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College Football Week 7 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 12, 2008

Chaos in the polls and I love it!!!! Yesterday was definitely the best slate of games this whole season and of course the best slate to surprising upsets.

Who is #1? It’s question that will be answered later today in the coaches poll and will be argued by everyone in the country.

I wonder who is feeling the heat more Tommy Bowden or Phillip Fulmer. Of course Tennessee lost because they suck no matter how hard I cheer for them. The full write up on the game verses Georgia will be tomorrow after I painstakingly watch a tape of the game later today.

Toledo’s record against Michigan improved to 1-0 yesterday which was a shocker.

I’m sure Arkansas is tanking Auburn for firing their offensive coordinator. You can the “inside” story of the firing right here.

All eyes were definitely on Texas yesterday as they upended Oklahoma.

“I’m 40! I’m a man! & I just beat Missouri bitches!” says Mike Gundy AKA America’s coach.

Tim “TiVo the Teabag” Tebow can go back to circumcising kids now since Florida hands LSU an ugly loss. Hell Tennessee didn’t allow Florida to score that many points.

Penn St. makes an argument on why they should be considered #1. as they gave Wisconsin a second straight loss at Camp Randall.

The Texas Tech offense isn’t putting up the points it used to but manages to defeat Nebraska and avoid being upset.

USC rolled against a dead Arizona State team.

BYU won. Who cares?

What’s wrong with Ohio State’s offense? Sure they won but they only scored 16 at home.

I was one of the few people in my pick’em to pick Miss. State over Vandy. Bobby Johnson you just got Croomed!

Kansas proves that they are still a factor in the Big 12.

Everyone point and laugh at Notre Dame. OK that’s enough. I seriously wonder how much Charlie Weis weighs.

It took the G-Spot Stephen “I keyed a professor’s car” Garcia to allow South Carolina a victory or KY. Hey Brooks maybe they stole your plays as well…asshole.

Look out Virginia is 3-3.

Not only does Lou Holtz have a lisp, slobbers when he talks but he also looks like he has had a chemical peel that never healed.

Georgia Tech you barely defeated Gardner-Webb seriously WTF?

Show some love to Minnesota as they handed the Illinois Fighting Zookers a surprising loss at Illinois.

Wow Iowa actually won a game.

Dumb ass comment of the day goes to Lou Holtz when he mentioned comparing Colt McCoy’s stats to that of Vince Young’s the year Vince Young won the Heisman. The problem is Young never won the Heisman…what a dumb ass.

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Davis Wade Stadium: Croomed

Posted by Joel Jackson on August 8, 2008

Honestly, this was close to the bottom of the football stadiums in the SEC. In any given day, one could call this THE worst stadium in the SEC. But in the SEC West, Davis Wade Stadium is better in my opinion than Vaught Hemingway Stadium. I will get to that in a minute.

I had the pleasure of watching the Bulldogs play during the Jackie Sherrill era. Though I am sure Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods would have loved to see Coach Sherrill castrate a steer so he could have a great tailgate meal, the fans were great and raucous. But not even a fifth of Jack Daniel’s with a 6 pack Budweiser chaser could drown out the damn cowbells out of my head.

The city of Starkville is a quiet college town. It is nice, and I really hate to talk trash about such a nice place. With that being said, the people of Starkville can proudly say “Hey, at least we ain’t Tuscaloosa”.

Davis Wade Stadium is like the employee at work that you have and he or she are just there. They do nothing to stand out and shine among their fellow employees, but they keep their head above water long enough so you can’t fire them. Plus, they are good every once in a while for a good laugh and to have a body around. When it comes time to give that employee an annual review, you give the an average score because that is what they are.

The one thing that I can’t stand in stadiums is the lack of a connection. There are ramps that connect all sides and that is it. There is not a continuous bowl. I am not a fan of this type of seating. But I don’t have to look at half of a sailboat when I look into the far endzone like Vaught Hemingway Stadium. But when a 3 story banner is the highlight of your place, it’s not good.

The one reason that I give Davis Wade a higher slot than Ole Miss is the fans. From the student section, to the band, to the old geezers just counting down until the post game food run to Ryan’s, the fans there were passionate about the Bulldogs. Definitely something I can appreciate. Plus, there is not the pretentious nature and arrogance of “The Grove”.

The school is in the process of upgrading the facilities, complete with a new scoreboard and JumboTron. Until then, this “little stadium that could” will continue to be the place where ranked teams go to get CROOMED!!!

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Fresh Off the Press YMSWWC’S 2007 Bowl Guide

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 7, 2007

Fresh off the presses and in time to call your bookie, here are mine and Joel’s bowl picks.

    Dec. 20, 9 p.m. (ESPN) Utah (8-4) vs. Navy (8-4)
  • Joel: Navy-Always gotta pick a Service Academy out of respect
  • Me: Navy-Because they beat Notre Dame, UCLA can’t say that
  • NEW ORLEANS BOWL New Orleans
    Dec. 21, 8 p.m. (ESPN2) Florida Atlantic (7-5) vs. Memphis (7-5)
  • Joel: Memphis-Total homer pick
  • Me: Florida-Atlantic because I hate Tommy West
  • PAPAJOHNS.COM BOWL Birmingham, Ala.
  • Dec. 22, 1 p.m. (ESPN2) Cincinnati (9-3) vs. Southern Miss (7-5)
  • Joel: Cincinnati-Brett Favre ain’t walking through that door for Southern Miss
  • Me: Cincinnati -One of the Big Least teams has to win
  • NEW MEXICO BOWL Albuquerque, N.M.
    Dec. 22, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN) New Mexico (8-4) vs. Nevada (6-6)
  • Joel: New Mexico-I got nothing for New Mexico
  • Me: Honestly I could care less who ever Jol picked
  • LAS VEGAS BOWL Las Vegas
    Dec. 22, 8 p.m. (ESPN) BYU (10-2) vs. UCLA (6-6)
  • Joel: BYU-The Fightin’ Polygamists
  • Me: BYU- UCLA has no coach and Big Love is a good show
  • HAWAII BOWL Honolulu, Hawaii
    Dec. 23, 8 p.m. (ESPN) East Carolina (7-5) vs. Boise State (10-2)
  • Joel: Boise St.-Please not another cheerleader proposal
  • Me: East Carolina-Why?Who the hell knows
  • MOTOR CITY Detroit
    Dec. 26, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN) Central Michigan (8-5) vs. Purdue (7-5)
  • Joel: Central Michigan-Why is Joe Tiller still a coach???
  • Me: Purdue-Because Joe Tiller is the God of mediocre coaches.
  • HOLIDAY BOWL San Diego
    Dec. 27, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Arizona State (10-2) vs. Texas (9-3)
  • Joel: Texas-Longhorns returns to their San Diego winter home & I get to hear them bitch about it. I should pick against them
  • Me: Texas-ASU has shown me nothing and their coach is a douche.
  • CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL Orlando, Fla.
    Dec. 28, 5 p.m. (ESPN) Boston College (10-3) vs. Michigan State (7-5)
  • Joel: Boston College-The Spartans have broken my heart & bank account too many times over the years
  • Me: BC-Michigan State sucks
  • TEXAS BOWL Houston
    Dec. 28, 8 p.m. (NFL Network) TCU (7-5) vs. Houston (8-4)
  • Joel: TCU-Houston has no coach because Art Briles took the death sentence…I mean Baylor job…
  • Me: TCU-Coolest Mascot name “The Horny Toads”
  • EMERALD BOWL San Francisco
    Dec. 28, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN) Maryland (6-6) vs. Oregon State (8-4)
  • Joel: Oregon St.-Love the nickname “Beavers”, as in plural. Just keep the gay rams away
  • Me: Maryland-Fattie Ralph always wins these types of games
    Dec. 29, 1 p.m. (ESPN) UConn (9-3) vs. Wake Forest (8-4)
  • Joel: Wake Forest-In a battle of Dunkin Donuts (UConn) vs. Krispy Kremes (WF), gotta go with the Southern favorite
  • Me: Wake Forest-because they’re playing a Big Least team
  • LIBERTY BOWL Memphis, Tenn.
    Dec. 29, 4:30 p.m. (ESPN) Mississippi State (7-5) vs. UCF (10-3)
  • Joel: Miss. St-More Cowbell
  • Me: Miss State-Let the Crooming begin!
  • ALAMO BOWL San Antonio
    Dec. 29, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Penn State (8-4) vs. Texas A&M (7-5)
  • Joel: Penn St.-Does JoePa realize he is GREATLY overpaid???
  • Me: Penn St.-Texas A&M’s newest coach is to busy being an assistant for a losing NFL team.
  • INDEPENDENCE BOWL Shreveport, La.
  • Dec. 30, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Colorado (6-6) vs. Alabama (6-6)
  • Joel: Colorado-Alabama won’t be beaten by the Fightin Nutria of Louisiana-Monroe, but they can eat some in Shreveport. Nothin’ says luvin’ like nutria in the oven
  • Me: This is bullshit!!! Joel & I had a rock, paper, scissors contest. The winner got to choose Colorado. He cheated so I’m forced to pick Alabama.
  • ARMED FORCES BOWL Fort Worth, Texas
  • Dec. 31, 12:30 p.m. (ESPN) Cal (6-6) vs. Air Force (9-3)
  • Joel: Air Force-A motivated serviceman vs. an unmotivated hippie??? Gee, I wonder who to pick
  • Me: Air Force-Because Cal seems to be the South Carolina of the PAC 10. (snicker)
  • SUN BOWL El Paso, Texas
    Dec. 31, 2 p.m.(ESPN) USF (9-3) vs. Oregon (8-4)
  • Joel: South Florida-Which team is worse right now???
  • Me: Oregon-Ryan Leaf’s younger brother is playing well, making Ryan look less douche like.
    Dec. 31, 2 p.m. (ESPN2) Fresno State (8-4) vs. Georgia Tech (7-5)
  • Joel: Fresno St.-Love the Bulldogs coach Craig Stadler, I mean Paul Teutel, I mean Pat Hill. Has one man reminded you of so many???
  • Me: Fresno St-The only conference that is as bad as the Big Least is the ACC. And GT is coach-less. Read the rest of this entry »

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This Weekends Games Could Be the End All Be All For Some.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 22, 2007

This college football season has been the craziest and the best ever!!! This weekends games are bountiful. Here are the ones you should be paying attention to and why.


No. 11 USC at No. 6 Arizona State (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET)

If USC beats Arizona State, then it’s bye-bye to any BCS dreams for the Sun Devils. I for one will be pulling for USC just for the Gridiron Goddess’s sake & I think the ASU coach is a douche bag.


Nebraska at Colorado (ABC, noon ET)

This game used to mean something something now it’s irrelevant…or is it? This is pretty much Callahan’s last stand, that’s evident, but on the other side of the ball Dan Hawkins has a chance to take Colorado to a bowl game in his second year. Let’s face it, Colorado was mess of stripper allegations and recruiting violations when he took over. He’s has done a great job. I’ll admit I’m somewhat a Nebraska fan, but Callahan is a dick who should have been fired weeks ago.. Let’s go Buffs!

Ole Miss at Miss. State (JP “Jesus Christ We Suck” Sports, 12:30 p.m. ET)

Sly Croom already has my SEC coach of the year vote. Before the season started the Croom coffin was already built, only the undertaker needed to be called. Now Miss State is bowl eligible with wins over Auburn & Bama, thus proving they are the best program in Alabama. 🙂 Coach 0 and his 20 thieves can end the season on a high note with a win. If he does that he’ll be yaw yawing to another top 10 recruiting class.

Arkansas at No. 1 LSU (CBS, 2:30 p.m. ET)

Bottom line if LSU slips here no national title and you’ll see signs like below pop up all over Cajun country.

Too fucking funny….

If Arkansas wins & maybe more importantly D. Mac has a good game then his name is back in the Heisman race. Even though Coach Nutt claims those only “rumors” about his stepping down…everyone know he’s gone. Maybe…just maybe…he could stay with a win.

No. 13 Texas at Texas A&M (ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET)

Coach Fran’s last game before the new coach (more about that later) is possibly announced. Coach Fran has already shown he loves money more than the confidence of his players. Why is he even still there is beyond me. A win could be good for Fran and any high school coaching jobs he might be inline for in the future.


No. 18 Tennessee at Kentucky (CBS, 1:30 p.m. ET)

Coach Fulmer and Tennessee fans such as myself have experienced a roller coaster year. A win here sends the Vols to the SEC championship game to be slaughtered by LSU. A loss here means that maybe Tennessee is looking for another coach next season.

No. 7 Georgia at Georgia Tech (ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET)

The only thing that is hotter than Georgia’s playing right now, is Chan’s ass on the Tech hot seat. A win could knock Georgia out of a BCS bowl birth. A lose could knock Chan out of a job.

Florida State at No. 12 Florida (CBS, 5 p.m. ET)

Even though Matt Stafford was quoted as saying

“Let me say somebody so you guys won’t say I just won’t vote for Tebow,” he said. “Let’s say Darren McFadden. He’s been doing it a long time, and he deserves it.”

A win could give Tebow a Heisman as a true sophomore. A win also could have people wondering is time to replace Bobby as coach. A FSU win will send the Gators spiraling down the polls, and no trophy for Teabag Tebow.

No. 22 Clemson at South Carolina (ESPN2, 7 p.m. ET)

I live in Columbia SC, but I grew up in Greenville SC. So I’ve been around both fan bases for an extended time. These people hate each other. The Tigers were a dropped TD pass away from the ACC championship game, God Spurrier’s Gamecock squad was ranked 6th in the country, that was before four straight losses. A win for Clemson, whose fan base is the ACC’s version of Bama’s fan base meaning delusional, will keep Tommy Bowden around for another year.

A loss for USC could mean God Spurrier jets to take the A&M job. According to’s “sources”

There’s no doubt there’s serious interest on both sides. As I said yesterday, the USC admin is very wary of Spurrier possibly leaving due to his dissatisfaction over the disposition of two high priority recruits that had passed the NCAA Clearinghouse yet hit some hurdle in getting admitted by the university.

There is a ton of smoke surrounding Spurrier and that’s where many early signs are pointing to, but at this late hour at night I can’t confirm that it’s a done deal or near done deal.”

Now God Spurrier has said he plans on staying at USC. The last big name coach who said he is planning on staying somewhere was Saban, and we all know how that turned out. Spurrier has also been forced to admit he was wrong and regrets hyping up his team of felons. In fact this week has been a week of retractions all around for the Old Ball Sack Coach. In an press conference Tuesday, God Spurrier, stated:

“To me, attitude is everything, and right now, our attitude is sorry. We can’t worry about the winning or losing, we have to concern ourselves with playing football at a very high level — and obviously that’s something we haven’t done.”

But of course he pulled a “Saban” on Wednesday:

“I said our attitude stinks, but the attitude of our guys is pretty good … I said it wrong and I told our team that I was mistaken,”

My question is why would A&M even want him? The program is no better in his third year there, than it was when he took over. In Grannie Holtz’s third year at South Carolina he was taking them to back to back Outback Bowl victories. A loss here would mean a 6-6 record, and possibly no bowl game whatsoever.

No. 4 Missouri at No. 2 Kansas (ABC, 8 p.m. ET)

If Kansas wins they are one step closer to the unbelievable, if Missouri wins they have a chance to make it all the way, and their QB takes a step closer to the Heisman.

Alabama at Auburn (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET)

Bama has 3 straight loses. The liberal media have started to turn against Saban, referring to the Tide as the Tide’tanic. A win here might make the Bama faithful forget about getting Croomed back to back and losing to Oh La La. For Auburn I believe they are going for six in a row. (If I’m wrong please correct me) Tommy T. has also been linked to the A&M job, but he flatly as said he’s happy at Auburn and he wants to stay. A win here could insure a contract extension.

I hope you’re enjoying your Turkey day and remember:

So I profess on this day 11/22/07



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My Meeting With Coach Croom

Posted by Joel Jackson on November 11, 2007


Years ago, shortly after Coach Sylvester Croom was hired by Mississippi State, he came to Memphis for a booster club function. I am not a booster for Miss. State but a friend of mine is. He invited me along and I was intrigued by the idea of free food and football talk. Plus, it would be my first time going to an SEC school’s booster club function, which I have heard had could almost be like a TBN telethon: Motivational speaking and LOTS of cash flowing in.

So on this particular evening, we walk in and virtually everyone has on maroon. I had on a white polo shirt, so I did not stick out if I wore something, like, I dunno, orange. Anyway, Coach got up and spoke. For the next several minutes, I was entranced.

He spoke a little bit about his background growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His father was a minister and would also serve as team chaplain at the University of Alabama. Growing up, he had always wanted to go to Alabama and play football, but of course like other major colleges in the South at this time, segregation was still going on. Still, his father told him not to give up on what he wants. Years later, he was playing football at Alabama.

He talked about his time playing for Bear Bryant. He spoke with such reverence for Coach Bryant. He talked about how Bryant would tell his players that it didn’t matter to him what color they were, as long as the played hard and represented the University of Alabama in everything that they did. Croom also said that if anyone heard any stories about how difficult it was to play for Coach Bryant, believe every word of it. One common theme throughout the evening was consistency, and he jokingly said that Coach Bryant was consistently tough in practice day in and out. But he said that Coach Bryant was one of the biggest influences in his life, not just football.

He then talked about what he wanted to do with the program. There was no question that Bulldog football was bad at the time, with NCAA probation and a program with no direction. Croom said the obvious: There’s gonna be an “Under Construction” sign for the next few years on the program and that it would take time. Discipline, hard work, consistency, and faith is what he would preach everyday, and he would request that any player who doesn’t want to abide by these basic tenants or any team rule then they should leave. He spoke with calm but was passionate at the same time, giving me the impression that he had the goods to make a difference . Whether that would turn into wins would be a different story.

The biggest impact was after he spoke. Boosters were lined up to shake his hand and spend a few minutes with him. Of course, it was made known that donations could be made to the program, and there were boosters willing to pony up some cash. My buddy Larry wanted to meet him and I did too, so we decided to wait around. After standing around longer than the checkout line at “Club Wal-Mart” around Christmas, we finally got our chance to meet him. What was originally meant to be a minute or two turned out to be a 10 minute meeting of smiles.

I think the best story that he told us was when he was the offensive coordinator with the Detroit Lions. Barry Sanders was always perceived to be a little shy. He didn’t do many interviews and only did the minimum amount of press. Also, Barry was after all, one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, and NFL players have been known to have just a little bit of an ego. He said Barry was one of the easiest guys he ever coached, and he was one of the funniest. He said that Barry wasn’t “Saturday Night Live” funny, but could make him and teammates smile.

So that night, and I have met a lot of coaches over time, I instantly became a fan of Coach Croom. I also like that whenever the Bulldogs upsets an opponent, they say that the other team “Just got Croomed”. It has been difficult, and maybe he will not become a great coach, especially in the loaded SEC. But, with a little faith, I know that if he can make a difference in me after a few minutes, imagine what he can do with young men for 4 years…

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 11

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 11, 2007

#1 tOSU falls, more chaos for the BCS. This is the best college football season ever!

I’ve already said my piece about Ohio State, but Ron Zook might the Big Eveleen Ten coach of the year.

If Kansas wins out they will play for the national championship. The game against Missouri looms larger than the Kansas coach.

Boston College proves why they were over ranked.

Mark Richt is pumping up the crowd on the sidelines, getting the black jerseys for his players…he’s finally coming out of his shell. No team wants to play Georgia right now. Ask Auburn.

Virginia Tech might be better than what some of us thought.

Welcome back to realty Michigan, however you still have a chance of beating tOSU next week.

Ha Ha Ha Uconn got beat, another Big Least team has their BCS dreams crushed.

South Carolina went from ranked 6 in the country to a joke during their four game losing streak.

It doesn’t matter how many point Nebraska scored against K-State, Callahan is a goner.

NC State is slowly and quietly becoming bowl eligible.

Notice how the Gamecock fans were gone by the middle of the 4th quarter? Yep the old USC is back. 🙂

The old Cal team is back is well.

For the last game played in the Orange Bowl, one would think Miami would at least put up a fight.

The offense of Clemson is playing as well anyone in the nation.

Kentucky denies Vandy a chance to be bowl eligible. By the way I got a lot of grief from Kentucky fans over this post. So even though the embarrassing lose to Gardner-Webb isn’t football related, all I can say is: Ha ha ha your team really sucks. 🙂

Service Academies 2 Notre Dame 0.

And finally Joel is writing an in-depth piece on Coach Croom. But all I have to say is this:

Others have been fired because of this.

So I profess on this day 11/11/07.



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Ole Miss Is Wrong & Bass Ackwards

Posted by Joel Jackson on October 30, 2007

Coach Ed Orgeron, yes he the “wise” titty-twisting machine of a head coach, has suspended emerging star defensive end Greg Hardy for the dreaded “violation of team rules” rationale. Scott Cacciola of The Commercial Appeal has indicated that missing practices and meetings were the reason behind the suspension. Of course, no timetable has been set for his return.

The plot twist (or for Coach O, tit-twist) to this story is that Hardy and his family has been told by Ole Miss that should he decide to transfer, they would not grant his release to another SEC school or to the University of Memphis, in Hardy’s hometown, where Hardy starred at Briarcrest Christian and was a Rivals Top 100 recruit (and yet another recruit that Fulmer couldn’t get out of Memphis, but I digress).

So let me get this straight: You have a kid who leads the SEC in sacks and tackles for loss, who obviously does not want to be at Ole Miss anymore, but you will not allow him to transfer to another school of his own choosing??? By the way, there has been no indication that he has been missing classes and/or is failing in school. What are we talking about…practice??? Not the game, but we talkin’ about practice…

I understand that team meetings are important. I get that. I also understand that it takes a certain level of discipline to play football, especially at a major program. But to not allow the kid to leave because he is unhappy because he may go to a team that you face on your schedule for the next couple of years is asinine, especially if you are Ole Miss.

Does anyone realize this is OLE MISS FOOTBALL that we are talking about??? The same Ole Miss that fired David Cutcliffe after he had 2 losing seasons in 6 years but had plenty of 8 or 9 win years, including a Cotton Bowl win??? The same Ole Miss that has done just about nothing in my 30 years of existence of any major note (no SEC titles in football, no National Titles in football, or any other major sport that I can think of)??? The same Ole Miss who has no mascot because the Col. Sanders looking Col. Reb was deemed to “racially insensitive” and now there is no mascot at all??? The same Ole Miss that is proud of “The Grove” and all of its pageantry, but while everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, they are using Saturday night’s paper plates and plastic utensils, negating the “prim and proper” atmosphere they are going for??? That Ole Miss??? I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same Ole Miss.

Coach O, if you are reading this (which I doubt, but you never know), here’s my take. If this is any other program in the SEC, you would be gone, if not now, but at the latest by the end of the season. However, you lucked up and landed the head coaching gig at Ole Miss. You are living off of the fact that you have brought in Top 100 recruits, but your fine coaching abilities have resulted in very few wins. Signing Day does not matter if you do nothing with the talent that you have come the following October. Hell, you haven’t done anything with them past the month of August, by October you have a very underachieving team. Coach Croom across the state has less talent and is winning. Even if he wasn’t winning this year, he has managed to pull off some upsets in the past few years. The Rebel fan base is either too set in mediocrity year after year with its football program or just doesn’t know any better. If it was Ole Miss instead of LSU, UT, Alabama, etc., you would have a moving truck in front of your home headed back to your boy Pete Carroll at USC today. You wouldn’t be alone, the athletic director Pete Boone would be gone too.

If Hardy doesn’t want to be there, let him go where he wants to go. He has to sit out a year anyway. What’s the point of keeping him there??? Ole Miss won’t let him transfer to a conference school or an out of conference “rival”. So by this logic would the school let him go to Ohio State, Oregon, Clemson, West Virginia??? Are these schools any better than another SEC school??? I am not excusing Hardy’s behavior. He should not miss team meetings. But the Bowden-Spurrier-Fulmer-Tressel-Meyer School of Player Discipline states that you sit him for a series or maybe a quarter. To put him on indefinite suspension, especially when he can help you, is excessive. At the same time, Ole Miss isn’t going anywhere and maybe boosters will wake up out of their “Hotty Toddy” stupor and realize that the current band of merry men that are running the athletics and football programs are no better than a guy carrying a raccoon club to a gun fight…

p.s. Did your fine academic department ever teach Jerrell Powe how to spell the word “cat”???

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 9

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 28, 2007

Let’s look at the SEC East Division. Florida beats Tennessee, South Carolina beats Georgia, Tennessee beat both South Carolina & Georgia & Georgia beats Florida. Florida also has other SEC losses to Auburn & LSU. Make sense yet? I didn’t think so.

Georgia perhaps played their best game of the decade against Florida yesterday.

NC State ruins Virginia’s run.

Coming off the by or is it bye? Either way coming off the bye week Clemson is looking good.

Oregon is perhaps the best team in the country.

Will someone please for the love of God beat Hawaii so they will fall to 60th in polls.

Every time Penn State has a “white out” game at night they lose, anyone else notice that?

Thanks Cal the one time I was pulling for you to win, you don’t. I blame Aberclay.

Kansas is beginning to look legitimate.

The team to beat in the Big Least in Uconn. (snicker)

Notice how the pink shirt defense of Nebraska showed up late and let Texas come back to win? Callahan is a goner.

People at Ole Miss are already starting talking about firing Coach 0. That would be a mistake because I enjoy picking on him and he is only in his third season.

Notre Dame didn’t lose yesterday!!! but then again they didn’t play either.

Watch out ACC Wake Forest is starting to come alive.

Give it up for Colorado they need one more win to be bowl eligible.

Iowa sucks less, Michigan State sucks more.

Finally if anyone is still wanting to fire Coach Croom of Mississippi State see below. He deserves to stay.

Oh yeah, you did.

So I profess on this day 10/28/07.


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SEC Beattitudes

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 2, 2007

Joel the resident guest writer has written this next piece.

*Blessed be Alabama, for they are stuck in the ‘70’s. Blessed be Alabama fans, keep them patient when a coach goes 11-1 and be with their brown paper sacks, so they not be “holey”, so the money doesn’t fall out on the way to a recruit’s house.

*Blessed be Kentucky and its basketball program, for ensuring that a delusional fan base doesn’t just include Alabama. Blessed be Kentucky for giving us the 50 shots of Ashley Judd during national televised basketball games (bless her indeed)

*Blessed be Arkansas, for thou has taken advantage of the Freedom of Information Act. Blessed be Coach Houston Nutt, for he knows how to recruit and maintain a top notch QB and WR recruit, and he also knows how to call offensive plays (RB left, RB right, RB middle, just like 10 Yard Fight on NES)

*Blessed be South Carolina, for having little to no football tradition, if you consider years of mediocrity tradition. Blessed be Steve Spurrier, for he is part of the Holy Trinity. If you don’t believe him, ask him. Click Clack.

*Blessed be Auburn, for their Gulfstream is filled with gas and ready to get a football coach at the drop of the hat. Blessed be Tuberville, for I have a protective hedge around him. When the chips are down, I bless him with an upset win, and the annual Bama win.

*Blessed be Ole Miss, for while there sports on a whole suck, I have populated “The Grove” with a factory of beautiful young ladies that all can enjoy when visiting Oxford. Blessed be their fan base for thinking Coach O will lead them to 4 wins this year.

*Blessed be Miss. State, for Croom cleaning up a cluster—fu—mess and motivating the players, but having no talent. I will be with him when he gets fired, but not before I give him another upset win (I’m thinking Tennessee or Arkansas).

*Blessed be Tennessee, for mediocrity has set in its football program. Blessed be the basketball season upcoming, for both teams shall at least be in the Elite 8, and make Vol fans forget about the orange colored Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coaching football.

*Blessed be Florida, for being not only the kings of college sports for the moment, but also for drug running and gun toting. Your athletes shall do their best “Tony Montana” impression with the big guns and your fans will watch with mullets feathered.

*Blessed be LSU, for winning the National Championship this year despite the head coach. Blessed be night games at “Death Valley”, for the smell of alcohol and boudin prevail. Blessed be Pokey Chatman, for at least being a cute “sinner”…

*Blessed be Georgia, for having coaches with perfect hair (Richt, Landers) and for giving the Big Least Conference hope that they can win a BCS bowl and having Mountaineer fans bring up your Sugar Bowl loss on a regular basis. Thank you…

*Blessed be Vanderbilt, for we all need, lawyers, accountants, sports agents, wirters, doctors, neurosurgeons, college professors, chemists, physicists, and all around Mensa members.

The Saban one is gold.

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