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College Football Week 14 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 30, 2008

Yes folks I decided to take some time away from writing and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you had a pleasant and happy Thanksgiving.

I dub yesterday as disappointment day with the exception of Tennessee. I don’t mean to gloat, well…actually I do but this is the worst team that Tennessee has even placed on the field and yet Kentucky still couldn’t beat them. The streak lives on because Tennessee is Tennessee and Kentucky is Kentucky.

I’ll have a full write up on that game tomorrow.

Notre Dame put up a fight against USC at least until kickoff occurred. The Irish kept interrupting the Trojans’ pregame warmups which resulted in punches thrown and the Po Po intervening. Of course in the end Southern Cal proved what everyone knows and that is Notre Dame is a horrid team. Next stop on the Brian Kelly rumor-mill…why I’m betting Notre Dame.

Georgia seriously screws my picks up and loses to Georgia Tech.

Same old South Carolina, they still can’t beat their arch rivals the Clemson Tigers even though Clemson has an interim head coach. Hopefully this win will lead to Clemson offering the job to Dabo Swinney.

The Ole Ball (Sac) Coach is plenty mad after this embarrassment which lead Spurrier to degrade his players even further publicly. Honestly I’m wondering if he has lost this team. The reason I say that is because at the end of the game South Carolina tried to start a fight instead of shaking hands…classless.

Florida did what everyone thought they would do and beat up Florida State.

With Boston College and Virginia Tech both winning yesterday it looks like a rematch is set for the ACC title game. The same game that didn’t sell 50% of the tickets last year. Joy…

Alabama ends the Auburn winning streak they had against Bama…rather soundly at that. Time will tell if Auburn is foolish enough to fire Coach Turbeville.

No Rose bowl for you Oregon State, unless by some miracle UCLA can upset Southern Cal. Oregon State got hammered by the ugly uniform wearing Ducks of Oregon.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State was a closer game than what the score indicates and it was a great game. Hats off to both teams.

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College Football Week 9 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 26, 2008

It sucks to be a Tennessee fan this season however I’ll still support them no matter what. As always a complete write up on the Tennessee/Alabama game will be tomorrow after I torture myself by watching a replay of the game.

There were other teams in action yesterday. Let’s look and see what we have learned from yesterday.

UCONN got back on the Big Least track by hammering Cincinnati.

Indiana upset the smarties of Northwestern.

Apparently Boston College doesn’t want too go to the ACC championship game.

Wisconsin finally won a game by beating the fighting Zookers of Illinois.

Here’s a piece of advice: never schedule Texas Tech as a homecoming game. Just ask the Kansas Jayhawks.

The fall of Wake Forest and the rise of Miami as begun.

Minnesota is 7-1 and for real.

The gaytors of Florida hammered Kentucky by blowing them out by 58 points. Hey did they steal your plays as well?

Oklahoma scored 55 points in the 1st half against Kansas State but only 3 in the 2nd half. Oklahoma still handily won the game.

Vandy is still not bowl eligible and Couch Cut picks up another win for Duke.

Florida State beat Virginia Tech, that and the fact Virginia beat Georgia Tech means Virginia of all ACC teams is on top of the Coastal division in the ACC.

Look out folks Louisville might be back, they upset South Florida yesterday.

The beast known as Georgia reared its head yesterday by hanging 52 points at LSU. As you can see from the photo LSU fans is thrilled at all. (Click on it)

Trends started at Rutgers…

1. College football (1866)
2. Giving the finger to hovering HD cameras at college football games (2008)

For the first time in 10 years Michigan State beat Michigan at Michigan. I’m sure things are getting hot for Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez.

Texas barely wins against Oklahoma State. Folks this Oklahoma State is for real just America’s coach, Mike Gundy.

Pittsburgh was doing well but they regressed yesterday while Rutgers beat them.

Missouri took some frustration out on Colorado yesterday.

Texas A&M beat Iowa State. Check this video out. You have to love fans whose team is not performing well talking shit about the other teams. This video is hilarious!!!

JoePa gets his first win at the horseshoe since 1978 as Penn State beats Ohio State officially knocking them from playing in this year’s title game.

Washington is still winless and Notre Dame is 5-2.  They could become ranked this week.

Houston Nutt took Ole Miss in to Arkansas handed them another loss. I’m he is savoring that one.

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 2

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 9, 2007

Here are my revelations from yesterday, as I suffered being a couch slave.

The Big East teams have no defense.

Virginia won Loser Bowl part 1, Notre Dame and Meechigan square off for Loser Bowl part deux next week.




If Marshall had something called depth, West Virginia would have lost.

Neither Georgia or South Carolina looked like they were playing to their full potential, they both looked sloppy.

The Big Eleven Ten sucks. Case in point Michigan, Ohio State should have rolled, Wisconsin was disappointing. Penn State didn’t look great.

I don’t believe Anthony Morelli is has good people seem to think he is.

From the comments Lloyd Carr made yesterday, I think he’s given up.

Mike Hart of Meechigan is stud running back who embodies what college athletics is all about.

It’s a toss up between “Cavemen” and “Carpoolers”, as to which show will be canceled first.

Bob Davie is the worst commentator ever.

LSU = Domination.

Auburn sucks

I don’t see how USC will go undefeated in PAC-10 this year. Sorry Gridiron Goddess.

Tennessee took a step in the right direction.

Freddy Brown of South Carolina took a cheap shot and clipped a Georgia player, there were three personal fouls commented by So. Carolina, like I’ve been preaching, lack of discipline off the field, shows on the field.

Mark Richt looked pissed after the game last night.

Texas didn’t beat TCU, TCU beat themselves, and I’m not sold on Texas’s offense.

Oklahoma continues to shine.

Nebraska was clearly looking ahead to playing USC next week.

Someone show some love to Tyrone Willingham and the Washington Huskies.

I’m not sure if Oregon is scary good, or Michigan is scary bad.

With the exception of Georgia Tech, the ACC sucks and is college footballs worst conference.

Like I said last week America’s team Virginia Tech was overrated (clap clap clapclap ), I just didn’t realize by how much.

If I see another flipping “Olive Garden” commercial, I’ll never eat there again.

Speaking of the “Tragedy Bowl of 2007” featuring LSU & Virginia Tech, was tragically boring.

I’m willing to bet that West Virginia & Louisville falls in the polls due to no defense.

Teams that still have questions because they are still playing weak cupcakes or pathetic teams in general are:

Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, Rutgers, Alabama, UCLA, Texas A&M, Pittsburgh, Kentucky & Maryland.

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 1.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 3, 2007

Well, college football is finally here and I spend Saturday going though the hell of having to watch football all day and night. (note the sarcasm cause I’m laying it on pretty thick) Here are just some observations I have.

America’s team Virginia Tech & Texas are overrated (clap clap clapclap)

Underrated the East Carolina defense, Georgia Tech & Nebraska.

Even though they didn’t win the Fighting Zookers Illini are doing better thanks to their coach.

The “unstoppable” offense of Oklahoma State was easily stopped by Georgia.

South Carolina struggled which is a sign of things to come.

Right now Oklahoma looks to be the team to beat not Southern Cal. Sorry Gridiron Goddess.

Philip Fulmer is on the hot seat.

The new Medal of Honor game looks sweeeettttt

Anyone besides me notice Chris Moneymaker the 2003 WSOP champion (yes that’s his real name) in the stands at the Tennessee-Hippie Land Cal game?

Offensively West (soft schedule, no title, no mas) Virginia looks good but no defene to speak of.

Lloyd Carr could wind up at Virginia after they dropped a game to Wyoming.

Boston College put Wake Forest back into the realm of reality.

Wisconsin is the team to beat in the Big Eleven Ten.

Cox of Auburn did not look like a veterian QB at all.

Kentucky can score…damn.

Tiger Woods as over taken Peyton Manning in the “in every TV commercial” department

Ed Orgeron is still bat shit crazy.

Colorado looks better this year, in fours years they’ll dominate.

Teams that still have questions because they played cupcakes are:

Florida, Louisville, Rutgers, Ohio State, Penn State, Arkansas, Texas A&M & of course liar Saban’s Alabama squad.

So I profess on this day 9/3/07.


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Frank Beamer Accuses Mark Richt Of Spying To Win The Chick-fil-A Bowl But Suddenly Pulls A Sabon On His Comments.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 9, 2007

In an article the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran. Frank Beamer is quoted as saying:

“We practiced out at Georgia Tech and we let all kinds of people through there … people we didn’t know, and I thought it hurt us in the bowl game. I’m not blaming anybody … but I thought Georgia knew exactly what we were doing in several situations.”

Georgia coach Mark Richt said he understood Beamer’s concerns but that the Bulldogs didn’t have anyone at Virginia Tech’s practices.

“I can assure Coach Beamer we had no idea about anything going on, ” Richt said.”

He went on further to say If he really thinks I’m some sort of spy then I have a dark & dingy cell in Berlin with his name it. Me being the football furor means I won’t be wasting time on spying. That silly American. Das Hokies abschaffen!!!” which translates into Exterminate the Hokies.

Soon after a blooded & battered Beamer states:

“The last thing I was doing was accusing Georgia of spying,” Beamer said. “And I don’t think I insinuated that. I was just trying to explain to the media why I was closing parts of practice. The gist of it was there were so many people at our practice that we didn’t know,” Beamer told the AJC. “But I never thought that Georgia did anything wrong. I know Mark. He’s a good guy. Please for the love of God please get that message to him. Tell him I know nothing! Nothing!!! Please let me have my dog and wife back. Heil Richt!”

When notified with the message from Beamer, Richt simply said “Good good, Wir ordnen alle an. Das dritte Richt ist für immer!” which translates to We shall rule all. The Third Richt is forever!

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