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YMSWWC’s “Official” NFL Draft Preview Picks 6-10

Posted by Joel Jackson on March 4, 2008

Continuing with YMSWWC’s NFL Draft Preview, here are picks 6-10:

p1_namath_si.jpg New York Jets: “Mangenius” coach Eric Mangini had a difficult second year. Injuries, new QB, and Spygate controversy afftected this team. They need help on both lines, a RB, and like a lot of teams, could use secondary help. I think their best bet, if McFadden doesn’t somehow fall to them, is the second best D-Lineman in the draft, Sedrick Ellis, DE/DT, USC.

patriotsnewlogo.jpg New England Patriots (f/SF): This is a team that racked up a lot of points on offense but got old right before our eyes on defense, particularly the LB corps. With the recent defections of Samuel and Gay at corner, they could use secondary help too. But this draft is a good draft for corners, so they could get a good one in the later rounds. With that said, they need a guy that can easily play a rush end and outside LB. The pick will be Vernon Gholston, DE, Slowhio St.

17860200.jpg Baltimore Ravens: On a personal level, I hope John Harbaugh is a breath of fresh air as opposed to the total windbag known as Brian Billick. Hate is a strong word, and with that really said I didn’t like him. Back to the team that fired him, the needs are many. They are QB, RB, WR, D-Line, O-Line, CB, and that’s about it. I say they go corner, but my pick if I were Ozzie Newsome would be: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas.

odellthurman.jpg Cincinnati Bengals: I know this pic isn’t really clear, but it’s Odell Thurman after arrest #4. They need to focus their whole entire draft on defense. Yeah they could use another lineman on offense or RB for depth but their defense was as potent as Iraqi forces during Desert Storm. Start from the line and work back. So with that being said, the pick is Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson.

kimreg1.jpg New Orleans Saints: Again, another team with issues on defense. I had one of the corners originally slotted here, but Mike McKenzie is no slouch on one side. The other corner, Jason David, ought to have the nickname of “Toasty” because he got his buns burned repeatedly. The signing of Randall Gay should solve that. I say they go linebacker. Scott Fujita needs help, so I say they draft Keith Rivers, LB, USC

p.s. I couldn’t decide between the above pic of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush or the below pic of Kim. No it’s not a clip from her sex tape, this is a somewhat clean blog. But it makes no sense, black or white, for a woman to have ass like this:


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West Virginia Is Trying To Imitate An SEC School…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Joel Jackson on February 7, 2008

Ah yes West By God Virginia. Apparently, if making the news for fake degrees, suing former football coaches, and, well, being West Virginia was not enough, now the football players are trying to imitate an SEC team. Which SEC team??? I will get to that in a minute…

New Mountaineer coach Bill Stewart has recently announced that LB John Holmes (insert porn joke here), DL James Ingram (no relation to soul singer of the same name), and RB Ed Collington (I got nothing here) are no longer on the team. They will be able to retain their scholarships through the end of the spring semester. These 3 geniuses were pulled over for speeding. When the police opened the car, they detected the smell of the “stickiest of the icky” commonly called in Gainesville Gunja-Aid or in Knoxville known as a Recruiting Tool (which obviously didn’t work due to the crappy signing class). Upon searching the vehicle, baggies of the “green stuff” were found both in the car and in Ingram’s shoe. Wait, it gets better: Ingram told the cops that more weed was located in their apartment. Try not to shake your head so hard.

So of course, thanks to a helpful hint from Deputy Barney Fife, the cops search the apartment and found a lot more drugs and bags. Now, because McGruff the Crime ‘Eer told the cops about the extra weed and baggies, they are facing several more felony charges than they would have been if he had just kept his mouth shut. Either he had a moment of clarity because he knew he was doing wrong, or that weed was so good that he just had to tell the cops in hopes they would buy some. Of course, I wonder where that weed will end up once the trial is over with. Someone should have told these 3 that couches are the thing to burn in Morgantown, not blunts…

Now I know which SEC team that WVU reminds me of, and honestly it only took a few seconds of reflection because well, this is West Virginia we are talking about. The school is Thomas’ favorite whipping boy, the University of South Carolina. Let’s examine a little further. Both the Mountaineers and the Gamecocks have losing all-time bowl records, neither school has won a national championship in football but their in-state rivals (Marshall and Clemson) both have national titles, both fanbases have an over inflated sense of entitlement, and both have had players that have done some of the most head scratching things to get in trouble with the cops that you can think of.

So there you have it. The Mountaineers and the Gamecocks are now 2 kindred spirits. West Virginia can say with pride that even though their athletics department is slightly more organized than Iraq circa 2003, they can say with pride that they are almost at an SEC level. Nothing will stop the ‘Eer and ‘Cock Connection from years of mediocrity and no glory to speak of. Long live ‘Eer and ‘Cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wvu9.jpg 1320566.jpeg

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 7

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 14, 2007

As I said last week, this is the best college football season ever! Does anyone want to be #1? Here is what I noticed yesterday while eating chicken strips served by a waitress whose skirt was so small it could have passed for Coach 0’s IQ.

The difference between Kentucky and LSU yesterday was clearly the coaching job.

Southern Cal. looked unimpressive yesterday.

Vanderbilt looked scary but the running game of Georgia put them in their place.

Cal proved they were pretenders.

OMG Iowa actually won a game…they still suck.

JoePa focused all his inner road rage into coaching this week & look at the outcome.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Coach Fran fired today.

Let’s see Nebraska fired Frank Solich because of his record…and yet they suck worse than ever before. Black shirt defense my ass more like pink shirt with lace defense. As America’s coach Mike Gundy would say “Their defense is garbage and it makes me want to puke!”

Clemson didn’t lose!! Oh wait they weren’t playing my bad

Ole Miss has the best looking cheerleaders by far.

The reason why Boston lost to Cleveland is because I didn’t wear my Red Boston hat, I wore the blue one instead. The loss falls on me.

Tennessee’s defense is schizophrenic.

Oklahoma made a huge statement yesterday, look for them to play Missouri again in the championship game.

Nick Saban was almost out coached by Coach 0 (snicker)

South Florida looked impressive.

Houston Nutt should be looking for a new job.

Bye Bye Cincinnati now get out of the big boy polls.

Virgina showed the world that the ACC is better than the Big East.

Colorado is back to sucking.

ABC has the worst game commentators while CBS has the best.

Michigan should be ranked again.

Finally I can’t rip on Notre Dame enough so I leave you this:

So I profess on this day 10/14/07.


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 6

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2007

First of all I just want to say this is the best season of college football ever!!! OK, yesterday I was forced to watch football from 3 critical locations.

  • My couch
  • The Wild Hare Sports Bar Cafe
  • My buddy Johns couch.

Some of you might remember me stating in week one that The Fighting Zookers Illini were going to good, do you believe me now? They should be ranked.

What a win for Butch Davis and North Carolina.

The Wisconsin QB is seriously underrated.

Look for Ohio State to jump Cal in the polls.

Way to go K-State. (sarcasm)

The Fighting Zookers Illini have the best running back no one has ever heard of.

I realize the YoJoe and The Gridiron Goddess are mourning this morning after Stanford beat USC at USC, but I did say if Southern Cal continues to make mistakes they would lose. I just didn’t think it would be to Stanford. By the way Gridiron Goddess is rather pissed off right now and I’m frightened.

Alabama needs to learn how to close games out.

While Tennessee’s win over Georgia looks impressive, there are still questions, I’ll go into full details later today.

I give Florida credit for playing hard and leaving it all on the field.

I told you last week that this is the time that Clemson falls apart.

Hi we’re Nebraska football and we suck.

Oh look Iowa lost again, maybe they’ll get a much needed win against Michigan State who lost to North Western (snicker)

Was Tebow crying last night?

I see the Cinderella story of Rutgers is finally dead.

Even though Texas A&M beats America’s coach, Mike “I’m 40 I’m a man!” Gundy’s team, Dennis Franchione will still be fired, I’ll go into details about that later as well.

What a great win for Oklahoma, especially since I hate Texas.

Boston College was just showing off yesterday.

Go Boston Redsox clip the Angels wings!!!

UCLA has to be the worst team in the country to get beaten by Notre Dame, thanks a lot for crushing my dreams of a winless Notre Dame team. Bastards.

The more I hear Lou Holz talk the more he reminds me of Sylvester the Cat. I’m waiting for him to say “Suffering Succotash”.

That’s all for now…look for some important articles coming up soon.

So I profess on this day 10/07/07.


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 5

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 30, 2007

Wow upset Saturday has come and gone. So for fun I’m going rate each upset with a scale going from 1-10. One being not that big of an upset and 10 being holy shit God must hate that team upset.

  • #5 West Virginia @ #18 South Florida. Upset factor 6. It was a home game and WVU hadn’t played anyone worth a damn all season, plus South Florida just has their number.
  • #21 Penn State @ Illinois. Upset factor 7. Even though I would have picked Penn State to win this game, if you recall I did mention in Week 1 that the Fighting Zookers Illini were getting better and it will show this season.
  • #3 Oklahoma @ Colorado. Upset factor 10. In week one I stated that this Buffalo team would be a force in 4 years, but after this game it will be more like 2. Bob Stoops is probably pissed off and shocked right now, so maybe he’s thinking of going somewhere else, like say Tennessee. 🙂
  • Kansas State @ #7 Texas. Upset factor 5. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a home game for Texas the factor would have been lower. I’ve been saying all year that Texas is highly overrated, because they have been flirting with disaster all season. This is a good K-State team, they gave Auburn all they could handle earlier this year, plus they beat Texas last year.
  • #13 Clemson @ Ga. Tech. Upset factor 4. It was home game for Tech, and Clemson always falls apart right about now. Not to mention that Chance was back in the lineup & Tech is a completely different team when he is leading them on the field.
  • Maryland @ 10 Rutgers. Upset factor 5. Only the fact that this was a road game raises the factor to 5. By all accounts one can make the claim that Maryland could have been 3-1 going into this game. Rutgers hadn’t played a team with a pulse all season. It’s funny everyone was talking about Rutgers being the team the beat in the Big Least, I guess Maryland proved them wrong.
  • #22 Alabama @ Florida State. Upset factor 1. Alabama had no business being ranked to begin with. Plus was a neutral field in Jacksonville. Which really means 80% of those attending were FSU fans.
  • Auburn @ #4 Florida. Upset factor 7. I know shocking right? As previously stated in the posting about the game, Turbeville is one of the best road coaches in the country. Turbeville is to Florida as Spurrier is to Tennessee.

Other things I noticed

If USC (the one that wins titles) keeps making mistakes like they did last night, they will not survive their PAC 10 road schedule.

With all due respect to Minnesota, Ohio State & ESPN 2, no one cares about this game!! You could have shown a better game like Georgia & Ole Miss.

Wisconsin incredibility is still the team to beat in the Big Eleven Ten.

Though they lost Michigan State will still have a great season.

Woodson for Heisman! Woodson for Heisman!

Notre Dame is 0-5. They might be able to afford to fire Charlie “the Jabba” Weis, but I’m sure the athletic director of Notre Dame, the same one that fired Willingham, is feeling the noose tighten around his neck.

Oh look Iowa lost again. That’s because they SUCK!

Dave Wannstedt should be calling a moving company right about now.

Washington has some homely looking cheerleaders.

Texas Tech worked out any sexual frustrations they might have had by scoring 75 points.

I see Mike “I’m a man I’m 40!” Gundy’s whipped lowly Sam Houston State.

There could be a QB controversy brewing at Notre Dame.

I received my first injury of this football season by dropping the remote on my foot. Don’t worry I’ll tough it out.


Right now South Florida is the number

one team in the state of Florida!!!! 😉

So I profess on this day 9/30/07.


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 4

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 23, 2007

First I would like to apologize for not updating until now. I haven’t felt well all day.

Here are my revelations after yesterdays batch of college football games.

Why is Hawaii even ranked?

Appalachian State beat Michigan, who beat Notre Dame, but Appy State lost to Wofford, so I guess Wofford can beat anyone.

Huge QB controversy for South Carolina, God Spurrier already announced that Mitchell wouldn’t be starting next week. <snicker>

Ole Miss still sucks, but Tennessee suck worse.

Even though Tennessee won yesterday while showing more offense I think Fulmer needs to be replaced. Like Chaz Michael Michaels from “Blade of Glory” said “I’m never satisfied, it’s a curse”.

Oh gee Iowa lost again…go figure.

Notre Dame scored an offensive touchdown!! This is not a drill repeat this is not a drill!

The Third Richt steals a victory in OT at Alabama, God that was sweet. Somewhere Pat Dye is laughing.

Yankees suck!!! Go Boston!!!! I know it isn’t college football related, but it needed to be said.

I think it would he hilarious if Michigan won the Big Eleven Ten

Louisville HAD a 20 game home winning streak broken by Syracuse. The power of the orange lives on.

I bet Joe Pa is pissed after the 9th straight lose to Meechigan.

Kentucky is for real folks.

Are those bags packed yet Houston Nutt?

Georgia Tech you looked good for the first 2 games, what the hell happened?

Auburn welcome back to winning, but you’re still a loser.

I’ve determined Wisconsin plays at the ability of their opponents and not above them.

Michigan State is a dark horse right now.

Oregon can out score Cal.

West Virginia’s first real test of the season come this Friday night.

Texas found their offense again.

Is there a hat that Les Miles can wear without looking like a Catholic Pontiff?

Pitt might be looking for a new football coach along with a new AD after this season.

Nebraska…Ball State…at home…WTF?

Erik Anige continues to have a great year.

Direct TV sucks compared to cable…I’ve never lost reception during a storm with cable.

Cincinnati is 4-0 are they a dark horse?

The road to the ACC title goes through Clemson this year.

If Noel Divine can get spared from getting arrested, he might have a bright future.

What the hell was ESPN’s Mike Patrick thinking? Just watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

So I profess on this day 9/23/07.


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Tennessee Head Coach: After the Ass Whipping We Received Saturday, I still Haven’t Learned My Lesson

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 20, 2007

Not so breaking news actually. After the stinging defeat by the Gators to the tune of 59-20 Vols head coach, Philip Fulmer refuses to change the way he believes football is still played. Damn it Go Figure!

“An obviously sullen Tennessee football team took the practice field on Monday afternoon.

Players were mostly silent as coaches tried to motivate a team still shaken by a 59-20 loss to Florida on Saturday.

“I think you stay the course,” head coach Phillip Fulmer said of his team’s mindset following a 1-2 start. “We believe what we believe in. We’ve won a lot of games this way.”

Phil as I pointed out my diatribe titled, “Making a Case For the Firing of Philip Fulmer” I respect and admire you, but this is the crap I was talking about! As one observant person commented in the same post, you continually play not to lose instead of playing to win. I agree Tennessee has won a lot games with this style of play, and plenty of teams won a lot of games before the forward pass was implemented as well.

“Fulmer was obviously still stung by some of Florida coach Urban Meyer’s offensive play calls and the decision to leave starting quarterback Tim Tebow in late in the game.

“I know there’s mixed feeling about that,” Fulmer said. “I’m not going to sit here and say all I think.”

Phil as I have also said in the past you’re to passive. Man-up and rock the boat for once. You might be called a whiner but at least the Tennessee fans will think that you’ve taken notice.

Despite the lopsided score, Fulmer said his team never quit.

“I never saw a lack of effort in the ball game. I think they were pushing. We played some guys too many snaps,” said Fulmer, who said some linebackers played 60 snaps against Florida. “We’ve got to get some help there.”

Their second string offense pretty much manhandled our starters, and it wasn’t a case of being better. It was a case of the team being apathetic and quitting. Quite frankly I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed in the past few years, the teams have been apathetic. It showed during last years bowl game, it also showed during the bowl games against Maryland & Clemson.

“Deflating: Senior linebacker Ryan Karl has certainly seen the impact of big plays given up by UT’s defense. Florida gained 296 of its 554 yards of total offense on just 11 plays, Fulmer said during his Sunday teleconference.

“After a big play, you kind of see the air let out of the defense,” Karl said. “Football’s a game of short memories. And you’ve got to have that short memory in order to move on after getting beat. Just got to pick up the next play or the next game.”

Karl seemed to think UT was close to defending such plays.

“When they did make their long passes or long runs or whatever, it’s not like they were just wide open,” the senior said. “We were stride by stride with them, and their speed wasn’t something we hadn’t seen before. We just didn’t make the plays.”

Karl said he could see Florida’s spread option becoming the offense of the future.

“It’s a great offense,” he said. “Cal and Florida both use it pretty well. The whole spread offense in general is great. It gets defenses out of position and has the ability to make big plays.”

First of all, on one of the passes there was no one there, and that happened on the last touchdown Florida made in the first half. Talk about a short memory indeed. At least Karl recognizes that this is the offense of the future. Quite frankly when you look at the offense Tennessee was running in 98, one has to think it was a miracle they won the first BCS championship. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful of that title, but in the end the Orange Nation should also thank Miami for beating UCLA, that’s why we rose to number two.

“Short-Range Problems: Fulmer said UT is 4-for-13 facing short-yardage downs this season.

“That’s not nearly good enough,” he said.

UT has tried almost every imaginable way to convert on third-and-short, including a five-wide receiver package, lining up receiver Lucas Taylor at quarterback and inserting backup quarterback Jonathan Crompton into the game to run off tackle.

“We’ve been really good in the past,” Fulmer said. “It’s not something like all of the sudden we don’t know what we’re doing.”

Thank you for helping me make my point. You see Phil, the past doesn’t matter, the present does.

“Long-Range Problems: Fulmer conceded the Vols are in need of more big plays offensively.

“It’d be nice to get one off those 30- or 40-yard down-the-field plays,” he said.

Does that mean UT’s young receivers could soon be in the mix?

“We have some young talent,” Fulmer said. “I’m very hopeful to get those guys to continue to develop.”

How the hell are they going to develop without playing time. Kenny O’Neal, who was one of the highest rated Juco players and happens to be a receiver, has suited up every game and yet only played in one play.

“We talk about finishing games, but we have to start them as well,” senior defensive end Xavier Mitchell said. “We haven’t done that particularly well, and we’ll definitely address some of the things.”

I hope so X-Factor Mitchell, I certainly hope so. The fact is this is the same rhetoric Phil said in the season of 2005, we all know how that turned out. I’ll continue to support Tennessee no matter what, and when Phil does good things I’ll acknowledge them. To set the record straight, because I received some disturbing e-mails about the last Fulmer post I did, I admire and respect Fulmer. I believe outside of General Neyland no one has done more for the University of Tennessee than Philip Fulmer. I my humble opinion I believe in time the field should be renamed to “Fulmer Field”, but there is a time for change. At the end of this season might be the best time.

So I profess on this day 9/20/07.


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