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Isiah Thomas is employed again no really he is

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 15, 2009

In a state known more for hurricanes, mullets and jorts comes one man to turn the college basketball scene upside down and that is Isiah Thomas. 

Now history tells us that Isiah Thomas as a coach is well…dreadful but that was at the pro level. There is no telling what he will or can do at a college level. However I believe that Thomas’ qualifications to coach a college team are nil. 

Let’s run review his qualifications and I’ll you decide: 

  • 30 years ago he played 2 years for Bobby Knight
  • He took a conference champion to a .500 record and three straight first-round playoff defeats. 
  • He bankrupted the entire ABA league.
  • He ruined the New York Knicks who at the time was a historically proud NBA franchise. 

Those things alone should bring fear to any athlete director but then there are these things that took place when he was in charge of the Knicks to consider: 

  • An $11 million sexual harassment suit
  • Accusations of racism
  • Stephan Marbury
  • OD’ing on sleeping pills to only blame the daughter
  • He’s an asshole 

It would be hard for Florida International not to get better considering their record this past season and the antics of Thomas’ past might even land them some games on ESPN but did they sell their soul in order to obtain Thomas? We see what a disaster he was at the Knicks so you should wonder if he is even capable at reading an NCAA rulebook. However you can look at it like this: If Isiah can find another job; the economy must finally be on the mend. 

Rumor has it that the students have already petitioned to change the school’s abbreviation:




In a related story, Flip Saunders has agreed to coach the Wizards. 

This is the man that FIU should have hired!

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There’s An Axe Swinging At ESPN/ABC

Posted by Joel Jackson on February 11, 2008


In today’s USA Today, it is reported that Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber will have reduced roles during their Monday Night Football telecasts. As of right now, there is no word as to what exactly their new roles will be. According to ESPN’s Mike Soltys, “There precise roles are yet to be determined.” Also, on the ABC Sports side, contracts of Dan Fouts and Tim Brandt will not be renewed. Fouts and Brandt mostly worked on Pac-10 games.

Tafoya and Kolber should not be the only changes on the Monday Night Football broadcast. Kornheiser needs to go. While I am not that familiar with his columns, I thought he did a great on the radio and works well with Mike Wilbon on PTI. In the broadcast booth, he is no better than Dennis Miller. At least he doesn’t try to use words from an SAT study guide like Miller commonly does. Personally, I would like to see Mike “Sexual Harassment” Tirico go too. Give some young and up and coming broadcaster the gig. Also, if they want to upgrade from Tafoya and Kolber, America’s Favorite Gator Erin Andrews is available.

As for Fouts and Brandt, I thought they were great on the telecast. Personally, I thought they made the best broadcast team that ABC/ESPN had for football coverage. I think the problem was that they focused on the details of the game. X’s and O’s were their thing. This is the ABC/ESPN mindset: Who needs X’s and O’s and who wants to learn more about the game, when Matthew McGodhesgay is down there in the student section??? Let’s put a shirt on that guy, take that Texas sized spliff out of his hands, and bring him up to the booth so he can talk about his Longhorns. After all, nothing says Longhorn football like a shirtless neo-conservative playing the bongos and having a case of the munchies.

Here is my personal list of people I think need to be let go by ESPN specifically:

*Stuart Scott-Can a man be so much of a walking cliche??? He was cool back in 1997 and has aged since.

*Colin Cowherd-Bring back Kornheiser on the radio. Cowherd belongs on Fox Sports Radio. Douchebag.

*Sean Salisbury-Do I honestly need a reason here???

*Kirk Herbstreit-Pretty boy QB with the analytical abilities of a 5 year old Madden gamer.

*Skip Bayless-He’s another guy that believes his own press clippings too much.

*Mike Lupica-Suffers from “Little Man Syndrome” and probably Erectile Dysfunction.

* Any of the Baseball Tonight Crew Not Named Karl Ravech, Peter Gammons, or Buster Olney.

*Rachel Nichols-I think she would be cool not in front of the camera. She doesn’t blink for God’s sake. Freaky…

*Mike & Mike-Insert gay & meathead joke here.

I know I left out the usual names like Berman, Musberger, Mike Patrick, Dana Jacobson. They always give us great YouTube clips, so I think they should stay. Plus, I heard Dana Jacobsen loves to party. Also, I left out overrated RB Emmitt Smith. I know he can’t talk, but if they send him to ESPN Deportes for about 3 months so he can learn Spanish, he just might do better. Just keep him away from Adriana Monsalve


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The Worst Franchise In Sports

Posted by Joel Jackson on November 30, 2007


You know, when I watch an NBA game, there are certain things that you expect. Things like passing, making shots, rebounding, and just overall effort. Well because I am an NBA fan, I made the mistake of setting the TiVo to record last night’s Knicks vs. Celtics game. I did that because I am one of the lucky few to have satellite so I got to watch the Packers vs. Cowboys game on the NFL Network. I know, Bryant Gumbel is probably the worst play-by-play guy in creation, but at least I could mute him and still watch a good game (yes, I did that after a while, same as I do for every game they show on NFLN). Back to the Knicks, I probably should have not recorded the game and instead record “Ugly Betty” (hey, Vanessa Williams still looks great to be like 80 years old).

What I saw from the Knicks was a team that said screw it. Virtually every player stole last night’s game check “Ocean’s 11” style. Isiah looked frustrated on the sidelines, and the Celtics looked like they were playing the Louisiana-Monroe Fighting Nutria’s basketball team. Pretty much whatever they wanted to do, they did with little to no resistance.

Hey, one would not expect that from a Stephon Marbury led team right??? Steph looked like he was more interested in selling $14.98 shoes at your local Steve & Barry’s. Marv Albert called it “an embarrassment” and Reggie Miller called them a “team in turmoil”. But what got us to that point??? Let’s examine…

Isiah is an ok coach but the absolute worst GM this side of Scott Layden. You know, it’s funny, because Scott Layden was the last GM of the Knicks. Who hired these guys??? That would be James Dolan, he of the powerful Dolan family (Cablevision empire). It took fans to chant “Fire Layden” every game, sometimes before games even tipped, before he got his hands off his guitar and started to write pink slips. Guess which chants have just started at Knick home games. As far as personnel moves, he is the one that has assembled this “roster”. I made the point earlier that this current roster is pretty much a clustef**k of parts. You have a LOT of shoot first, shoot second, shoot third, and shoot some more players.

Last night, I saw Zach Randolph miss two shots in a row and he was 4 ft away from the basket. Marbury jacked up jumpers like he was on a Pop A Shot machine at Dave & Busters. The only players that showed any heart were Ronaldo Balkman, Nate Robinson, and David Lee. While that was great, they are not real scoring threats. oh, also, DID I MENTION THAT THEY ONLY SCORED 59 POINTS!!! An NBA team in this day in time should score more than 59 points. They shot 30% from the field, 20% from 3 point range, and 14 turnovers. Of course, Quentin Richardson did provide some motivation to the Celtics by saying that they were “a 3 man team with no depth”.

So what now??? Isiah needs to go. 3 or 4 players are serviceable, but the rest of the roster needs to be gutted like a fish. Dolan needs to get someone in like a Jerry Colangelo that knows what they are doing, and needs to stay out of the way. If he does this, David Stern will not make good on his threat to “fix it”. The good thing is that because the strike on Broadway, a good drama can be found at the Garden. How about this: Le’s dress up the Knicks goal as an SUV with a picture of an attractive intern in the back windshield. Then maybe he will know how to “get it in the hole”…

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Happy Halloween From YMSWCC!!!

Posted by Joel Jackson on October 31, 2007

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, whatever activities that you do tonight, be safe and be sure to log in tomorrow. In the spirit of Halloween, let me leave you with one of the scariest (or saddest, depending on how you look at it) sports figures serenading the world with the timeless classic “Monster Mash”. Presenting the musical stylings of……..MIKE TYSON!!!!!!!! Mike is accompanied by the (please don’t laugh) “King of R&B” Bobby Brown!!!

God I wonder how much coke was snorted before they got onstage. I think that maybe they did it “Scarface” style and had a bunch of it on a table and just stuck their face in it…

BOO!!! I’ve scared a lot of kids by doing this so I’ll stay the coarse… TtT

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YMSWCC’S NBA (It’s Gambling Fan-Tastic) Season Preview

Posted by Joel Jackson on October 28, 2007

It’s me, Joel, for better or worse, posting about the NBA. Volunteer football depresses me and since Thomas is about to celebrate a Red Sox World Series ring, I’m posting about something that’s not long and drawn out, the NBA season!!! Yes that’s right, a league that is full of gamblers (refs), adulterers and snitches (Kobe), bloggers (Gilbert), best point guard who happens to not be American (Nash), Hasselhoff loving German (Dirk), guy who brags about not snitching (Carmelo), Frenchman married to an overexposed former Y&R actress (Parker), and owners who get more young ass than the toilets at The Clevelander on South Beach (Dr. Buss and Mickey Arison). The NBA, I LOVE this game!!!

This preview is fluid, to use the words of Herbal Essence spokesman Mel Kiper, Jr. What this means is that my “expert” (ok, I had to laugh at that one myself) analysis will change if/when Kobe Bryant is traded. I still believe that San Antonio will win the title this year, as hard as that was to type, but the path to them winning it all will change as the contenders will change. Can one player change the way I look at how the rest of the league will fare??? When that one player is Kobe Bryant, like him or not off the court, on the court he is amazing, and maybe the closest thing to #23 (whom I refer to as Jesus in a pair of Nikes) that we will see for a while…

Atlantic Division (in order of finish):
1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. New Jersey
4. New York
5. Philadelphia

I really like the move that former Celts Ainge and McHale engineered to bring Boston back to greatness. It was as smooth as the pick and roll game these two execs used to run when they were players. Garnett is a motor guy who has some help. Rajon Rondo needs to grow up quick at the point but Boston should have no problem winning the division.

Toronto will still make the playoffs but I am anxious to see how the young guys develop. New Jersey should be ok but they are not a title contender at this point. The Knicks have traded for a ball hogging post player to go along side another ball hogging post player to go along with a ball hogging 1 and 2 guard, with more ball hogs off the bench. I do like Renaldo Balkman and Wilson Chandler. Philly is a mess…

Central Division:
1. Chicago
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland
4. Milwaukee
5. Indiana

Chicago has all the pieces to make a run this year. If they can get Kobe without giving up the store, they could go to the Finals. What the hell has happened to Detroit??? They should be dominating the East in the regular season AND in the playoffs. LeBron still has no help in Cleveland. Imagine if he was in Chicago instead of Gordon or Deng??? Milwaukee should be interesting with Yi and his adjustment to the NBA. Hope he likes the taste of elbows while in the paint. Indiana has some good young players mixed in with Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy. Golden State got over on them…

Southeast Division:
1. Washington
2. Orlando
3. Miami
4. Charlotte
5. Atlanta

Washington needs a little more help off the bench, but Gilbert Arenas sure is fun (aka another players the damn Grizzlies could have drafted). Orlando should continue to make strides with Rashard Lewis. I would not be surprised if they won the division. Miami is getting older, shame with D-Wade still in his prime. Charlotte got a deal with Jason Richardson. He really emerged last year in the playoffs. They are probably 1 year away. Atlanta on the other hand is still several years away. Stop me if you haven’t heard that before.

Southwest Division:
1. San Antonio
2. Dallas
3. Houston
4. Memphis
5. New Orleans

This will be a very competitive division. Spurs will win, but any of these teams could be second. Dallas is #2 by default. I am anxious to see how Steve Francis will adjust to a new role. Yao will get posterized by the 15th game of the season. My Grizzlies still needs a low post rebounder. I am not sold on Darko. New Orleans could win big too. The Paul/West combo will be big.

Northwest Division:
1. Denver
2. Utah
3. Portland
4. Seattle
5. Minnesota

A.I and Melo together after a full pre-season should help out a lot as far as chemistry with the Nuggets. Utah will go as far as Williams will take them. Portland will be much improved, but losing Oden for the year will obviously hurt. The theme for Seattle this year should be “And a Child Shall Lead Them…to Oklahoma City”. Quick. Name me 5 players for Minnesota without looking it up on the web. Thought you couldn’t.

Pacific Division:
1. Phoenix
2. Golden State
3. Los Angeles
4. Los Angeles
5. Sacramento

Phoenix still needs a back up point guard and to use their bench more. This way they can be fresher for the playoff run. Golden State will be hurt a little without Jason Richardson, but Monta Ellis should make up for some loss of production. Keyword is SHOULD. Notice I didn’t separate the 2 LA teams. Doesn’t matter, they won’t do much this year anyway. Coaching will be a problem in Sac Town. I don’t know what kind of style Reggie Theus will run. He didn’t show us much when he was coaching in that NBC show “Hang Time”.

The one big question I have for this year, well 2 questions, is how will the league recover from gambling??? The words “one rogue official” has done nothing to satisfy me because of recent revelations that half of the league’s refs broke a gambling rule or 2. My next big question is how long until Madison Square Garden patrons begin the “Fire Isiah” chants??? Well they have started, but how long until people stop showing up and Spike Lee starts wearing a bag on his head???

Spike Lee predicting the Knicks up coming season

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Isiah Thomas & MSG Officials are Found Guilty, Thomas Scores Moral Victory

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 2, 2007

The rumors were true, Isiah Thomas & Madison Square Garden were found guilty of sexual harassment earlier today, but something isn’t quite right…

“In an end to a salacious three-week trial, a jury ordered the owners of the New York Knicks to pay $11.6 million to a former team executive after finding she endured two years of crude insults and unwanted advances from coach Isiah Thomas.

The jury of four women and three men found that both Thomas and Madison Square Garden had sexually harassed Anucha Browne Sanders. But they also decided that only MSG and Chairman James Dolan should pay punitive damages for the harassment and for firing the plaintiff from her $260,000-a-year job out of spite.

The result: The Garden owes $6 million for condoning a hostile work environment and $2.6 million for retaliation. MSG chairman James Dolan owes $3 million. Thomas is off the hook for any damages, but leaves the case with a tarnished legacy.”

OK, if Isiah Thomas is guilty then why doesn’t he to have to pay? This verdict leads me to believe that Isiah might have been found guilty by association, that or the jury just really loves Thomas. If two people are caught beating up one innocent person the police would charge both of them. The prosecutor would take both to trial not just one. This verdict confuses me. What has Thomas learned other than it’s OK to sexual harass women, because the boss will pay the fine?

“Outside court, a beaming Browne Sanders, 44, insisted her victory was more about sending a message than the money.

“What I did here, I did for every working woman in America,” she said. “And that includes everyone who gets up and goes to work in the morning, everyone working in a corporate environment.”

If this was truly about working women and everyone that works in corporate America, then why not share it with all of us? Saying things like that are nice, but let’s be real, that money is nicer.

“Earlier, Thomas emerged from the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan with his trademark smile, but flashed anger as he reasserted his innocence amid a crush of reporters and cameras.

“I’m extremely disappointed that the jury did not see the facts in this case,” he said. “I will appeal this, and I remain confident in the man that I am and what I stand for and the family that I have.”

Why appeal? You aren’t having to pay a dime. Just retire and live in obscurity like Joe Dumars, oh wait my bad, he’s a great general manager. OK like John Sally, oh wait he’s a host on the successful “Best Damn Sports Show”, OK let think. OK, got it, like Bill Laimbeer, oh damn he’s a championship winning coach in the WNBA with a lot of NBA teams starting to look his way.

“The verdict also amounts to another blemish on the resume of Thomas, a two-time NBA champion whose post-playing career has been marked by one failure after another.

Jurors — who needed roughly two days to decide on the allegations but only about an hour to determine damages — declined to talk about the verdict or how they came to their decision.

In a lawsuit filed last January, Browne Sanders sought $10 million in punitive damages, but the jury was free to deviate from that figure. The verdict also means that the judge will determine and award compensatory damages in the coming weeks.

The harassment verdict was expected after the jury sent a note to the judge Monday indicating that it believed Thomas, the Garden and Dolan sexually harassed Browne Sanders, a married mother of three and former vice president for marketing.

The jurors had heard Browne Sanders testify that Thomas, after arriving as new team president in 2004, routinely addressed her as “bitch” and “ho” in outbursts over marketing commitments. He later did an abrupt about-face, declaring his love and suggesting an “off-site” liaison, she said.

Again I ask the question, why wasn’t Thomas forced to pay anything?

Dolan and a string of other executives also took the witness stand to deny that they tolerated or witnessed sexual harassment. They testified that Browne Sanders was fired because she was incompetent on budget matters, and because she later sought to undermine an internal inquiry into her allegations against Thomas.

At the Knicks training camp in South Carolina on Tuesday, Marbury and other players said it was time for the team to move past the off-court controversy. Thomas was expected to arrive on Wednesday.

“It’s a tough situation and the only thing we can do now is go forward,” Marbury said.

Forward Malik Rose predicted the team would rally behind Dolan and Thomas.

“We all know what kind of guy ‘Mr. D’ is,” he said. “We all know what kind of guy Isiah is and how they treat us. I’m sure all you guys agree this is a first-class organization.”

Oh shit Isiah will be in my state. Guys lock up your wives and daughters quickly! I respect Malik Rose, he’s a great player. However, a first class organization doesn’t find itself in lawsuits, fire a coach after just one year of coaching & employ Isiah Thomas.

Tell me you don’t see the resemblance!

So I profess on this day 10/02/07.



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Rumor Has it that Isiah Thomas Will be Found Guilty Larry Brown Laughes

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 2, 2007

Right now millions of New Yorkers are celebrating. No, they aren’t celebrating the Yankees (who suck) being in the post season, they’re celebrating that finally Isiah Thomas will be fired once the guilty verdict is handed down. Which really sucks for the Knicks since they ordered all those talking Isiah Thomas bobble heads that say “I don’t give a fuck about those white people!” whenever the Knicks make a 3 point shot.

“A jury indicated Monday that it believes New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden committed sexual harassment against a former team executive who brought a $10 million lawsuit that quickly turned into a public relations disaster for the once-proud franchise.

There was no official verdict, but the wording of a note to the judge by the jury — and instructions on a verdict form it was using — suggested it had reached decisions against Thomas and the other defendants, Madison Square Garden and MSG Chairman James Dolan.

The four women and three men on the panel said they reached a decision on eight of the nine questions on the verdict form. They were deadlocked on the other question, which asks whether Thomas should have to pay punitive damages.

The jury was instructed only to address the question on Thomas if it found that he and Madison Square Garden committed harassment against the former executive. Similarly, it was told to answer other remaining questions only if it decided that the defendants retaliated against Anucha Browne Sanders by firing her from her $260,000-a-year job.”

You know who’s fault this is? Dennis Rodman, that’s who. He was a bad influence on Isiah. I think Isiah should pull a Jonathan Lee Riches © and sue Rodman, the Detroit Pistons, Larry Brown, Joseph Enterprises who are the makers of Chia Pet & Kevin Federline, who incidentally won custody of his children that he had with Brittney “Baldy” Spears, for damages that include controlling his thoughts and actions, emotional distress, harassment & putting subliminal messages that are directed to him in the show “Dancing With the Stars”. I think the sum of 4 Quadrillion dollars in pennies is sufficient.

“The note likely means the jury has decided “against the Garden, against Thomas and against Dolan,” said Jerry Reisman, an employment attorney with the Long Island firm Reisman, Peirez and Reisman.

Like many legal observers, Reisman said a verdict against MSG “would be demonstrative of its arrogance in not settling this matter” with Browne Sanders and risking the embarrassment of letting it go to trial.

Browne Sanders’ case presented the Garden as an “Animal House” in sneakers, a place where nepotism, sexism, crude remarks and crass language were part of the culture.

Browne Sanders, a former Northwestern college basketball star, characterized Thomas as a foul-mouthed lout who initially berated her as a “bitch” and a “ho” before his anger gave way to ardor, with Thomas making unwanted advances and encouraging her to visit him “off site.”

Thomas, who was hired in December 2003, followed her to the stand and denied all her allegations. Attorneys for Thomas and the Garden also portrayed Browne Sanders as incompetent and unable to adapt once the NBA great arrived as the Knicks’ president.

“That’s not about sexual harassment,” MSG attorney Ronald Green said in his closing argument. “That’s about team politics.”

You know Mrs. Sanders makes nepotism, sexism, crude remarks & crass language sound like a bad thing. I would love to work there. I’m redoing my resume after I’m done here. I’m still not believing the part about Thomas calling her a bitch and ho continuously, she’s 3 times his size, she could have hurt him.

“In her closing argument, Browne Sanders’ attorney Anne Vladeck made note of Thomas’ charismatic style and incandescent grin.

“There is no question Mr. Thomas can be charming and flash an engaging smile,” she told the jury. “That does not give him the right to treat Browne Sanders like she is his woman.”

The case, from its inception, proved a public relations nightmare for the Knicks and the Garden, with intense coverage of the three-week trial focusing on its tawdriest aspects — star guard Stephon Marbury having sex with an intern outside a strip club, raunchy come-ons from a Marbury cousin to his Garden co-workers, Thomas’ videotaped remarks about the racial dynamics of calling a woman “a bitch.”

His woman? How many men out there reading this call their girlfriends or wives a bitch and a ho? If any you said “I do”, then you should ashamed of yourselves. It’s my job to berate them not yours. You know this whole intern thing is getting old, after all as I detailed in this article here, the intern testified that she willing had sex with Marbury, and quite frankly she seems like a freaky slut.

Now the fun will begin when the Knicks have to fire Thomas, and they will have to fire him. Finding a quality coach this late in the game is impossible, unless they’re prepared to kiss Larry Brown’s ass while tonguing his balls. Thomas had Brown run out of New York after just one year of coaching. Karma sure is a bitch huh?

So I profess on this day 10/02/07.


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Things aren’t going as Planned for Anucha Browne Sanders & the Isiah Thomas Sexual Harassment Trial

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 26, 2007

As the sexual harassment trial of Isiah Thomas winds down, I’ve noticed that things aren’t really going has planned for A. Browne Sanders or her attorneys. On September 13th Sanders indicated that Stephon Marbury took advantage of an intern that worked for MSG (Madison Square Garden) in an attempt to lay the ground work to show the attitude of how female employees are viewed there. Well that intern in question, Kathleen Decker, took the stand and basically said what I already said, that she wasn’t taken advantage of instead she’s just a whore.

“A Madison Square Garden employee testified Monday that she had consensual sex with New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, contradicting earlier claims by a former executive suing the organization for sexual discrimination.

Kathleen Decker took the witness stand in a crowded Manhattan courtroom to try to settle for a jury what happened the night of her birthday in 2005 when she met Marbury at a strip club and got into the basketball star’s truck.

She said she was not intoxicated when she left the club in Mount Vernon, N.Y., intending to get a ride home with Marbury’s cousin. Instead, she encountered Marbury sitting in his truck calling out to her.

“Stephon Marbury asked me: ‘Are you going to get in the truck?’ and I got in the truck,” she told the jury. Asked if the sex was consensual, she answered, “Completely … I was in control.”

One lawyer asked her if Marbury raped her. “Never,” she responded.

The testimony came after fired MSG vice president Anucha Browne Sanders testified as part of her sexual harassment case that Decker told her she felt no choice but to submit to Marbury’s advances.”

Oooohhhh that really hurts A. Browne Sanders case. It portrays her a liar and shows she should keep her nose in her own business. Plus the intern is freak…sweet, I need to submit my resume to MSG immediately.

“Decker was called as a witness by MSG to support its arguments that Browne Sanders was planning all along to sue Madison Square Garden and spent time before she was fired trying to build her case.

On cross examination, Decker, who was an intern at the time of the incident, said her superiors made her feel that her job might be in jeopardy after revealing the facts about the night of her birthday.

Decker became most emotional during her half-hour on the witness stand when she testified that Browne Sanders had been mean to her during encounters before she described the Marbury episode.

“She told me to sit down and she started yelling,” Decker said.”

Sounds like A. Browne Sanders was a little jealous to me.

“In November 2005, Decker was summoned to the offices of Browne Sanders and two other employees to describe her birthday encounter with Marbury and his cousin as part of a probe of sexual harassment allegations against Marbury’s cousin, also an MSG employee, she testified.

Decker said she told them the cousin had made an inappropriate comment to her nearly a year earlier but that she did not want to file a complaint. She added that she had an outside work relationship with him as well.”

See she was banging the cousin before getting with Marbury, what a ho. I wish I could find a picture of her on the net.

“While speaking alone with Browne Sanders in her office, Decker described her birthday night, she said. On the witness stand, she disputed Browne Sanders’ account of the night and said she never told anyone she regretted her night with Marbury.

“I didn’t say it,” she said.”

You go Stephon, I hope you gave her complimentary pair of Starburys though. Cause a ho gots to get paid something.

The man, the legend, the one and only Isiah Thomas also took the stand to dispute the claims made by A. Browne Sanders.

“Smiling New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas climbed onto the witness stand Tuesday, charming a federal jury and recalling his storied basketball career as he defended himself against sex discrimination charges brought by a fired team executive.

As he described his past, Thomas elicited smiles from jurors in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, where he has been vilified by former Madison Square Garden vice president Anucha Browne Sanders and portrayed as mostly competent and professional by defense witnesses who preceded him.

His testimony came soon after MSG Chairman James Dolan told jurors he fired Browne Sanders upon learning she tried to get her subordinates to help build her case against Thomas.

Thomas, 46, said Browne Sanders greeted him with a hug and kiss his first day as president of basketball operations in December 2003 but then almost immediately “did something that I didn’t think was too cool.”

He said she told his subordinate to put the weekly budget meeting Browne Sanders hosted on his schedule after Thomas had told her he was not sure he could attend. Later on, he said, Browne Sanders insisted he check with her before making trades because she was responsible for all profit and loss in the Knicks budget. Thomas said he believed he was responsible for the Knicks team budget, including player salaries. “I really couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be doing with Anucha,” Thomas testified. “I really didn’t know how she fit.”

Well, Isiah you’re the coach and general manager so the budget should fall upon your shoulders, however if you didn’t know she fit into the organization you should seek the answer from Dolan.

” Much has been made at the trial about the early 2004 arrival to the Knicks of guard Stephon Marbury, a trade Thomas testified was part of his promise “to breathe life back into the franchise” with exciting players and more discipline and structure on the team.

Thomas said he told Browne Sanders that Marbury could have as many passes to his first game as he wanted, especially because he had a large family and had not told the Knicks which family members were most important. Marbury testified earlier in the trial that Browne Sanders made it seem that it would be difficult for him to get as many passes as he wanted for relatives.”

A. Browne Sanders clearly didn’t like Marbury I think that’s rather evident. After all the intern got with him and she was jealous of that.

“Earlier Tuesday, Dolan testified another company executive told him Browne Sanders tampered with an internal investigation by trying to persuade subordinates to support her.

He said he was also told before the firing that she was demanding $6 million not to lodge a harassment complaint. The interference, he said, “would certainly have been grounds for a dismissal” but wasn’t the only reason. “She was not capable of performing her duties and was not going to become capable of performing her duties,” he said, describing her failure to adequately prepare financial information.”

So she was stupid. So far this sounds like to me that A, Browne Sanders was upset over the fact she was going to fired, so she took it upon herself to “build a case” against MSG and New York Knicks. In this trial nothing has come out to support her claims, instead what has come out is she inaccurate with her facts. You have to wonder if someone is this inaccurate during their own lawsuit that they filed, just how inaccurate was she at performing her job. The only thing she has shown is she knows everyone else’s business except her own.

So I profess on this day 9/26/07.


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The Isiah Thomas Trial is Trying the Judges’ Patience, but the Part of the Rangers Sex Book was Good.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 18, 2007

Yesterday the continuing saga that is known as the Isiah Thomas Trial is starting to wear on the patience of the judge. Quite frankly it’s about time. While many people would love to able to say they were a juror in a court case of this magnitude, apparently this trial must really suck because even the jury is starting to fall asleep.

“Knicks coach Isiah Thomas denied calling a former female team executive vulgar names, according to a videotaped deposition played for a jury Monday in his sexual harassment trial.

“I never cursed at Miss Sanders,” Thomas said of Anucha Browne Sanders, the former senior vice president of marketing and business operations who is seeking $10 million in damages on her claim that she was fired because she accused Thomas of harassment.

“Now have I ever used curse words around her, yes, but at her? No,” Thomas said in response to questions posed by attorneys. The tape was projected on a big screen in a packed federal courtroom in the second week of the widely publicized trial.

On the tape, Thomas also said that he would find it more offensive if a white male called a black female a “bitch,” than if a black male used the same term when speaking to a black female. Browne Sanders has said that Thomas repeatedly called her that.

The airing of the deposition came during the second week of a trial that has exposed the Knicks to a series of damaging allegations just weeks before the start of training camp. The lawsuit has portrayed Madison Square Garden as more dysfunctional frat house than hallowed arena.”

Wait, there’s nothing wrong with dysfunctional frat houses. Some of the best memories that I can’t remember have occurred there, so by that measure alone it obvious that Madison Square Garden is the cool place to work. I would try to get a job there, but I admit I think Thomas sucks as a coach.

“Robert Levy, an employment lawyer and a Knicks’ season-ticket holder, also testified Monday that he attended an open practice event at Madison Square Garden in October 2005 and witnessed an encounter between Thomas and Browne Sanders.

Levy said he was seated in the stands with his son and saw Thomas in a conversation nearby with Browne Sanders and another man.

Thomas was praising the great job Browne Sanders was doing, and Levy said he saw Thomas place his arm around her shoulders and heard him remark “it was distracting working with someone easy on the eyes.”

The incident lasted only a few minutes, with Browne Sanders pulling away, displaying an uncomfortable expression on her face at the time, Levy testified.

Browne Sanders testified Monday that Thomas repeatedly called her a nasty name during business meetings.”

Well, see there you go. As a Knicks fan Mr. Levy is only doing what is right by making sure Thomas gets fired, and who can really blame him? Then again that’s rather rare that any old season ticket holder can just show up with their kid and watch a pro team practice regardless of the sport, but that’s just me.

I’m sure Thomas might have called her nasty names since she was so easy on the eyes. That’s how cool ex-athletes like Thomas get the chicks. I’ve tried this approach myself, and for most part it works. I’ll be in bar and see a lovely lady and I’ll launch into my sexy mode by complementing her by saying things such as “Hey you bitch, yeah you, no not you with the six foot five boyfriend, the homely one, yeah you! Look skank buy my drink and maybe I’ll consider having sex with you”, yeah that always works for me.

**Note to any women or really gay males reading this, it called sarcasm…I’m joking. I always wait until the boyfriend is off playing pool or something. Homely chicks suck.

“She said Thomas “started some sentences with the word bitch” and ended his sentence with even stronger language. Browne Sanders, testifying in a soft tone of voice, made her remarks during an aggressive cross examination by defense attorney Kathleen Bogas.

She also fended off assertions that her job performance was lacking after Madison Square Garden attorney Ronald Green introduced a series of 2004-05 e-mail exchanges by Browne Sanders and various managers at the Garden, including president Steve Mills.

“I want to stress that you are focused on more ridiculous issues than I can handle,” Mills replied to Browne Sanders’ e-mail asking about the order of the names in a media guide.

“Were you concerned that the relationship with Mr. Mills was not as good as it had been?” Browne Sanders was asked. She replied that she was not.

Greene noted that, in an e-mail to a friend, Browne Sanders indicated that she would soon begin revising her résumé. Opposing lawyers apparently are trying to show that Browne Sanders was in a power struggle, fearing her high-salaried position was slipping away from her.

Browne Sanders responded that she had received a “glowing evaluation.”

After the jury of five women and three men left the courtroom Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch expressed exasperation the case was taking longer than non-celebrity trials and asked lawyers to speed things up.

“I saw one juror nodding off this morning,” Lynch said.”

First thing, what did I say about the bitch thing? Huh huh huh? Believe me now? You’re damn right you do, but I don’t consider skank stronger language, now the term Nicholback fan, is very strong. I hate that fucking band.

The e-mails do bring something to light and that is if she was fired for “telling the truth”, then why the need to tune up the old resume? I don’t know about you but one would think that a job of her importance would have better things to worry about than the order of names in the media guide. It’s not like anyone ever really read those this, and apparently Steve Mills thought the same thing.

I understand this trial is getting boring, but that doesn’t excuse the juror of falling asleep, but things well in full motion last Friday when Browne threw out info about the New York Rangers sex book, wow a hockey team with a sex book, hopefully this info will increase next seasons ratings.

“She’s going one on one with the Knicks, but Anucha Browne Sanders may know something about a little black book that could have New York Rangers executives skating on thin ice.

The fired Knicks honcho claims she told her Madison Square Garden bosses in 2005 that members of the Rangers’ front office were keeping a Kama Sutra wish list they would like to try out on members of the team’s on-ice cheerleading troupe, her lawyer says.

“Ms. Browne Sanders received information from her staff . . . that there had been some book being maintained by some Rangers executives,” lawyer Kevin Mintzer told Judge Gerald Lynch.

Mintzer said the book “reflected sexual positions and things like that that they were interested in keeping track of versus what they wanted from what skater.”

He added that Browne Sanders “was aware from one of her staff members that supposedly the book existed.

The Garden has denied her allegations; a spokesman declined to comment yesterday.

Garden lawyers immediately objected to airing the Rangers’ dirty laundry at the Knicks trial.

“The Rangers situation has nothing to do with Ms. Browne Sanders,” Garden lawyer Ronald Green said. “It’s a different team.”

Lynch barred Browne Sanders from detailing the salacious allegation.”

Look every man I know has a Kama Sutra wish list on the Rangers on-ice cheerleaders. That’s perfectly normal, no crime there. What I don’t understand is that this is a book maintained by the Rangers office personnel and not the Gardens’ front office, so how does one of Browne’s employees know that the book even exists?

“She was allowed to tell jurors about the indifferent reaction she got when she brought the information to Garden President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mills.

“One of my employees, Petra Pope, brought something to my attention with regard to the sexual harassment claims by Courtney Prince at the Rangers, so I wanted to make Steve aware of it,” Browne Sanders testified Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court. “He [Mills] just shook his head.”

Can you blame him for shaking his head? I couldn’t, but how this as anything to do with Browne is also beyond me. The reason he shook his head is because he knew that he would have to relay this information to the attorneys, and who likes talking to them? All in all this trial has been disappointing. Granted Browne has made it entertaining stating Isiah hated white people, Isiah fell in love with her and the details of Stephon and some slutty intern, but overall this trial is a bust. Hopefully the OJ Trial Part Deux will be better.

So I profess on this day 9/18/07.


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Stephon Marbury Admits in Court that he Laid by Intern. Sort Of.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 13, 2007

The ever changing sexual harassment trial of Isiah Thomas took a different turn. It seems that Marbury admitted on the stand today, that a Madison Square Garden intern was a complete ho. How this has anything to do with the trial, who the hell knows.

‘Nervous Knicks star Stephon Marbury took the stand today in the explosive $10 million sex-harassment suit that’s rocking the Garden and admitted he lured one of the female accuser’s subordinates into his car.”

Oh not he didn’t. W00t W00t. Go Stephon. <sarcasm I assure you>

Marbury did not say explicitly they had sex as they sat parked outside a Manhattan strip joint, as fired Knick exec Anucha Browne Sanders has claimed.

“We got together right across the street,” Marbury testified in Manhattan Federal court.

Browne Sanders grew weepy as she described how the intern, a St. Johns University student, was subjected to a filthy come-on by Marbury’s cousin, Hassan Gonsalves. Browne Sanders said the intern told her she later wound up in Marbury’s car and the two had sex.

She’s probably weeping due to the fact it wasn’t her and Marbury instead. Check out this chick to the left, look at those arms. Damn. And is that a gut? Is it?

“Anucha, if it was anyone else I would have walked away,” the intern said, according to Browne Sanders. “I felt like I had to.”

Wiping away tears, Browne Sanders added, “She basically did whatever he asked her to do. She considered it to be consensual because she agreed to get in the car.”

The intern said Marbury and Gonsalves were also at the strip club where she was celebrating her birthday and that – over the objections of her friends – she accepted a ride back to St. Johns from Gonsalves.

The intern, according to Browne Sanders, said that when she climbed out of Gonsalves’ vehicle Marbury pulled up in his and said, “Are you getting in, or not?”

Earlier, Browne Sanders, a 44-year-old former Northwestern University basketball star who is the Knicks’ former marketing vice-president, described how Gonsalves allegedly harassed Decker in Nov. 2005.

“You look good in those pants,” Gonsalves allegedly said, according to Sanders. “I bet that p—y looks good too.”

Gee she was celebrating her birthday at a strip club? Yeah that’s classy and that helps her cause as well. I also notice how everything seems to be “according to Sanders”, anyone else notice that? It was consensual, she wasn’t forced into the car, and how the hell does relate to the alleged sexual harassment on the part of Isiah Thomas?

Browne Sanders said she told Garden President Steve Mills about the encounter between Marbury and the intern and complained that she heard from others that Marbury had called her a “black bitch.”

“I want you to make it stop,” Browne Sanders said she told Mills.”

So why aren’t you taking Marbury to court then? Let’s review everything we’ve learned from the plaintiff so far.

  • Isiah Thomas was “in love” with her.
  • Isiah Thomas doesn’t like white people
  • Details about the private lives of her nameless intern and Marbury
  • Isiah Thomas has temper tantrums

I wish Judge Judy was presiding over this case, it would have been over by now. Plus the plaintiff could for once just stick to the facts if there are any.

So I profess on this day 9/13/07.


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