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Minor League Baseball team better have their promotions cleared by Amnesty International next time.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 15, 2009

Yeah I know this story is dated but I was on vacation at the time so there. It’s definitely a PC world when a promotion such as ladies night gets turned into a violation of human rights. Most sports promotion featuring a ladies night is to celebrate women unless you’re the Hudson Valley Renegades, a farm team for the Tampa Bay Rays, then it turns into even that maybe Amnesty International needs to investigate. Hopefully they’ll show up for the next free bat night. Please note the sarcasm because I’m laying it on rather think. 

One week ago the Hudson Valley Renegades attempted to hold a ladies night for their female fans by calling it “Ball-Less Baseball” night. There were some unique options for the ladies such as massages, free makeup & mani-pedis. Whatever the hell those are. Men were not allowed into the stadium until the 5th inning. They’ll let the men in just in time for the Seventh-Inning Pilates Break and a rousing rendition of “Since We Got Married, You Never Take Me Out To The Ball Game Anymore” Well this caused a rather stern letter to be written by officials in Dutchess County, NY, who also owns the park. 

“At best, the promotion is in poor taste. However, I write to warn that the promotion likely violates the New York State Human Rights Law and probably violates the guarantee to equal protection under the laws contained in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” the letter reads. “New York State Human Rights Law (Executive Law Section 296) expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in any place of public accommodation. Clearly, your plan to prohibit admittance based on gender runs afoul of this provision.” 

Dutchess County cannot in good conscience remain silent while its citizens are subject to invidious gender discrimination.” 

Wow! To the credit of the Renegades origination they were planning a tailgate party for the men and they were forced to admit on their website that they would not actually prevent the testosterone set from entering the building. Only in a lawsuit happy America could people actually find it necessary to bury their sense of humor and lodge a formal complaint against something so silly. 

Honestly I’d imagine your typical Ladies Night in the Hudson Valley involves a bit less baseball and a lot more chloroform.

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Wife of Pirates prospect accused of robbing the cradle

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 26, 2009

As most of you know by now I’m a diehard Boston Red Sox fan what some might not know is that my favorite NL team is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yeah yeah I know it’s not a real franchise anymore.

If one believes that any press is good press including negative press, then boy the Pirates are in luck! It seems the wife of one of their top minor league prospects is being questioned in the apparent kidnapping of a baby from a Plant City, Fla. health clinic.

Thankfully the two month-old was returned unharmed one day after allegedly being taken from its parents by Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43, who happens to be the wife of Pirates’ minor league outfielder Jose Tabata, 20. Wow a umm 23 year difference in age…alrighty then.

Fortunately for Jose, all the 43 year-olds in Altoona (where he played last season) are either grandmothers or, more likely, great-grandmothers. He was hoping he could make the majors and get a wife upgrade before the old model did something crazy.

Officials claim that Pereira posed as a health care worker, telling the mother, Rosa Sirilo-Francisco, that she was about to be deported and that she could help with the infant. There is no indication that Tabata himself was involved. From ESPN:

“Jose Tabata addressed the matter in a statement released by the team. “I was shocked to be told today that my wife has been arrested for kidnapping. I am hurt, frustrated, and confused by her actions,” Tabata said. “I have and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials in anyway that I can. Until I have all of the facts, I cannot comment any further.”

I wonder if the alleged exchange between Amalia and the victim’s mom went like this:

“Hey, I’m about to be deported, can I have your baby for a second?”
“Well, I don’t see why not!”

Jose has as many stolen bases this spring as his wife has stolen babies. Typical Pirates baseball…

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I feel sorry for Luke Walton & other sport shorts

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 8, 2008

In case you didn’t know Luke Walton had a stalker. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to people since Walton is constantly teased by his teammates for being a pretty boy. Luke in his own words told the OC Register how it all occurred & it definitely sounds a little frightening.

I'm hot for Luke

“She seemed nice enough (when she first began appearing regularly outside the Lakers’ El Segundo practice facility for autographs), and there are a lot of people who are out there all the time. I would sign stuff for them most of the time, but every once in a while you’re in a rush trying to get somwhere after practice. So one time I waved and said I had to be somewhere. And I saw her reach her pen out, and I didn’t think anything of it, and when I got to my house, I saw I had a big blue mark all down the side of my car from her Sharpie pen. So then I was like, ‘That’s messed up. I sign stuff for her all the time. Now she does that; I’m not going to sign anything for her anymore.’ That’s before I knew she was stalking me.

“It was more an annoyance than anything else until recently when she did that gun thing (gesturing at him with her hand as if shooting at him). And then I was like, ‘All right. Now she’s crossed the line.”

I feel sorry for him though. I mean look at her. And people say that Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse. James Brown’s mug shot called, it wants rock bottom back.

In case you haven’t heard they are actually making a sequel to Bull Durham. This should be as big of a hit as “Major League II” It’s a good thing they decided to release this while the original Bull Durham is still fresh in the minds of the coveted 40-65 male demographic.

St. Louis pee wee football coach who shoved 11-year-old during hand-shake ceremony to show the world what a real douche bag look like has now resigned.

The coach, in an interview with television station KSDK, said he thought the boy, who played for the opposing team, was being unsportsmanlike, and he shoved him as he would any other player who got out of line, including his own son.

“One of the kids coming at me was saying ‘you suck’ and coming at our players,” Tony Warneke told the St. Louis station. “When he got close, he said, ‘You blanking suck.’ And I reached out and shoved him and said, ‘Knock it off now.’ “

This means there’s a job opening for Scott Linehan.

John Lackey of the Angels will not STFU and quit whining about losing to my beloved Red Sox again.

“We lost to a team that’s not better than us,” growled pitcher John Lackey, who gave up two runs and seven hits in seven innings. “We are a better team than they are. The last two days, we shouldn’t have given up anything.”

“[Sunday] night they scored three runs on a pop fly that was called a hit, which was a joke,” Lackey said, referring to Ellsbury’s pop that fell between center fielder Torii Hunter and second baseman Howie Kendrick in Game 3. “[Monday] night they scored on a broken-bat ground ball and a fly ball that anywhere else in America is an out, and he’s fist-pumping on second base like he did something great.”

Asked to describe his feelings, Lackey said, “Like I want to throw somebody through a wall.”

If you were the better team, why did you fuck up the bunt and not catch the fly ball? Lackey would also like to blame the loss on TBS, as he was distracted by Craig Sager the entire time he was on the mound.

Bloop singles, ground balls, getting all the breaks, winning without “better” players…hmm, sounds a lot like Angels baseball to me. Have fun watching the ALCS at home. Again!

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Gary Coleman minor league baseball God.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 4, 2008

In a minor league promotion, Gary Coleman of Different Strokes fame, got an at-bat during a real game. Of course this didn’t go well since Gary corked & pine tarred his bat, got thrown out, fought with the umpire and was called “short.” Good times…my friends…good times.

What’cha you talking about ump?

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Minor league baseball brawl ends with an innocent fan going to hospital

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 25, 2008

Sometimes baseball can be a violent sport, whether it is a senseless brawl or a violent collision at the plate. But when an innocent fans get hurt a sacred line has been crossed.

Fifteen players and both managers were ejected — and a fan was sent to the hospital — following a 10-minute, benches-clearing brawl in a Class-A minor league game between affiliates of the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs on Thursday night.

The innocent fan was taken to the hospital after being hit by a ball thrown by Peoria (Cubs) pitcher Julio Castillo, who was throwing at the Dayton (Reds) dugout but missed during the first-inning melee between Midwest League teams. You can see him throw the ball around the 22 second in the video.

While watching the video look for a player that looks like Ron Artest! The man keeps busy even in the off-season.

Castillo was arrested and faces one count of felonious assault. He is in the Montgomery County Jail and has a court appearance Friday. I hope he gets his jock sued off by the guy who went to the hospital.

Dayton pitcher Kyle Lotzkar hit Peoria’s Nate Samson with a pitch in the top of the first. In the inning’s bottom half, Castillo hit Dayton’s Zack Cozart in the head with a pitch. Cozart fell to the ground, was helped to the dugout and didn’t return.

Several batters later, Castillo hit Angel Cabrera, who angrily threw his bat and batting gloves toward his dugout before taking first. Dayton’s next batter hit an infield grounder, and Cabrera made an aggressive slide into second to break up the double play.

Castillo followed that with a high-and-tight pitch to the next batter, Brandon Menchaca, prompting Dayton manager Donnie Scott to complain to the home plate umpire. Interim Peoria manager Carmelo Martinez came on the field to join the discussion.

That led to an argument between the two managers, and when Martinez pushed Scott, the benches emptied. Several fights between players broke out behind home plate. Castillo’s ball went into the stands, and Menchaca jumped on Castillo’s back.

This is ridiculous I don’t know how much control MLB has over these teams, but they need to come down really hard on these guys if they do. I think there are too many so called managers doing things that are way out of line and fueling these things. I can’t recall ever seeing one manager come out to argue when the other manager is out there arguing with the umpire.

That is what got this thing going, had the managers not pushed each other this may not have gone in the direction it went in.

As for the pitcher that threw that ball at someone, that guy needs to spend sometime in jail.

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Minor League Manager Says to Ump “I Don’t Stink Like Your Calls Stink”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 11, 2008

Kash Beauchamp apparently thought an umpire’s call stunk Wednesday night and to prove it to him, the manager waved his shoe in the ump’s face.

The Wichita Wingnuts were playing the second game of a doubleheader against the Sioux Falls Canaries.The ‘Nuts lost the first game and their manager went nuts in the second game.

Kash Beauchamp didn’t like the ball and strike calls by the home plate umpire so he came storming in from the third base coaching box. Then he took off his shoe, waved it in the umpire’s face and slammed the shoe to the ground.

Beauchamp also showed the ump his armpit to emphasize he thought the call smelled but he was fresh thanks to his deodorant. The makers of Degree or Old Spice should seriously sign this guy to an endorsement deal.

Minor league baseball you gotta love it.

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