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What Do You Do, Coach Stew???

Posted by Joel Jackson on March 14, 2008


Well what a banner day for West Virginia University. Freshman sensation Noel Devine, along with his 3 henchmen, were (finally) arrested for the Feb. 13 incident outside of Club Z. Apparently Devine took time out of his busy schedule of doing the Superman while at the club and started a little static. The 4 future brain surgeons have been charged with battery, and have pleaded no contest.

Now, this puts our new favorite undefeated coach Bill Stewart in an interesting conundrum. Earlier, he suspended 3 players for drug possession. A certain someone thought that Stewart would be up the creek when/if his star player was arrested. Well guess what has happened…

What does Stewart do??? Does he a) kick his star RB off the team and continue the precedent that he has set, b) tell the Mountaineer clan to wait until the legal process has been done (keeping in mind that he didn’t do that during the first incident, but could be spun as “I overreacted”) or, c) only suspend Devine and the Crew for spring practice, and still keep them fresh for the upcoming year???

Well if Stewart were an SEC coach, he would put Devine on “Double Super Secret Probation”, or take an approach similar to Thomas’ favorite coach, Steve Superior. There is also the ‘Bama approach where the charges “mysteriously” are dropped. How about police ride alongs, Fulmer style??? Whichever he decides will determine the course of the Mountaineer football season. None of this will matter much anyway, considering Jim Leavitt and the USF Bulls treat ‘Eers like their own personal chew toy. (Thanks Thomas. The one day this week I write and you beat me to the punch).

Oh, nothing major on the WVU v. Rodriguez case, but I did happen to stumble across this tasty morsel of news: The school is now getting sued, no less than by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the most trusted source of Mountaineer news. The school has not been entirely cooperative when it comes to the Freedom of Information Act (see Nutt, Houston). This goes back to the newspaper’s investigation into whether Gov. Manchin’s daughter actually earned her MBA, as the school’s records were “imcomplete”. Seems as though certain records, such as phone logs, e-mails, and other information has either been withheld or redacted from the newspaper. Now I am no lawyer (maybe LawVol can offer up some more details without going too much in boring detail speak), but I know enough about the FOIA that public records must be turned over in a timely manner, except those not required by law. Also keep in mind that school Mike Garrison is himself a lawyer by trade, and should be well-versed on such legalities. Maybe their legal department has been so busy trying to collect a check from Rodriguez that they didn’t think that they themselves could get sued. Isn’t it a great day to be a Mountaineer??? What is that I see??? I think those are the outstretched arms of the God of Mediocrityland, welcoming WVU back and sitting them next to Syracuse. How special…

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The Big 10 says it’s tired of being considered as “That Deformed Kid”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 30, 2007

As many probably already know, the Big 10 is considering adding another team, making the conference a 12 team conference. Right now it’s an eleven team conference even though they’re to stupid to change the name from the “The Big 10” to “The Big 11”, causing other bigger and badder conferences such as the SEC to call them “That Deformed Kid” of college football.

Here’s a listing of possible teams they are looking at:

  1. Notre Dame. It ain’t going to happen. The Irish actually plays a softer schedule than teams in the Big Least and that’s fine baby hair soft, and yet the BCS still sucks their balls loves them.
  2. Syracuse. Might happen. Granted teams like Ohio State and Michigan might oppose the fact they wear orange. OSU has been embarrassed twice by Florida and Big Blue was a Big Bust when it played Tennessee in the Citrus bowl.
  3. West Virginia. Won’t happen. If the hillbilly factor won’t be to much to handle then the fact that coach Rodriguez maybe not “legal” will be.
  4. Michigan State’s Power Puff Girls team. Possible. They can’t suck as bad as the mens’ football program. No pun intended.
  5. Rutgers. Possible. They were the darlings of college football last year, even though they play in a pussy conference, with being embarrassed that their bowl game wasn’t nationally televised, could be a reason to abandon the Big Least.
  6. Iowa State. Maybe. They aren’t good enough to be in the their current conference. They aren’t pussies like Big Least teams, but they are in between, so they’ll be a good match.

Now what will this conference be called. There’s already a Big 12, maybe this one can called The Big 12 Deuce, Big 12 Jr or The Heartland Conference. My choice judging by most of the teams they have and the embarrassment they sometimes suffer, would be The Not As Bad As The Big Least Conference Conference.

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