World.

Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL)-Catch “Pacman” Jones wrestling (allegedly) at TNA Wrestling filmed in Universal Studios.

Cotton Bowl (Dallas, TX)-Site will be improved once Uncle Jerry completes the $1 Billion small city he will call a stadium.

Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas, NV)-The Strip, The Strip, The Strip…

The following four bowls will rotate between the 1-4 matchup in the second round, the third round games, and both the 3rd place and Championship Games:

Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ)-Beautiful new arena.

Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA)-New Orleans needs to get a Super Bowl again sometime soon.

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA)-Hopefully someone can talk Keith Jackson to do the play by play to give it that traditional feel.

Orange Bowl (Miami, FL)-How more teams don’t get into any more trouble in South Beach is beyond me.

In one month, seeds will be in place. Who will survive??? The selection committee will be headed by Thomas the Terrible and will be comprised on whomever he pleases. Maybe abarclay can come up with some sort of Rachel Nichols type of report for the title game. She has a way with production…

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 6

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2007

First of all I just want to say this is the best season of college football ever!!! OK, yesterday I was forced to watch football from 3 critical locations.

  • My couch
  • The Wild Hare Sports Bar Cafe
  • My buddy Johns couch.

Some of you might remember me stating in week one that The Fighting Zookers Illini were going to good, do you believe me now? They should be ranked.

What a win for Butch Davis and North Carolina.

The Wisconsin QB is seriously underrated.

Look for Ohio State to jump Cal in the polls.

Way to go K-State. (sarcasm)

The Fighting Zookers Illini have the best running back no one has ever heard of.

I realize the YoJoe and The Gridiron Goddess are mourning this morning after Stanford beat USC at USC, but I did say if Southern Cal continues to make mistakes they would lose. I just didn’t think it would be to Stanford. By the way Gridiron Goddess is rather pissed off right now and I’m frightened.

Alabama needs to learn how to close games out.

While Tennessee’s win over Georgia looks impressive, there are still questions, I’ll go into full details later today.

I give Florida credit for playing hard and leaving it all on the field.

I told you last week that this is the time that Clemson falls apart.

Hi we’re Nebraska football and we suck.

Oh look Iowa lost again, maybe they’ll get a much needed win against Michigan State who lost to North Western (snicker)

Was Tebow crying last night?

I see the Cinderella story of Rutgers is finally dead.

Even though Texas A&M beats America’s coach, Mike “I’m 40 I’m a man!” Gundy’s team, Dennis Franchione will still be fired, I’ll go into details about that later as well.

What a great win for Oklahoma, especially since I hate Texas.

Boston College was just showing off yesterday.

Go Boston Redsox clip the Angels wings!!!

UCLA has to be the worst team in the country to get beaten by Notre Dame, thanks a lot for crushing my dreams of a winless Notre Dame team. Bastards.

The more I hear Lou Holz talk the more he reminds me of Sylvester the Cat. I’m waiting for him to say “Suffering Succotash”.

That’s all for now…look for some important articles coming up soon.

So I profess on this day 10/07/07.


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 5

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 30, 2007

Wow upset Saturday has come and gone. So for fun I’m going rate each upset with a scale going from 1-10. One being not that big of an upset and 10 being holy shit God must hate that team upset.

  • #5 West Virginia @ #18 South Florida. Upset factor 6. It was a home game and WVU hadn’t played anyone worth a damn all season, plus South Florida just has their number.
  • #21 Penn State @ Illinois. Upset factor 7. Even though I would have picked Penn State to win this game, if you recall I did mention in Week 1 that the Fighting Zookers Illini were getting better and it will show this season.
  • #3 Oklahoma @ Colorado. Upset factor 10. In week one I stated that this Buffalo team would be a force in 4 years, but after this game it will be more like 2. Bob Stoops is probably pissed off and shocked right now, so maybe he’s thinking of going somewhere else, like say Tennessee. 🙂
  • Kansas State @ #7 Texas. Upset factor 5. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a home game for Texas the factor would have been lower. I’ve been saying all year that Texas is highly overrated, because they have been flirting with disaster all season. This is a good K-State team, they gave Auburn all they could handle earlier this year, plus they beat Texas last year.
  • #13 Clemson @ Ga. Tech. Upset factor 4. It was home game for Tech, and Clemson always falls apart right about now. Not to mention that Chance was back in the lineup & Tech is a completely different team when he is leading them on the field.
  • Maryland @ 10 Rutgers. Upset factor 5. Only the fact that this was a road game raises the factor to 5. By all accounts one can make the claim that Maryland could have been 3-1 going into this game. Rutgers hadn’t played a team with a pulse all season. It’s funny everyone was talking about Rutgers being the team the beat in the Big Least, I guess Maryland proved them wrong.
  • #22 Alabama @ Florida State. Upset factor 1. Alabama had no business being ranked to begin with. Plus was a neutral field in Jacksonville. Which really means 80% of those attending were FSU fans.
  • Auburn @ #4 Florida. Upset factor 7. I know shocking right? As previously stated in the posting about the game, Turbeville is one of the best road coaches in the country. Turbeville is to Florida as Spurrier is to Tennessee.

Other things I noticed

If USC (the one that wins titles) keeps making mistakes like they did last night, they will not survive their PAC 10 road schedule.

With all due respect to Minnesota, Ohio State & ESPN 2, no one cares about this game!! You could have shown a better game like Georgia & Ole Miss.

Wisconsin incredibility is still the team to beat in the Big Eleven Ten.

Though they lost Michigan State will still have a great season.

Woodson for Heisman! Woodson for Heisman!

Notre Dame is 0-5. They might be able to afford to fire Charlie “the Jabba” Weis, but I’m sure the athletic director of Notre Dame, the same one that fired Willingham, is feeling the noose tighten around his neck.

Oh look Iowa lost again. That’s because they SUCK!

Dave Wannstedt should be calling a moving company right about now.

Washington has some homely looking cheerleaders.

Texas Tech worked out any sexual frustrations they might have had by scoring 75 points.

I see Mike “I’m a man I’m 40!” Gundy’s whipped lowly Sam Houston State.

There could be a QB controversy brewing at Notre Dame.

I received my first injury of this football season by dropping the remote on my foot. Don’t worry I’ll tough it out.


Right now South Florida is the number

one team in the state of Florida!!!! 😉

So I profess on this day 9/30/07.


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Can Someone Shut Both Jenni Carlson & Mike Gundy Up For Me?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 26, 2007

Day 3 of the “Oh No She Didn’t, Oh Yes She Did & He is Pissed” Carlson and Gundy saga and both are still whining about it. On Tuesday Jenni Carlson got a front page whiny diatribe story about her ass chewing she received from Gundy last Saturday. Click here to see the ass chewing in Technicolor and Dolby like sound. Does she have some vulcan ears or what?

“A columnist for the largest newspaper in Oklahoma wrote Tuesday that Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy “attacked my credibility” during a post-game tirade three days earlier.

Jenni Carlson, in a column that appeared on the front page of The Oklahoman, maintained the accuracy of an earlier column critical of the Cowboys’ former starting quarterback.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State officials seemed hopeful the controversy — fueled by tens of thousands of views of Gundy’s rant on Internet sites such as YouTube — soon would dissipate.

Oklahoma State athletic department spokesman Kevin Klintworth said Gundy did not intend to comment any more about the matter. Another university spokesman, Gary Shutt, said “we’re looking to move past this and looking at Saturday’s football game” against Sam Houston State.”

I think that’s the right choice just let it die down, or just die…sheesh. Then again, Sam Houston State? Yeah they’re a real powerhouse. Was the school started by former professional wrestler Sam Houston, if so it might be a cool school. OK, fine I lied just look at the picture to the left. I wanted to keep the memory of Sam Houston Wrestling God alive for another day.

“Whether or not the public would allow that to happen remains to be seen, as the story continued to lead newscasts in the football-crazed state and remained the focus of sports-talk radio shows — including one hosted by Carlson, who has worked as a columnist at The Oklahoman for eight years.

Following Oklahoma State’s 49-45 win over Texas Tech on Saturday, Gundy used his postgame news conference to berate Carlson for 3 1/2 minutes and left the room without taking questions. In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America that aired Tuesday, Carlson described what she thought as Gundy screamed at her.

“It was unbelievable that this was happening,” she said. “I just was really not expecting that there was going to be this sort of outrage.”

It was a surprise attack much like your article. Granted the boys’ mommy called the coach instead of your boss, but still, I disagree with a lot of the innuendos you placed in your article. I can’t believe getting told off by someone gets you on the Good Morning America show, they must be desperate guests.

“On Saturday, Gundy called three-fourths of the column “fiction” and said he doesn’t read the newspaper “because it’s garbage.” During Gundy’s news conference Monday, Carlson asked the coach to point out what he thought were factual errors.

“I don’t have to,” Gundy said.

Carlson asked again, and Gundy said, “I don’t have to. I’d rather just let it go.”

Carlson said in her Tuesday column that she would like to do the same, had Gundy not questioned her credibility.

“I feel as adamant about the facts in that column as Gundy did in his belief that his player shouldn’t have been so scrutinized,” she said.

“I will not stand on the sidelines and allow someone to attack my credibility.”

Actually he was pretty clear Saturday about what he thought was rather fictional, such as the reports of Reid threatening to transfer. Maybe if Carlson was paying attention she would have caught that. If you’re so adamant show proof of what you stated in your article that should clear everything up and then you and Gundy can become secret lovers and STFU already.

Bob Stoops, the coach of No. 3 Oklahoma, defended Gundy’s right to confront Carlson, but declined to delve too far into the debate.“Everybody has a remark on everything we do, and that’s OK,” Stoops told reporters Tuesday. “As soon as a coach has an opinion on what any of you do, then you can’t do that. I don’t know why that would be. We’re entitled to our opinions as well. So that’s it. I’ve got nothing else to say about it.”

You go Stoops that’s what I’m talking about. By the way you might get an offer to coach Tennessee, please of the love of God, take it.

“A clause in Gundy’s contract notes that the coach “shall conduct himself with due regard to public convention and morals, shall not do any act that will tend to degrade him in society or bring him into public hatred, contempt, scorn or ridicule, or that will tend to shock, or insult the community or offend public morals or decency.”

Asked about that clause, Shutt said “the administration supports coach Gundy and the job he’s doing.” He said the university’s interim president, Marlene Strathe, is not planning to comment on the incident.”

I personally find that’s great news. I thought the article was tasteless. I agree that Gundy could have handled it better but I have no problem with him handling it publicly.

“Big 12 Conference spokesman Bob Burda said the league “does not have jurisdiction when it comes to matters of treatment of media members by coaches, student-athletes or administrators” because “our membership has not empowered us with jurisdiction in that matter.”

Media groups, including the Football Writers Association of America and the Association for Women in Sports Media, have issued statements critical of Gundy.”

Oh wah wah wah. Why is it that journalist think they can write anything they like and when someone calls them out on something it’s never their fault, and every other journalist comes to “comfort” the journalist in question? I understand the right to express an opinion and free speech. Just because we all granted those rights doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be held accountable for the things we say or write. I could never work for a newspaper, because if a coach was to yell at me like that, I would yell back. I refuse to on Good Morning America to whine.

So I profess on this day 9/26/07.


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