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Bob Huggins fights a door. Next time my money is on the door

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 10, 2009

Bob “Huggie Bear” Huggins, the West Virginia basketball coach and professional heart attack victim, recently showed up at a fundraiser sporting two black eyes. The reason for the black eyes? Well, much like that Luka kid Suzanne Vega sang about, he got his ass kicked by the bathroom door. 

Here’s AP photographer Bob Gay’s caption

West Virginia University athletic director Ed Pastilong, left, and WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins are shown Sunday, June 7, 2009, at a fantasy camp basketball banquet in Morgantown, W.Va. Huggins kept his sense of humor as he sported two black eyes and a welt. He says he stepped into the edge of his bathroom door late one night. Pastilong’s right hand was in a cast from recent surgery. 

Was he dancing on the ceiling when he stepped on the edge of the door? 

I’m calling BS on that one I don’t buy it, his gut would prevent his face from ever reaching the door first and in Morgantown, a black eye is just called “having to be told twice”. Also it doesn’t explain the hair for that matter. He does seem to have won the fight with the 10-piece bucket of the Colonel’s half-fried and half-grilled. 

What do you tell a college coach with two black eyes?

Nothing, you already told him twice!!

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Thanks to the Toledo Rockets we’ll never forget about point shaving

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 7, 2009

Yes point shaving and college athletics are still alive and well today. Just yesterday six basketball and football players from the University of Toledo, along with two from Detroit, were indicted of “conspiracy to comment sports bribery” between 2004 and 2006. Several Toledo area women have been accused of face shaving as well. 

Per the indictment two men from Detroit allegedly wagered over $400,000 on basketball games where point shaving occurred. The athletes involved are point guard Keith Triplett, forward Anton Currie, guard Kashif Payne, and running backs Adam Cuomo, Harvey McDougle, and Quinton Broussard. This investigation dates back to 2007 when McDougle and a gambler known only as “Gary” were first accused of point shaving, however those charges were dropped…only to resurface yesterday. McDougle was accused of helping recruit players into this scheme. 

The two Detritions (“Gary” is one of them) are also accused of attempting to fix a horse race. They didn’t use the right technique. Trust me I know from personal experience you should employ a technique similar to this: 

“You listen to me, Mr. Ed. Do you ever want to see your foals again you rat fuck? You see this blue steel? When it goes bang you fall down dead, fucko. Do yourself a favor. Do the right thing this Saturday. If you do well, you’ll see me one more time. If you do badly, you’ll see me two more times.” 

Today’s charges shine a light into the dark corner of illegal sports book-making and reveal the unfortunate consequences that the influence of money from betting can have on the integrity of both athletes and athletic contests,” U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said in a statement. 

While some may believe point shaving scandals are as American as washing your car in the driveway, being suspicious of your foreign neighbors and blowing your fingers off with an illegally obtained quarter stick of dynamite, it isn’t. 

I believe that in the mid-majors/ non-BCS conference that point-shaving is a lot more prevalent than we think. I mean it’s not like most of the kids have a pro career to lose out on, and also think of the referees. How much cash could it take to buy off a referee or two college kids? With all the different internet casinos out there a group could easily make a $100,000 a game spreading out their bets. Pay the kids and/or ref $5,000 to $10,000 each (maybe more for the ref) and that’s a pretty decent return on investment. Most of the games aren’t widely televised.

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Isiah Thomas is employed again no really he is

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 15, 2009

In a state known more for hurricanes, mullets and jorts comes one man to turn the college basketball scene upside down and that is Isiah Thomas. 

Now history tells us that Isiah Thomas as a coach is well…dreadful but that was at the pro level. There is no telling what he will or can do at a college level. However I believe that Thomas’ qualifications to coach a college team are nil. 

Let’s run review his qualifications and I’ll you decide: 

  • 30 years ago he played 2 years for Bobby Knight
  • He took a conference champion to a .500 record and three straight first-round playoff defeats. 
  • He bankrupted the entire ABA league.
  • He ruined the New York Knicks who at the time was a historically proud NBA franchise. 

Those things alone should bring fear to any athlete director but then there are these things that took place when he was in charge of the Knicks to consider: 

  • An $11 million sexual harassment suit
  • Accusations of racism
  • Stephan Marbury
  • OD’ing on sleeping pills to only blame the daughter
  • He’s an asshole 

It would be hard for Florida International not to get better considering their record this past season and the antics of Thomas’ past might even land them some games on ESPN but did they sell their soul in order to obtain Thomas? We see what a disaster he was at the Knicks so you should wonder if he is even capable at reading an NCAA rulebook. However you can look at it like this: If Isiah can find another job; the economy must finally be on the mend. 

Rumor has it that the students have already petitioned to change the school’s abbreviation:




In a related story, Flip Saunders has agreed to coach the Wizards. 

This is the man that FIU should have hired!

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North Carolina are the new warlords of college basketball

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 7, 2009


Congratulations North Carolina you managed to crush the dreams of almost every resident of Michigan. Ok being serious great job and what a good way to end the bulldozing that was your tournament run.

Here are some other images from the tournament that I’ve been too lazy I haven’t had the chance to post.


Roy Williams doesn't like it when the cheerleaders cry

From the NIT. You know the tourney that cost Billy Clyde his job

Clearly the best fan sign of the tourney

Bobby saw that clip of himself saying those ice dancers were great athletes, and now he's just red in the face.

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The fans of the Siena Saints are accused of not being so saintly

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 31, 2009

As March Madness is coming to a close & I’m constantly cursing my picks because they’re failures, I’m reminded of the upset picks that I successfully picked. One such pick was Siena over Ohio State.

In what was one of the better opening round games this year the Saints of Siena defeated the Buckeyes of Ohio State in Dayton Ohio. Local Ohioans were heart broken and to compound matters worse the fans of Siena were apparently drunk and rowdy leaving Dayton residences and Ohio State fans with delicate sensibilities upset. The Albany Times Union reports that one Ohio State fan in particular had the following to say:

Thank God Siena fans have left Dayton, Ohio! Your local fans were anything but saints when they were in Dayton for the NCAA Tournament. The students were drunk, rude and profane. Worst yet, the adults, alumni and parents were just as bad. Thank the UD Arena security officer’s restraint for not throwing all of them out on Sunday. Fans cursed out security officers and other fans. The yelling of the “F” word in front of elderly and young children was unbelievable. Is it like this at home or is this just a gift to those they visit? Louisville spared Indy. Don’t come back!

Gene Jarman
West Carrollton, Ohio

Sweet! Not only were student drunk but the parents and alumni were plastered as well. Now I do not condone the yelling of the “F” word in front of children or the elderly however how many of you reading this has been in a sports bar where there is always one dude in an Ohio State jersey making an ass of his self? I bet that one dude will also write strongly-worded letters to out-of-state newspapers as well.

Please note I’m not picking on Ohio State (this time) but rather I’m picking on “Gene” because if people don’t hear the “F” word from drunken basketball fans, they won’t hear it anywhere else. Not at the park, not in the nursing home, and definitely not at the bingo parlor. Get my point? And quite honestly I’ve been to a regional in Dayton (1995)…everyone should thank God when they leave.

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Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 23, 2009

Santa Claus got angrier then I remembered.

I hope you enjoyed the first and second round of the big dance this weekend. Now Kansas fans WTF is this? What is that he is holding, the J.D. Power Award for Best in Class Safety?

I’m not gonna lie … I have absolutely no idea what that is. My first four guesses:

  1. Moses
  2. Poseidon
  3. General Kris S. Kringle
  4. King Kandy

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Further proof that white men can’t dunk (or at least stick the landing)

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 19, 2009

As a white person I feel I have every right to ask this of fellow white people: Please for the love of God, stop trying to dunk. You’re really embarrassing me.

Wyoming’s Adam Waddell had a nice breakaway in the CBI tournament, but then he single handedly set back the white basketball players can dunk movement 10 years. Then again this can only improve the CBI’s already sterling reputation in the college basketball world. I think CBI must stand for College Bonehead Invitational, am I right folks?

Rep the Mountain West, baby. Rep it ’till the death.

I’m sure this kid will be just fine. He’ll make a good living hustling the players on inner-city basketball courts and getting his annoying girlfriend a shot on Jeopardy.

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If your team didn’t make the big tournament or these tournaments then they really must suck

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 17, 2009

There are three…yes three other post season college basketball tourneys other than the field of 64.

Postseason NIT [NIT]
College Basketball Invitational [CBI] Postseason Tournament [College Insider]

I can deal with the Not Invited Tournament (NIT) but two others beyond that is stupid. Going to the College Insider tourney is not exactly a confidence booster. 13-17 Oregon State gets a home game in the CBI. If that nepotism wasn’t bad enough, their first game is against Marvin Bush’s country club team.

Why doesn’t the NCAA just hand out 330 “Participation” trophies at the end of the regular season?

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The field of 65 has been announced AKA what round will your team fail in?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 16, 2009

The NCAA tournament is upon us. Check out the entire CBS bracket here!

The Top 4 seeds are (in order of who I think has the best chance to win):

  • Louisville – Midwest
  • Pittsburgh – East
  • North Carolina – South
  • Connecticut – West

You know it is a fight when the mascots get into it like as pictured above. This is the Pistol Pete/Big Blue altercation at the WAC tournament. Pete ain’t afraid to go for the throat! The Rice Owl is not impressed.

The funny thing is Pete normally has a mustache but Big Blue ripped that shit right off Pete’s face! Big Blue has been suspended. Isn’t college athletics awesome!

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Get the vasectomy stay for the tourney games

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 11, 2009

Alright guys admit it. At least once you’ve uttered something like “I’d give my left nut to skip work and watch the opening rounds of the NCAA tourney from home.” As guys I know that we’ve all said that. Well…thanks to the Oregon Urology Institute you can!

The Oregon Urology Institute is encouraging men to have a vasectomy performed so their recovery time can be spent relaxing from home and in March Madness heaven.

They are calling it “Snip City 2009” and for a grand you to can stay at home with an icepack in between your legs and watch the games as opposed to just taking two days of vacation time or calling in sick.

Not to be out done by a bunch of west coast hippie doctors, The Urology Team in Austin, Texas is doing “Vas Madness” as attempt to emulate and beat doctors from Oregon.

Get out of work for the tourney? No pesky paternity suits? Sign me up!

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