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This Gator football player is probably the dumbest of the bunch to date

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 18, 2009

Coming out of high school Carl Johnson was a five star rated recruit who was the No. 6 offensive line prospect in the class of 2005 by, and played a key role in the Gators’ 2008 national championship.. His football career at the University of Florida is the rise. As a sophomore this past season he appeared in all 14 games and started in eight of those games at the left guard position. Now like a lot of past Gators before him Johnson gets to see the inside of a jail cell and this is under rather alarming circumstances.

Somehow the Gator mafia suppressed the fact that Johnson was served a temporary injunction on Feb. 9 for protection against sexual violence from the mainstream media. However since some Gators are plainly stupid, the Gator mafia can not keep the fact that around one week later Johnson has already violated that order got to know a Gainesville jail cell intimately.

On Monday, February 16, Johnson in all his glorious Gator gangsta self knowingly decided to sit across the UF campus bus aisle against the woman (at least I hope it’s a woman) who filed for the protection order. And then to make matters worse he had four chances to exit the bus but didn’t until the woman exited the bus.

Yes Urban you certainly are recruiting and signing the top 1% of 1% in the country. The top 1% of criminals and top 1% of dumb asses or in Johnson’s case both. Next thing you know, Gator players will be shooting AK 47’s and using a dead woman’s credit card. Oh wait that’s already happened. 

Of course while all this was going on, Meyer has been “out of the country”, I’m betting he is in Thailand with Teabag Timmy.

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College Football Week 12 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 16, 2008


Let’s be honest. Yesterday offered a plethora of crappy games. On the bright side my beloved VOLS didn’t lose, of course they didn’t play but that’s not the point.

Clemson light Duke up. One more win and they’re bowl eligible.

Will Ron Zook be asked to step down after losing yet another game?

Look out Notre Dame is now bowl eligible even though Navy had a chance to win it in the end. Charles Weis really needs to look into doing some push-ups.

Georgia and the penalties they accrue almost cost them the game against Auburn.

chompFlorida hammered South Carolina which is absolutely hilarious to me. Living in Columbia you should have heard all the things the Cock fans were saying. Deuce Staley actually said on his weekly radio talk show, “Carolina’s defense can match up with anyone’s speed in the country.” Really Deuce? You couldn’t tell from their performance yesterday.

I continuously laugh when I watch TV ads for other schools. And then a Florida ad comes on. “Go Gators. Go cure cancer.” Oh, that seems pretty simple. Tebow will take care of that in between circumcisions this off-season.

Does anyone really want to win the ACC?

Miami should be thanking Maryland for beating North Carolina.

Wisconsin discovered something called a forward pass and beat Minnesota with it.

Has anyone noticed that Nebraska is bowl eligible yet?

Missouri wins the Big 12 North…yes people that still exists.

Florida State couldn’t control penalties & Boston College’s running game at the same time.

It can be said: Vandy is bowl eligible. Kentucky might have been still mourning the humiliating loss the basketball received at the hands of VMI the night before.

Washington is still winless go figure.

Houston doesn’t have a problem as they rack up 70 points against Tulsa.

LSU almost embarrassed themselves and the SEC yesterday.

Michigan endures their first 8 loss season ever. I’m sure they’re glad they hired Rich Rodriguez now.

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College Football Week 10 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 2, 2008

Thank God there’s more chaos in the polls this week and here is a newsflash: Tennessee sucks really sucks. I’ll have a complete write up on their game tomorrow after I review the tape today.

Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez will be home this holiday season because for the first time in 33 years the Michigan Wolverines will not be bowling. The last time that happened it was 1975.

Look for West Virginia to be ranked later today.

Central Michigan gets an upset victory over Indiana. Don’t worry Hoosier fans you have basketball season to look forward to. Oh wait no you don’t.

I feel your pain fan Wisconsin fans.

Minnesota gets upset by that smart Big 11 10 team known as Northwestern.

Miami is a dangerous team to play just ask Virginia.

Houston Nutt continues to impress as Ole Miss defeated Auburn.

Kansas opened a can of whip ass on K-State.

Arkansas gets an upset victory over Tulsa.

Way to go Pitt, you’re still relevant.

Miss State you’re not relevant.

Cal gets the upset win verses Oregon.

Georgia Tech continues to win.

Florida took revenge for the last year’s loss again Georgia & set themselves up to make a run.

It was the last game of Texas’s gauntlet but Texas Tech spoiled the party and remains undefeated. Now will Oklahoma be ranked above Texas Tech? That really wouldn’t be fair would it since they just defeated the team that handed Oklahoma their only loss of the season. This is why we need a playoff structure.

Duke was so close but yet so far away yesterday.

North Texas…what a week…12 players fail drug tests and yet they still managed a victory yesterday.

Oh my God Syracuse actually won a game yesterday.

Don’t look now but Oregon State is almost bowl eligible.

Utah continues it’s reign as a BCS buster.

Clemson wins a HUGE win against Boston College.

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Warren Sapp has some choice words for Urban Meyer (Don’t we all?)

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 11, 2008

Yesterday America’s favorite jort wearing, Heisman trophy winning, midget porn watching and Godliest College QB, Tim “TiVo the Teabag” Tebow, stated to the Orlando Sentinel that he gets upset when someone comments on the debauchery of Meyer’s choice to kick a field goal  with 25 seconds even though the game was over about five minutes prior to that.

“I’ll have Coach Meyer’s back on anything. To say something like that about Coach Meyer isn’t true at all,” Tebow said after Monday’s practice. “If you want to talk about him, you should definitely talk about a lot of other coaches before Coach Meyer. You can talk about running the score up, I don’t care. They are paid to stop us; [offensive coordinator Dan] Mullen is paid to score. They don’t do that, oh well. But you don’t have to talk about Coach Meyer as a person and getting into recruits and all that stuff. That’s not necessary.”

“What did Coach Meyer do besides recruit good guys, try to keep guys out of jail, doing the right thing, try to work guys into being better people on the field and off the field?” Tebow said. “[He] never says anything bad about anybody, always tries to do the right thing, tries to take young boys and make them into men. We play with character, strength and honor on the field and off. I don’t think you usually see many cheap shots or anything wrong that we do. Yeah, we’re going to try to score through the whole game. That’s our job. We like playing football.”

Yes there is so much honor firing an AK-47 “to scare someone” like Ronnie Wilson did and then allowed back on the team.  (The link provides the actual 911 call)

I’m sure Jamar Hornsby is honorable after all he used a dead woman’s credit card.

Jarvis Moss & Marcus Thomas both failed multiple drugs tests.

Dee Webb, Andre Caldwell and Reggie Lewis had a $60,000 SUV stockpiled with improperly registered AK’s and guns… and they decided to shoot at apartment windows for shit and giggles.

Yes those are all honorable people under the Meyer regime.

For some reason Warren Sapp disagrees in fact he had some choice words for Meyer and his field goal team.

Ex-Canes star Warren Sapp, on a Showtime conference call Tuesday for Inside the NFL, called UF coach Urban Meyer ”a classless dirtbag” for kicking a field goal late in Florida‘s 26-3 win against UM. ”But it’s coming back in a big way” when the teams meet in 2013, he said.

This is why I think Florida and Miami should play every year. Not only will it eliminate threats made about games that are five years in the future but when you 50 people arrested & 121 people ejected there is defiantly some bad blood there.

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Tim “Teabag” Tebow Goes to Thailand too Touch Children

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 11, 2008

Try saying that three times really fast. Apparently that’s a real baby. There are other photos of the adorable baby on the website South Asia Rocks. Timmy was there late last month. You know what also happened late last month? Timmy’s name being dropped by the defendant during a trial of a pornographic website operator.

There are also terrorist within South Asia. I just felt the need to drop that factoid on you.

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Sermon On The Mount for Tennessee

Posted by Joel Jackson on November 28, 2007

4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…Psams 23:4-6

OK Big Orange, you have made it to the SEC Championship game. Congratulations for destroying the hopes and dreams of SEC East teams who thought they had a shot of making it to the Georgia Dome. Despite the fact that you are coached by a staff that some in the fan base do not want, your green pasture now resides in Atlanta. Despite embarrassing losses at Florida, where you were completely dominated all around, and being completely outcoached in Tuscaloosa by St. Nick, you have leaned on your resolve and faith to get to your goal. Your patience and virtue has been rewarded.

One can only think that the great football god has blessed you and found favor on you, because there is no way you should have defeated Georgia, South Carolina, Vandy, and Kentucky. Despite being surprised by scrappy Vandy and almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against KY, now here you stand. However, you did not fall to those who dared to travel from the Sun Belt Conference, avoiding the embarrassment of losing to the Fighting Nutria, Mean Green, the Magic Possums or whoever else they have as sports teams. All alone now facing your biggest test to date: How does one look a Tiger in the mouth and come out alive??? How does one stand against all odds, despite being decimated by Tebow’s Kids, going into Cal Ba’al Berkley and looking unlike an SEC team, and then, putting up as much fight against the Holy Tide as a thawed turkey meeting a hot vat of peanut oil???

I will tell you how. The blueprint has been laid, of your own doing. That same ferocious Tiger that you must now tame crushed your hopes and dreams back in 2001. Remember Matt Mauck coming in for an injured Rohan Davey??? All of the pre-game talk about you going to the Rose Bowl??? The big fat orange covered shepherd does not forget. He will probably remind you.

Miracles can happen. The table is set, and it is yours for the taking. You can feast with kings and dine like champions. Imagine a true Orange Bowl, or how about another Fiesta Bowl??? It is yours for the taking, and you can. Keep the faith and seize the opportunity. Do not believe in luck. Luck is for the pagans in South Bend, Indiana. Goodness and the riches thereof will follow you from Knoxville to Atlanta and then to BCS glory. The path of the righteous is paved with orange and the soundtrack for the trip is the familiar refrain of “Rocky Top”, played of course millions of times along the journey. This song annoys the unjust to no end, but for Volunteers, it is a Song of Solomon that will be sung by the just (even if people only know the last two lines of the song, waiting lustfully for the big “Woooo” as if channelling an inner “Nature Boy” Ric Flair). Volunteers everywhere are behind you on Saturday. Only the faith that you have in yourselves and each other will guide you to the ultimate victory, since no one else thinks that you have a shot…


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My Sports Superstitions

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 24, 2007

With the my beloved Red Sox in the world series this year, I’m willing to freely admit I have sports superstitions that I regularly follow. I believe it’s scientific proof that superstition rituals work, just your superstition ritual has to greater than the superstition ritual of a fan on the opposing team. If your team is defeated 2 years in a row year, then it’s time to step your ritual.

I’ll break mine down by team and situation.

Red Sox vs. The (suck ass) Yankees: To ensure a victory for my Red Sox I like to find the direst, whiniest & most disgusting homeless person and throw unopened jars of baby food at them. If it isn’t Gerber then it ain’t shit.

Red Sox In The World Series: I throw a brick at every moron I find wearing a Nickelback t-shirt. I actually do that year around for good measure.

Pic courtesy of Outer-MonVOLia

Tennessee vs. Florida: I haven’t nailed this one down yet. Next year I believe if I fire a AK-47 at an impound lot at approximately at 4:30 AM while chanting “Tebo only scored 890 on the SAT” then that should do the trick.

Tennessee vs. Georgia: Right before each game I call my Ex to remind her of how much her mother resembles Uga. She moved and for awhile I couldn’t reach her, but damn that restraining order, for the past 2 years I’ve found her.

Tennessee vs. Alabama: For awhile it was reading from the memoirs of Mike DuBose, but now I’m stepping it up to text book burning.

Pic courtesy of LWS

Tennessee vs. South Carolina: Don’t have one, never have needed one.

Indy Colts vs. Anyone: Simple place a horses head in the bed of a fan from the opposing team.

That’s all the ones I currently do, but if you have any and would like to share feel free and post a comment. If you would like to try any of these for yourself feel free. I highly suggest throwing a brick at a Nickelback fan because I really really really hate that damn band.

So I profess on this day 10/24/07.


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Towing Company Owner Comfirms There is a Gator Mafia and they Got the Fans to Threatened Him

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2007

Oh dear that shall be some blood shed over this. First the Gators have lost two in row, now the towing company owner Forron confirms that there is a Gator Mafia and they got the Gator “fans” to “remind” him of their existence. However, he is still to scared to press charges.

“The owner of the towing company involved in Florida safety Tony Joiner’s burglary case said Saturday he received more than 200 threatening phone calls.

More than a dozen of the calls were death threats and others were bomb threats, Stan Forron told Florida Today. Several callers even offered to pay the $76 towing bill if Forron would drop the charge.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t Tim Tebow, that’s all I can say,” Forron told the newspaper. “I think I would be covered in 10 feet of concrete right now if it had been Tebow.”

Joiner was arrested around 5 a.m. Tuesday for allegedly trying to take his girlfriend’s car out of the towing company’s impound lot.

The State Attorney’s Office dropped the charge Friday at Forron’s request.”

Classic mafia tactics. You finger someone and the threats come & then the bribes. After all everyone goes out at 5:00 AM to pick up a car from impound right? As I stated earlier the owner is probably in witness protection even though the charges were dropped. I can’t blame the State Attorney’s Office for dropping the charges they have their lives and families to think about.

“Although Forron, who acknowledged his allegiance to the Gators, said he wanted the charge dropped from the beginning, he never expected the reaction he got from Florida fans.

“I’ve been in the [towing business] since ’77 and I’ve never seen anything like it,” he told Florida Today. “The fans are very passionate. I think that’s a big part of it. … I’m disappointed that people could be like that. I realize how passionate people can be. But it’s disappointing that they would threaten lives and property over something like this.”

Notice how the writer used the word allegiance, that’s key. Forron you’re in the Gator Mafia you should have known you would be singled out.

“According to Gainesville Police, Joiner pushed open an electric gate, got into the car and started to drive off. When Joiner stopped to close the gate, he was confronted by a witness who called police.

Shortly after Joiner’s arrest, Forron said the player had arranged to pay the bill and pick up the car. But Forron said no one was around to take Joiner’s money, so he must have thought it was OK to take the car and settle up later.

“He was a perfect gentleman,” Forron said. “That had a big influence on why I wanted [the charge dropped]. If he had been yelling and screaming, they wouldn’t have been dropped.”

No one was there because you’re not open to the public that time of the day. According to the 911 calls made by your employees, there was a lot of screaming and yelling by Tony “Jailbird” Joiner. I better quit writing about this I might be the next person to become a victim of an “accident”.

On a serious note I’m not classifying all Gator fans, there are some that are respectful & are embarrassed over this so they are excluded from the following words.

Death threats on an old man? Come on! It’s fans like you that cause the rest of nation to hate the Gators, a lot you are rude & obnoxious. Meyer is winning at all costs & it will eventually catch up with the program. Meyer reminds me of Dennis Erickson when he was at Miami, and we all know what happened to him. He fled the program when the red flags went up!

I also find it funny that ESPN sat on this story until the LSU game was over with. Godfather Meyer clearly controlled that. The Gator fans claimed Ohio State fans had no class, death threats aren’t exactly a classy move.

So I profess on this day 10/07/07.


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Turbeville Saves his Job as Auburn Drain the Gators in the Swamp.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 30, 2007

All the jorts, mullets, badly body painted fans and home cooking referees couldn’t prevent Auburn and the band of Bama bangs players from draining the swamp and defeating Florida on the road. Irony can be a bitch sometimes, on the very day that MSNBC ran a story that states Urban Meyer credits last seasons national championship to the loss to Auburn, the gators lose to them yet again.

“When Florida coach Urban Meyer walked into the locker room after losing at Auburn last season, the scene was surreal.

There were tears, tirades, fights and finger-pointing.

“It was wild,” Meyer recalled. “It was a tough deal. One of the coaches said we’ve got to get this thing under control and I said, ‘No, let it go.’ So we let it go for about 15 minutes. I wanted them to clear the air.

We cleared the air and we dried everybody’s eyes and we had a State of the Union on Monday – where we’re at, where we need to be, where we want to go and how are we going to get there.”

The Gators regrouped and responded better than anyone could have imagined. The defending national champions haven’t lost since.

The fourth-ranked Gators (4-0, 2-0) have won 11 straight since that upsetting – and unifying – 27-17 loss at Jordan-Hare Stadium last October.

Wait you had players crying? There’s no crying in football! Damn! Well, that 11 straight game win streak went down the toilet tonight. On the night that saw the legendary Wilbur Marshall be inducted into Florida’s “Ring Of Fame”, an 18 game home win streak was snapped thanks to great defense and leg of a true freshman kicker. Meyer let Marshall down, he’s such a dick head.

Yes Auburn fans feel free to steal use the pic.

“On a day filled with upsets, Auburn turned in one of the biggest.

Freshman Wes Byrum kicked a 43-yard field goal as time expired to lift the Tigers to a 20-17 victory over fourth-ranked Florida on Saturday night.

The loss snapped an 11-game winning streak for the defending national champions and gave the Gators their first home loss under coach Urban Meyer. They had won 18 in a row, 17 straight since Meyer took over in 2005.

It also might have jeopardized Florida’s chances of repeating. Then again, with all the other upsets Saturday, the Gators surely won’t slip too far out of the picture.”

Watch for stories in the media that might address the home cooking refs that officiated the game. Example: a Florida player cleanly caught a punt and was immediately tackled, a flag was thrown and the ref stated Auburn interfered with the catch. Needless to say Tommy Turbeville was lived, and had to be restrained by the defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who for the record would make a good head coach at a school say….ummm….Tennessee. Turbeville also received a flag for his protest. Questionable calls have always plagued the SEC, but the in last 5 years they have been especially horrible.

“Auburn (3-2, 1-1) played sound defense, prevented Tim Tebow & Co. from making many big plays and took advantage of several mistakes to build a 14-0 lead at halftime.

The Tigers held on from there.

Byrum attempted the winning kick, just as Meyer called timeout. The kick was true, but Byrum had to do it again.

He did, and it was right down the middle.

Auburn used the final 4 minutes to set up the winning field goal. Ben Tate ran for 18 yards on the drive and Brandon Cox found Rodgeriqus Smith twice for 16 yards.

Byrum did the rest.

The Tigers rushed the field to celebrate and performed the “Gator Chomp” everywhere in front of 90,685 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.”

I wouldn’t count Florida out just yet, this season so far has been crazy. I would like to apologize to Auburn for the bad things I said about them when they lost to South Florida. I also stated that I would pull for Alabama in the Iron Bowl, that & the other things were said out of anger, besides I could never pull for Bama. Auburn might the best road team in the SEC for the past 5 years, Turbeville is 4 & 0 verses Florida, and 4 & 0 verses teams ranked in the top five. Alabama fans have had a good laugh at Auburn expense this season, but they aren’t laughing tonight. Bama lost to Florida State & there’s no excuse for that. So tonight it seems this is a duel victory for Auburn… and to the rest of the SEC click clack I think you hear Auburn coming.

So I profess on this day 9/30/07.


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Joel’s Honest, Raw, Uncut Emotion After the Florida Slaughter

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 16, 2007

Guest blogger Joel, is like me right now, pissed off about the ass raping Tennessee took from Florida yesterday. For the record I did not write this, these are Joel’s eloquent words, but I highly agree with them.

Wow. Where do I start??? Well let’s start off by congratulations to the University of Florida. To all Florida fans: It was total domination all the way around, and today, just like last year, you guys were the better team. Damn it pains me to write those 2 lines, but this Volunteer fan has faced a couple of realities…

Reality #1: Tennessee is no longer an elite team in the nation, SEC, or even the SEC East…

Be realistic, just like when the popular saying of “keepin’ it real”. The reality of the situation is, that despite a big, beautiful stadium that will be even better once the remodel is done, A1 facilities, great campus, and Ye Olde Steakhouse being in town, the program is no longer elite. Florida is clearly the class of the SEC East and one of the SEC period, along side LSU. In the East, Georgia is next on the totem pole. South Carolina is improving, Kentucky just beat Louisville, Vanderbilt is tough. At best, Tennessee is #3 or maybe this year #4. The program has been on the decline for a number of years, masked by Ron Zook coaching at Florida and Lou Holtz coaching at South Carolina, Vanderbilt being Vanderbilt, and Kentucky cementing its status as a basketball school by sucking at football. What do all of these schools have in common??? They made coaching changes in football (except KY, if memory serves Guy Morriss left to coach Baylor) and the programs have taken off. Meanwhile, Tennessee has been stuck in a malaise, choosing to survive off of it’s name, tradition, and history instead of actually selling the program to recruits. The school’s elite status in football has been lost because of a lack of adapting. Times have changed, and so have recruits. Think about it: Why has Penn State been able to maintain its status (reminder for those who may have forgotten, PSU beat us last year in our annual appearance in a New Year’s Day Florida bowl) by adapting. JoePa gave up his “Freshman can’t paly” rule and promised immediate playing time to recruits. They’ve been rolling ever since. Plus, JoePa is constantly recruiting, talking to parents, shaking hands, kissing babies. Nowadays, he doesn’t do as much on the road like he once did and for the most part allows his staff to recruit, but he just doesn’t sit on his butt either. It was the same thing for Ohio State during the John Cooper era, Texas A&M with R.C. Slocum, and currently Lloyd “Hot Seat N Da” Carr. Programs steeped in tradition and cases full of trophies, including the National Championship kind. They all realized that the status quo would not cut it anymore and the schools, boosters, and fan bases in general (except Michigan…yet) have decided to either have a new direction in coaching staffs or a complete change at the top. Speaking of the other reality…

Reality #2: Fulmer needs to go.

I don’t think you realize how difficult that last sentence was to write. I even had to take a drink of water after typing that, since drinking alcohol at this point would only numb the pain only so much. I need to think clearly and after I send this, I got a shot of Old No. 7 waiting. He has fallen victim to not changing and adapting to the times and now he is at best the 5th best coach in the SEC. Why 5th??? Remind me again when Tennessee went to the SEC Championship game last??? I don’t feel like google searching to find out, my brain is mush to go type into my Safari browser window to find out. I have but one singular purpose right now, and that’s to type this. Call me stubborn like Fulmer, but it is what it is. We can’t beat Florida on a consistent basis, especially after Meyer took over, but even when Spurrier was there. Richt has proven formidible. Speaking of the devil, Spurrier has South Carolina on the right track, and even Rich Brooks has managed the past couple of years not to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Here’s the main difference in the game and why I really say it’s time:

In UT-UF games of the past, you had a field full of Day 1 NFL draft picks on both sides. Playmaker after playmaker after playmaker for both teams. It was Clash of the Titans, Battle of Wills, Games Where Legends Were Made. Today, Florida showed that there is no rebuilding from last year, just reloading. Did anyone check to make sure that they lost 9 starters on defense??? That offense was just too much. When Meyer was first hired, I remember talking to a buddy of mine who is now a receivers coach at a Big XII school and he said “Meyer is either gonna stockpile SEC titles or he’ll be run out of town in 4 years. No middle ground. But my opinion is with that offense, the recruiting base he has there, and the facilities, he should win a National Title within 5 years, especially when he gets recruits to run his stuff.” Well, it didn’t take 5 years, but he’s got some playmakers. Some may question their off the field activities (does the name Gunsville ring a bell) but hell, the names Fulmer Cup and Free Shoes University should ring a bell too. Ainge is a sure fire high round draft pick and Eric Berry may be great but who else is there??? I think Michael Oher (Ole Miss OL from Memphis, TN) Greg Hardy (Ole Miss DL from Memphis, TN) Graig Cooper (Miami RB from Memphis, TN who can run a 4.3 40) sure could have helped. These were 4 and 5 star prospects that were missed out on FROM TENNESSEE THAT USED TO GO TO UT IN YEARS PAST!!! There are too many to name but these are a few. It’s time to get new blood in. Soon. I don’t know who, and Fulmer has been a great coach. He got us back to prominence, some SEC titles, and a National Title. But you can only live off past glory years for so long. He’s not getting the players anymore and when he does, he can’t get them coached up. You might not be able to spell Citrus without UT, but you can’t spell Fired without an F…

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