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A Closer Look at the Girlfriend of Marcus Vick

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 27, 2008

It seems that “model” girlfriend that was arrested with Marcus Vick isn’t all that and bag of chips. Who would have thunk it?

When Marcus Vick, the brother with lesser importance of Michael Vick, was arrested and charged with being an idiot, driving under the influence and eluding police. His girlfriend Delicia Cordon was charged with being drunk in public and being with an idiot.

Apparently Cordon has been making some rounds with the dolphins. The web site of the Miami-Dade County Clerk’s Office states that Cordon filed a lawsuit against Ronnie Brown, although that suit was dismissed when Cordon failed to show up for a hearing this month.

The web site says that Cordon was evicted from a friend’s condo. She didn’t bother paying rent for three months. The monthly rent was $1,500 and the 2 bedroom condo belonged to a NFL player.

“She gave a series of bad checks that the bank could ‘not locate the accounts’. Delicia also provided a number of checks with insufficient funds that could not be collected. Cordon also offered money transfers that never took place and faked Fedex mailings that never arrived. Cordon provided excuse after excuse and ‘will pay you tomorrow’ and ‘feed the poor trip’ stories to justify all the ‘trouble’ with her bad checks and her ‘bad’ situation while living the big life. She said that she was doing some new shoots and will have to money very soon.

In addition the credit report for Delicia Cordon came back with a social security alert. She has been EVICTED before and has a terrible Credit History.

Cordon presented herself as a famous ‘actress/ model’ and presents herself as a very naive and sweet individual always very apologetic.

The eviction came after ‘Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant’ was entered by Judge Darrin P. Gayles on January 27, 2007 in Miami, Florida for non payment of rent. Court Case # 08-1667 cc 34 (01). The judge gave Cordon the final opportunity to pay all the past due rent and she failed to pay the rent to the judge (three months total rent of $4,500). She was then served by the Sheriff and given 24 hour to leave the premises and when she failed to vacate the condo, she was evicted by the Sheriff few days later.”

All of a sudden Christie Prody, OJ’s main squeeze (pun very much intended) looks good doesn’t she? Huh huh huh?

Only in Florida can you find an eclectic bunch of women and moronic athletes.


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Another One O.J. “Didn’t Do” Except No Trial This Time

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 19, 2008

O.J. Simpson’s victim skank girlfriend, Christie Prody has been hospitalized with what police called “a severe head injury.” Not to mention one has to be a head case to date that freak.

Miami police state Prody suffered bruises and head injuries on Monday — but it was because of a fall — and not at the hand of the Juice. Her injuries are “consistent” with a fall she took at a gas station, that they don’t consider this a criminal case, and that O.J. was never a suspect.

Just what the hell kind of fall can someone take and a freaking gas station anyway? For the complete run down on Prody click here.

Police were told by a witness, according to the report, that Prody had been “intoxicated and always falling down” during a visit to San Antonio from February 1 to February 10. Falling down…pushed down…WTF ever.

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The Preliminary Hearing is Over, OJ Gets Set For “Trial of the Century” Part Deux

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 15, 2007

All good movies deserve a sequel and apparently so do some carnival sideshows such as an OJ “Slasher” Simpson trial. Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure, didn’t waste any time ruling that all 12 charges would remain in upcoming blockbuster that will be titled “Trial of the Century Part Deux”.

In this latest chapter of the OJ saga expect to see OJ attempt to fend off kidnapping & armed robbery charges. Kidnapping convictions could result in a life sentence with possibility of parole. Armed robbery convictions would require some time in prison.

His crack team of attorneys argued that these charges are based upon the words of con artists and wanted them dropped. Granted these guys aren’t as good as the first dream team that defended OJ, then again OJ is poor now and he had to use that use one lawyer and get the services of the second one free coupon. Somebody better let OJ attorneys know that the FBI was made aware of this crime before it took place.

“This is what we expected,” Simpson told The Associated Press before he left the courtroom. “If I have any disappointment it’s that I wish a jury was here. As always, I rely on the jury system.”

Nice, I’m sure the comment come back to haunt him. If he is found guilty, which all of America seems to be rooting for (thank God), then he can write book titled “If I Still Believed in the Jury System”.

“Another Simpson lawyer, Gabriel Grasso, argued it was unclear whether prosecutors considered as kidnapping the act of luring two sports memorabilia dealers to a hotel room — or whether the charge was based on a confrontation that followed.

“This is clearly overcharging,” he said.”

“These guys are bad. The court can’t ascribe any credibility to what came out of their mouths,” said attorney John Moran Jr., who represents Ehrlich.

“Every witness up there was looking to sell testimony and make money off of this case,” Moran said.

Owens offered no defense of their character but said, “It’s not like the state went out and found the witnesses. These are people aligned with O.J. Simpson. These are the people he surrounds himself with.”

Boom!!! Score one for the prosecution. All they have to do is say look at the facts of the case. The fact that he is dating Christie Prody should be a punishable offense alone. Maybe OJ and Michael Vick can share a cell together, then again even Vick would be repulsed by OJ.

So I profess on this day 11/15/07


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As Predicted Co-defendant to Plead Guilty & Roll on OJ.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 12, 2007

Normally I don’t gloat…a lot…well not that much…OK fine I do and I’m doing it again. As I predicted back on 9/16/07, one of OJ’s co-defendants is taking a plea deal and rolling on OJ. As we all know OJ is already a master of the shank so prison time should be easy for him, he’s the Juice. Then again if I dated Christie Prody I would look at jail as a vacation. Hopefully Abarclay12, the hottie from “The Leaky Brain” can raise enough money to mount a Johnny Cochran like defense. I think she uses OJ just to get a chance to chill with Prody, but that’s my opinion.

“A co-defendant in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case is taking a plea deal and will testify that guns were involved in the theft of sports collectibles from two memorabilia dealers, the man’s lawyer said Friday.

Charles Cashmore, 40, of Las Vegas, intends to plead guilty Monday to being an accessory to robbery, a felony that could get him up to five years in prison, Cashmore’s lawyer, Edward Miley told The Associated Press.

“He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Miley said of Cashmore, a journeyman laborer, bartender and disc jockey.

A court clerk confirmed that a hearing is scheduled at 7:30 a.m. Monday before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure Jr.

A spokesman for Clark County District Attorney David Roger declined immediate comment.”

How does helping someone rob another person at gunpoint become being at the wrong place at the wrong time? I wish that defense worked, then maybe I would exceed the speed limit a lot more often. I’m sorry I was driving 97 in a 40 MPH zone officer, but I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Simpson and five others, including Cashmore, are charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, assault, burglary and conspiracy in the Sept. 13 encounter in a Las Vegas casino hotel room arranged by a go-between, Thomas Riccio, between Simpson and memorabilia collectors Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong.

Simpson also faces a felony charge of coercion, alleging that he took a cell phone from Fromong.

Simpson has said he wanted to retrieve personal items that belonged to him, and his lawyers have maintained that no guns were used.

But Cashmore will testify that Walter Alexander and Michael McClinton, two men who entered the room with Simpson, were armed, Miley said. Miley said Cashmore was unarmed during the alleged robbery.

“The only people with guns that he knew of were Alexander and McClinton,” Miley said, adding that Cashmore’s crime was failing to immediately go to police and turn over the items he carried out of the room.

Cashmore surrendered to authorities six days later and turned over the items, after police released images from hotel security videotapes showing him carrying a box from the room.

His lawyer is good I almost believe him. Sure that was his only crime…and I’m sure he was was an eagle scout and decorated war veteran as well. To bad I’m a better attorney though. Note..I am not an attorney but I play one on this blog I also play a brain surgeon, pilot & Coach 0. If I was his attorney my defense would be that he was threatened by the use of guns and therefore complied out of fear. He would have gone to the police earlier but OJ took one, just one mind you, of Cashmans’ gloves and left it at the crime scene while saying “They’ll never believe you, after all the glove doesn’t fit”.

“Lawyers for Simpson, McClinton and most of the others did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Alexander’s lawyer, Robert Dennis Rentzer, declined to say whether Alexander had a gun in the room.

“I owe the district attorney an answer to that question before the press,” he said. Rentzer said he was scheduled to meet with Roger on Monday, but he expressed doubt Cashmore could say Alexander was armed.

“How can he put a gun in the possession of someone who didn’t have a gun out?” Rentzer said.”

Translation: My client is guilty as hell and now we’re officially fucked, I’m working on his own plea deal right now.

Miley said Cashmore met Simpson and most of the others in the group for the first time minutes before the alleged robbery.

“O.J. says, ‘Hey I’ve got to move some stuff, can you help?”‘ Miley said.”

If it was that simple then he should have immediately gone to the police. I have a feeling he was well paid to keep his mouth shut, or threatened with “if you talk and you’ll have to sleep with Prody”. I would as soon kill myself before that option became a reality. All these legal issues really hurt OJ chances on starring in the “Surreal Life”, and I was hoping to see that become a reality.

So I profess on this day 10/12/07.


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If I Had the Girlfriend OJ Did, I Would Want too go to Jail.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 21, 2007

By now everyone knows of the legal troubles of OJ. I’m not talking about the Vegas thing I was referring to the lawsuit Jonathan Lee Riches© filed, against him. OK, fine I was talking about the Vegas thing, but the post isn’t about OJ, it’s about the lovely slutty looking lady that accompanies OJ. Her name is Christie Prody, and quite honestly she’s a crazy bitch, not to mention classy classless white trash, look at those eyebrows…Jesus……

Here are some stats on her:

  • 32
  • Former aesthetician and waitress
  • Been seeing Jailbird Juice off and on for ten years.
  • I’ve dubbed her TT for Trailer Trash

Now let’s see what type of influence she has been. This is according the CBS news.

  • Jan. 2001 Police are summoned to Simpson’s home after a neighbor called to report an argument. Prody told police Simpson was angry that she came home late. No charges are filed.
  • Sept. 2000 Prody accused Simpson of using a key to break into her home, erase a message on her answering machine and take a letter. She called police but did not press charges.
  • May 2000 Police are called to a Miami hotel after Simpson and Prody got into a loud dispute and Prody allegedly slapped and kicked him. Simpson refused to press charges.
  • Oct. 1999 Police respond to a 911 call Simpson placed from Prody’s house. According to a police report, Simpson said Prody had been on a cocaine binge. Simpson later calls that a misunderstanding.

Also in 2000 TT was arrested for having an expired license and using a handicapped sticker that wasn’t hers.

“O.J. Simpson’s on-again, off-again girlfriend has been arrested for having an expired license and using a handicapped sticker that was not registered in her name.

Miami police questioned Christine Prody when she parked her SUV in a handicapped spot.

A routine records check showed that a bench warrant had been issued for Prody for having an expired drivers license.

Police also discovered that the handicapped sticker on the vehicle was not issued to her, and they arrested her.

There is no word on whether Prody posted bail. The vehicle, which is registered to O.J. Simpson, was impounded.”

What a stupid bitch. Doesn’t she know if you’re going to park in a handicapped space to limp when the Po Po was around?

Now in 2002 there was a drug probe that involved both OJ and TT. Now that’s when the fun begins.

FBI witness statements and surveillance and search-warrant records state O.J. Simpson:

  • Used cocaine and was supplied with the illegal drug Ecstasy.
  • Allowed an Ecstasy dealer to stay at his guest home and drive his children to school.
  • Celebrated the victory in his 2001 road-rage trial by entertaining girlfriends with 2 1/2 grams of cocaine.
  • Had four bags of “suspected” marijuana, drug pipes, and cocaine residue in his home during a Dec. 4 search.

By early 2000, Miss Prody was living in Miami, and Mr. Simpson would stay with her until he bought his house. At the time, he was steeped in a custody battle in California with the relatives of his slain former wife – a dispute he won.

“When Simpson visited Miami, both Prody and Simpson called Galvez for cocaine, and would visit Galvez at her apartment to pick up cocaine,” her FBI interview states. Galvez even showed agents that she had Mr. Simpson’s number logged in her cell phone memory.

“Simpson and Prody arrived at Galvez’ house approximately three to four times during the early morning hours to buy cocaine from Galvez,” her statement reads. “Galvez did not let them in the house due to the odd hours and the fact that Simpson and Prody were already high on drugs.”

“Prody frequently arrived at Galvez’ house unannounced for cocaine,” her statement reads. “Prody called Galvez so much that Galvez changed her cellular telephone number.”

Is that a mullet? Seriously is it? 🙂 I find it amazing that these two have escaped jail for so long. It’s bad when a drug dealer has to change their cell number because you keep calling them for more drugs.

In late 2000 TT filed a false police report, according to OJ’s friend.

“Simpson’s friend, Delvon Campbell, told WPLG-TV that Simpson believes Christine Prody, 25, made false accusations to police out of retaliation. Campbell said that Simpson, 53, had called Prody’s mother to tell her that she was still using drugs. Simpson believes Prody wanted to get back at him.

Prody filed a burglary complaint against Simpson Friday, claiming he broke into her home and erased a message on her answering machine. She also told officers that Simpson took a few pages from her address book and a letter that she planned to mail to a mutual friend. Prody said that Simpson used a key to enter her Miami-Dade County home between midnight and 7 a.m., according to the police report.

Prody told detectives that she telephoned Simpson about it and he admitted going to her home because he wanted to erase a message he had left for her. She has not pressed charges.

The two have had a stormy relationship that has resulted in police action several times before. Last May, police responded to a Coral Gables hotel after the couple got into a fight. Simpson accused Prody of slapping and kicking him, but he chose not to press charges.”

Whoa she whipped Simpon’s ass sweet.

In 2002 things really get bizarre. It seems TT had some oder problems…must…resist….crack….about…her…keeping….legs….closed…eliminating from her apartment. It only gets worse from here.

“Firefighters broke open the apartment door of O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend over the weekend after a neighbor reported a foul odor.

Inside the doorway, detectives found a dead cat and clothing scattered on the floor of Christie Prody’s apartment (pictured, right) along with semi-packed luggage, according to a police report.

A neighbor said that Prody, who once dated Simpson, hasn’t been seen in about a month and thought that Prody’s orange-and-white cat might be inside.

“It was a horrendous smell in the hall,” Ruth Einhorn said.

Last February, Prody’s home was burglarized. Investigators found a latex glove outside, but no arrests were made. She told police that someone left her sliding glass door open. She also reported that she was missing $2,500 in cash.”

Gee only one glove…is that a signature OJ thing? Now here is where things turn very bad…she’s a cat killer!!! The mullet wearing whore! She should cry.

“Investigators said that Christie Prody’s apartment manager saw her after police found her cat dead in her home over the weekend and gave her the news.

Prody had apparently been out of town for about a month. Police said that the cat probably starved to death. Police said that Simpson is not involved and that it is strictly an animal-abuse case. Prody was cited for one count of animal cruelty and could face a $500 fine.”

She should face more than that, but that’s just my opinion.

Still in 2002, TT “left” OJ, and sold her story to the ever trustworthy National Enquirer, in it she claims OJ confessed to the murders.

“In a blockbuster interview, Christie Prody who recently walked out on O.J. after a four-year romance told the National Enquirer that O.J.’s chilling comments convinced her “The Juice” is guilty of the killings.

Prody’s mother, Cathy Bellmore, confirmed to Fox News Thursday that the Enquirer report is true. Bellmore said her daughter is out of the country and they have a deal that she will not speak to anyone Thursday.

“O.J. killed Nicole and he told me the details,” Prody told the tabloid.

“Now that I’ve seen how O.J. is stalking me since I left him, I realize the truth was there in front of me all the time but I was blinded by love. I see now that all during the course of our relationship, O.J. was confessing by telling me details only the killer would know,” Prody said.

Prody, a sexy Nicole Brown Simpson look-alike, said that during all-night cocaine binges, O.J. would maniacally re-enact scenes from his murder trial, pretending to cross-examine witnesses.

Prody also said O.J. blamed Nicole for her own death, saying she “drove him crazy.”

I have no love for the Juice, but you’re a crazy whore. You wasn’t blinded by love you was blinded by money, his money. You two deserve each other, and if he anyone could drive the Juice crazy, it should be you. Of course OJ being the ass that he is, still gets back with her, and is still with her today. I guess when you get away with murder, one shouldn’t be to choosy when comes to companionship.

OJ does still have fans left. Abarclay on The Leaky Brain is currently trying to raise money to help OJ pay for his defense. I honestly think Abar has a thing for him, and quite honestly after reading about Prody, he can’t do much worse.

So I profess on this day 9/21/07.


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