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Playoffs?!?! Playoffs?!?! You’re asking what our NFL playoff picks are?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 2, 2009

Yes it’s time for our NFL playoff picks. Let’s all hope they are more accurate than some of our college bowl picks….

Atlanta at Arizona

  • Joel says: In the Battle of the Pigeons, I like Atlanta. *No dogs were harmed in the making of this pick*
  • Thomas says: As much as I like what Atlanta was able to accomplish this year, but I think Arizona will get back to their winning ways.

Indianapolis at San Diego

  • Joel says: Indy but in a close game. The Colts are rolling now.
  • Thomas says: I love the Colts in this as well.

Baltimore at Miami

  • Joel says: Ray Lewis and his merry band of thugs will be a cut above the Dolphins.
  • Thomas says: Chad Pennington will continue to taunt fans of the Jets by leading the Fins to their first playoff victory in years.

Philadelphia at Minnesota

  • Joel says: Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory…
  • Thomas says: Even though the Eagles are coming off a fresh ass-raping of the Cowboys and their fans are scary at times…I believe Minnesota will prevail and the ramblings of getting rid of Andy Reid will be reborn.

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Andy Reid is a Perfect Example of how Success Doesn’t Always Bring Stability to the Family

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 2, 2007

Normally I write a post either using anger or sheer sarcasm but this tale is to sad to be angry about and to sad too poke fun at.

Andy Reid was born March 19, 1958 and is the current head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. During his tenure there, Reid has earned NFL coach of the year honors twice, compiled the best win total (88), winning percentage (.620) and playoff victory total (8) in team history. He has captured five division titles and four trips to the NFC Championship game. Since he was hired in 1999, no other franchise has earned more divisional playoff round appearances (6) and championship game appearances (4) than Philadelphia. Since 1999, Reid has also sent 19 players to 44 Pro-Bowl appearances, the highest total for any team in the NFL during that period. None of these players had ever appeared in a Pro-Bowl before Reid was hired.

Among coaches with 100 games under their belt, Reid’s .620 winning percentage is 11th in NFL history and third among active coaches behind Indianapolis’ Tony Dungy (.637) and Washington’s Joe Gibbs (.635).

Reid’s eight-year tenure at the Eagles helm has put him in an elite category as well. Since 1990, only six of the 73 first-time head coaches remained with their original team for eight-or-more years: Reid (since 1999), Baltimore’s Brian Billick (since 1999), Tennessee’s Jeff Fisher (since 1994), Bill Cowher (1992-2006 with Pittsburgh), Dennis Green (1992-2001 with Minnesota) and Tom Coughlin (1995-02 with Jacksonville).

None of the accolades mean very much when your family life is in shambles, which is the case at this moment.

Yesterday Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill sentenced Garrett Reid (24) to two to 23 months in the county prison plus one year of probation for crashing into another motorist car while high on heroin.

O’Neill also had the displeasure of sentencing Britt Reid (22) eight to 23 months in jail plus five years’ probation on gun and drug charges, both brothers can apply for the special drug program after five months.

The coach’s two sons got into separate legal trouble Jan. 30.

O’Neill had some strong words for Andy Reid and his wife Tammy stating “There isn’t any structure there that this court can depend upon,” & “I’m saying this is a family in crisis”

How could things get so out of control for a man who generally stays in control under the toughest situations? I could speculate and say Reid was to consumed with winning football games than look after his own family, but I won’t do that.

One thing is for certain, the Reids over indulged their children thus helping to create the mess that is there to be cleaned up.

Garrett Reid was quoted as saying “I liked being the rich kid in that area and having my own high-status life,” Reid told a probation officer in a statement read by the judge. “I could go anywhere in the ‘hood. They all knew who I was. I enjoyed it. I liked being a drug dealer.”

“I did get a thrill out of it,” he said. “That was also part of the whole new world that opened up to me when I smoked that first joint.”

I believe him. O’Neill commented about a search that was conducted of the Reid home and illegal and prescription drugs were found throughout the house. “It sounds more or less like a drug emporium there, with the drugs all over the house, and you’re an addict,” O’Neill told Britt Reid.

Garrett’s addiction is so strong that authorities found 89 prescription drug pills in his jail cell Thursday morning. It is believed he smuggled them in his rectum when he was jailed earlier this week.

The question has to be asked: Was anyone in Reid household paying attention?

Some wonder why the Reid boys were still living in the house when they are at age to be off on their own. One could say they were living there because the parents knew of the past drug problems and wanted to protect them. That is possible, but how could the parents be so blind or naive to believe the drugs were not entering the house?

I believe Andy or Tammy do not know how to communicate with their sons. I believe Andy loves his sons. He took a five-week leave from the Eagles in the off-season to deal with his family’s troubles, but he has routinely declined to discuss his sons’ legal problems and has said he wasn’t resigning from the team because of them.

What about after today Andy?

“Andy and Tammy are supportive of their son. That has been their position since this all began. He will not comment on it,” Garrett Reid’s defense attorney, Ross Weiss, said.

If the Reid family can be saved Andy must resign his post from the Eagles effective immediately. After all there are more important things in life than football and championships. I hope Andy Reid’s eyes are finally wide open to that fact. And I hope everyone that is reading this realizes that no matter how successful you might be, that success doesn’t bring stability into your family life, only the effort you place into the family can do that.

Andy with his two sons

So I profess on this day 11/02/07.



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