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High school cheerleaders in a gay male strip club: I see Rupaul is working has a teacher now

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 20, 2009

So you’re a 47-year-old female teacher who could be facing a midlife crisis. You decided to take four students (three 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old) to a gay male strip club that serves alcohol and suddenly people are outraged. Doesn’t make sense does it? 

Lori Epperson has resigned from her teaching position at Edgewood High School in Trenton, near Dayton, Ohio, after taking four of her students to Club Masque, a strip club that features exotic male dancers and a drag show on Saturdays. Jay Cutler is familiar with the term “drag” and is saddened that Chicago is not closer to Ohio. 

Now the Po Po has been called and the club is in some legal hot water for serving alcohol to a minor. Suddenly the hot cheerleading coach that posed for Playboy looks more and more like a role model than ever before. 

The hilarious part of this story is Epperson’s daughter was one of the four, and she apparently had permission from the parents of the other three to take them to the club. After all these are gay men right… 

From WKYC: 

Butler Tech school district spokesman Bill Solazzo says 47-year-old Lori Epperson resigned Thursday. He said Epperson told Edgewood High School administrators that the students – all cheerleaders at the school north of Cincinnati in Trenton – asked her to take them to the bar in February. 

Epperson told school officials in an e-mail that she got permission from the parents of the 17- and 18-year-olds to bring them to Club Masque in Dayton.” 

Trenton has left New Jersey, folks.& all the world is in danger. 

This reminds of when my high school science teacher sent me looking for a “lot lizard” in exchange for a passing grade and somewhere Brady Quinn is quietly bemoaning the fact that he grew up on the other side of the state. 

Since this is Dayton we’re talking about, don’t be surprised if it turns out three of the drag dancers are actually hairy women pretending to be men.

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Two Nebraska wrestlers do not help stop the stereotype of gay men in tights

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 13, 2008

Two members of the University of Nebraska wrestling team, including one who won an NCAA championship in 2007, have been booted from the team after posing nude in videos and photographs on an Internet p0rn site.

Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan were featured in images and videos for, a Web site featuring naked or partially clothed male athletes.

Per here’s their advertising slogan:

“Our Models are all young, hot, athletic men in solo action, most of whom are exclusive to our site, so you won’t suffer from, the ‘Been There, Seen Him’ syndrome. We take great care to make sure our models are stunning and our content is of the highest quality … no grainy video with bad sound and static shots of a guy on a couch watching p0rn.”

Wrestlers who enjoy the gentle embrace of a man? Say whaaa?!! Ok, NOW does an ass tasting sound joke appropriate here????

Donahoe was a national champion in the 125 pound weight class in 2007. He finished third last year. Jordan is a junior.

“The history of behavior of these men, including the current matter, does not reflect the standard of excellence we aspire to on and off the mat,” Coach Mark Manning said in a statement. “We have outstanding student-athletes in our program and we will move forward in a positive manner toward our goals.

“I want to personally apologize for any embarrassment that may have been caused for our athletic department, the university and our fans,” Manning said.

Only two types of things I know of come from Nebraska, corn and porn, and I don’t see those two being slathered in butter and salt. At least not in public.

Jordan and Donahoe have also had run-ins with the Po Po in the past. Jordan has paid fines for possessing or consuming alcohol as a minor, trespassing and assault, and Donahoe for maintaining a disorderly house and having an open alcohol container.

I honestly didn’t know maintaining a disorderly house was crime in Nebraska. Sheesh Then again I thought all gay males kept a neat and clean home.

The Scarlet Project, a blog that touts itself for reporting “news, scandal and gossip” at the university, posted the pictures online but altered them so that they didn’t show full nudity and gross anyone out. The blog reported that they were obtained from an “anonymous” person. I’m betting the center of the football team.

John Marsh, who operates and two related Web sites said he’s spoken with Donahoe and Jordan and that both indicated they want to continue too explore the male body as college wrestlers. He said Donahoe was a “dynamite” wrestler.

“If Nebraska is going to be pigheaded and kick him off unreasonably,” Marsh said, “there has to be another wrestling program that’s going to want him.”

I’ll just leave you with this:



Dialogue from The Breakfast Club

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Everyone Knows Free Beer is the Best Beer even if it’s Gay Beer!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 30, 2008

I’ve never considered the mascot for the University of Virginia Cavaliers gay, metrosexual yes, but gay no. That has definitely changed now leaving me to question the sexuality of CavMan. Thanks to two Cavalier football players.

Junior offensive lineman Will Barker and red shirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts were arrested at the downtown nightclub Club 216 in Charlottesville last Saturday morning.

The Po Po say both “men” admitted to stealing beer from a cooler at the nightclub. Both face larceny charges. Roberts, who is 19 years old, is also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and with using a fake ID.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking so far sounds like normal football player BS, and you’re correct sort of…

Study the photos below. Pay close attention to the one labeled Will Barker. I wonder how much “product” he puts in his hair.

Will Barker & Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts & Will Barker

Oh in case you didn’t bother to click the link to Club 216 let me just quote from their website for you.

“Welcome to Club 216, Charlottesville, Virginia‘s only gay and lesbian bar and danceclub. Bringing you sounds from the past and present as well as thumping tracks from Europe‘s best! If you love to dance, meet hot, hunky men and fabulous women in a great gay-friendly atmosphere, then this is definitely the place you want to be! Entrance to this nightclub is for members & their guests.

CLUB 216 is owned and operated by the PIEDMONT TRIANGLE SOCIETY. PTS is a non-profit organization established to promote the interests of the Gay community in Virginia. PTS creates a supportive social environment for its’ members and guests. PTS provides an open forum for the development of political, social, and other interests within its’ membership. When you join CLUB 216 you become a member of the PIEDMONT TRIANGLE SOCIETY.”

Now I’m sure you’re thinking “What were they doing at the gay bar? Was there a fire in the disco?” or “Wait, are you sure they weren’t stealing Bacardi Breezers from a gay bar?”  Apparently they were at the bar to enhance their chances at making the NFL… Brady Quinn was holding a combine in the men’s room.

UVA….we work hard, we play hard (Everybody Dance Now!)

In their defense, they had a great thirst, and it was the only place that served Schmitts Gay Beer.

I know the video screen is black but just click on it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vandy’s Doster is One Manly Man

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 19, 2008

I’d like to thank Steve, a buddy of mine, who lives in Tampa for the information I’m about to drop. You’ll know it when you read it.

Vandy running back Jermaine Doster was arrested by the Tampa Po Po Friday morning after showing his SEC cellar dwelling ass at a nightclub.

He was picked up on disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and obstructing an officer without violence. He was removed by the Po Po and placed under arrest for failing to cooperate. Then this Mensa giant decided to kick out the windows in the back of the Po Po’s ride.

Maybe they should move him from running back to kicker, seeing that he kicked out a patrol car window.

Now I know what many of you are thinking: “This Doster kid sounds too tough for softies like Vandy, maybe he should be playing to Florida, Georgia or Tennessee.”

Well…if you are thinking that then you’re incorrect. The nightclub he was at is named The Honey Pot.

Here is the low down on The Honey Pot:

The Basics

  • Reservations: Accepted
  • Dress Code: Clubwear
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Smoking: Yes
  • Bar Style: Gay and Lesbian. Burlesque
  • Music Style: Pop and Top 40
  • Audience: Adults / 18+


  • Atmosphere and Personality: Bar Scene, Bustling, Gay and Lesbian, High Energy, and Trendy
  • Private and VIP Rooms: Both available.
  • Cleanliness: Up To Par
  • Features: VIP
  • Worth Noting: Thursday nights are the main straight night at The Honey Pot.

Now when I said the new Vandy uniforms appeared gay, I was merely poking fun at an interstate rival. Now I see how right I was….and the sad thing is I didn’t even know it! I wonder if any of these people are Vandy fans. One side note Gators make ugly lesbians.

The Vanderbilt third string team?

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