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R.I.P. #9

Posted by Joel Jackson on July 8, 2009


(pic of Gridiron9 courtesy of Melanie McGee-Pace)

It has been 3 days and I am still in shock. Though he died in, to say the least, odd circumstances, for a community, city, state, and fans scattered across the world, our QB has left us.

For years, Tennessee did not have a professional sports franchise to call our own. Yes the Vols were kings of Tennessee college football and the Tigers were the kings of Tennessee college basketball, but we watched as Jacksonville got our NFL team. We watched as Vancouver got our basketball team (ironic huh???) For years, we could only imagine the possibilities of seeing our team going to a Super Bowl. We could only dream of going to pro basketball games with our parents, and one day taking our own children to those same games.

Thanks to K.S. “Bud” Adams, our pro sports thirst was finally quenched (with all apologies to the Nashville Predators). The then-Oilers would build a home in Tennessee. For a couple of years, they were a rag tag group of football players, first by playing in Memphis and then in Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville. But they were led by our QB, Steve McNair.

I remember when the Oilers would hold pep rallies on Beale St. in Memphis. Where as a lot of the players would look like they did not wanna be there, he made sure to lead the cheers. After those pep rallies, he made sure to sign as many autographs and take as many pics as he could. I had many opportunities to meet Steve McNair on many occasions, and on each one, he was always nice and smiling.

Later on, he would lead the team to Super Bowl XXXIV against the St. Louis Rams. We hung on every play. We knew we as Titans fans had a shot of winning the game in the 4th quarter because of our QB. We came up 1 yard short, which still eats away at our sports soul. But the thrill of being oh so close to glory almost makes up for not winning (almost).

We cheered when he won the MVP trophy. We cringed when Ray Lewis tackled him. We got pissed at Bud Adams & Floyd Reese for kicking him out of the door. We were glad to see him in the neighborhood after he retired. Through it all, he was our QB. He gave away free admissions to his football camps for needy kids. He gave shoes to high school football players who couldn’t afford them. He asked people to donate supplies during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and Middle Tennessee gave truckloads (he loaded the trucks). He opened a restaurant across the street from Tennessee State University when he could have opened it elsewhere. Most importantly, he did it selflessly and with a smile.

We don’t have the storied history of the Boston Red Sox, L.A. Lakers, New York Yankees, or Pittsburgh Steelers. He was our Ted Williams, our Kareem, our Joe DiMaggio, our Terry Bradshaw. Coach Jeff Fisher said it best:

“The Steve McNair that I knew was a great person. He helped put this organization on the map here in Tennessee, put it in our first Super Bowl. I will miss him, as you all will miss him. And I ask you to honor what he did on the field and in the community and he was a tremendous legacy. And that is his legacy and I am proud to have been a part of that.’’


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The Giving it 10% award of the week

Posted by Ghetto_Philosopher on July 2, 2008

I was sitting around last night watching a movie and having dinner wondering what my next piece would be when it hit me. You’ve heard of the tired sports cliche; giving it a 110 percent. What if I could do something where I picked somebody who only gave 10% as opposed to the proverbial 110?

This isn’t to be mistaken for folks who give a 110% but just aren’t as good, a la Mark “the Maddog” Madsen. Instead I am referring to people like Rasheed Wallace who mail in about 10 games per season. In other words, this here distinction is for those athletes who aren’t even trying. Those players who you wonder if they even have a pulse. I mean if basketball season weren’t over, I would have a wealth of culprits but it is baseball season and thats a bit more difficult to read. But just because I like challenges, I am going to try anyway.

Although the week isn’t over, my first pick for this distinguished award are the pinstriped boys from New York. After beating the Mets 9-0 last Friday, the Yanks scored just seven runs losing three of four. At this point they are third in the AL East, 7.5 games behind the Tampa Rays and five back of the Red Sox. All this prompted Hank Steinbrenner to go to the press again. According to the AP;

“We’ve got to start hitting,” he said Wednesday. “It’s getting ridiculous. They’ve got to start waking up. They’ve shown flashes what they can still do.”


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Toughest 81 Year Old in History

Posted by Joel Jackson on March 24, 2008

81. That is a significant number. Yes it is the number of a once entertaining, loud mouthed, suicidal wide receiver with a bad case of the drops. It is also the age of the toughest 81 year old coach in college football history, Joe Paterno.


The stories of him are legend. He still runs everyday. He’s not afraid to get in the grill of one of his massive linemen. He still wanted to coach his team on the sidelines just a few days after breaking his leg. He once crushed a milk carton on his head and didn’t even look to see if he recognized the missing person on the other side. He has been an institution, both at Penn State and college football. He even has a class at the school where students get to examine his historical role with the media (in case underwater basketweaving is full). So why does he not have a contract after this upcoming year???

graham_spanier_091305110347.jpg king.jpg

To the left is PSU President Graham Spanier, who to me looks remarkably like Pres. King from Doonesbury. Anyway, apparently Spanier has twice before gone to Paterno back in 2004 to try to convince the coach to quit. It didn’t work last time and for some reason, I don’t think it will happen this time. Besides, if they get rid of Paterno, a new coach won’t come nearly as cheap as the old coach. Young guys are easily commanding on average $2-3 million per year. They aren’t paying Paterno squat currently.

Spanier does not know who he is messing with. Even the name of Joe Paterno should send shivers down his spine. He does not know the power of Paterno. He certainly doesn’t want to challenge him MMA style. JoePa will break him off and have his beating heart on a platter next to the All-American Slam at Denny’s. And please don’t let the servers tell JoePa about the Senior’s menu. He hates that. Run him off, you administrators at Penn State if you dare. When you see him pick up a briefcase and his trusty Winchester named Bessie, that will be your ass that he will put on a platter at Golden Corral. Just remember: All God’s creatures have their place, right next to the mashed potatoes. And Paterno is hungry…

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Your Saturday Linkage, News and Notes

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 15, 2008

How the SEC tournament has played out so far…

Dave Odem is officially unemployed thank to my beloved Vols.

Gators are NIT bound

Vandy proves they don’t play well outside of Rupp arena & their home court.

Alabama, Auburn, LSU & Ole Miss are bye bye

Scary weather related stuff regarding as to why Georgia and Kentucky have tipped it off yet. Schedules and the venue as changed and you can read about it here.

YoJoe details the latest lawsuit Jonathan Lee Riches© has filed

LawVol is the first to crack the story about Saban adding Eliot Spitzer is his staff 

The Leaky Brain examines Blatant Discrimination in College Cheerleading.

The Tide Druid details a collect call involving Mark G

Moondog has yet another excellent article about us the bloggers vs the liberal left print media

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