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Traveling defined the Duke Basketball way

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 24, 2009

For some reason a lot of people claim Duke gets preferred treatment from the officials at times. Like with this video above. Sure freshman guard Elliot Williams took a few extra steps…but 12? I’m not sure about that. I mean one can go six feet without actually dribbling the ball in less than 12 steps, right?

Some call it an “unfair advantage” and say things like this violates the “spirit of the game” but this is just basketball done the Blue Devil way. Ever watch a NBA game? You can go about 30 steps without getting called.

Besides, Tyler Hansbrough calls that “gritty”.

Honestly there’s no question he traveled however give the guy some credit, he’s bringing back the moonwalk.


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18 free throws from 9 technical fouls all at once? WTF?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 13, 2009

Imagine if you will that your high school team is down by 5 points with 12 seconds left in regulation. Then some bonehead for your team commits an intentional foul. That should be game over right? I would be in the normal world however this is Rio Americano High I’m referring to so apparently normal doesn’t apply here since they a way to get eight technical fouls called on their opponent.

Rio Americano High was playing a league game against Bella Vista, both school are located in California. Rio’s Pierce Burton attempted a lay-up however the shot was cleanly blocked and he lost the ball. At that point Burton decided to go all WWE on Bella Vista’s Justin Haley and tried to pull him down to the ground.

Burton received a technical foul and was ejected from the game. There were no blows thrown, nobody pushed another player and the player even shook hands said “Yo it’s all good.”

However if you watch the video you’ll see where players from both benches took about 5 steps away from the bench. Because of this the refs went into technical foul crazy and the grand total is astounding.

Bella Vista was awarded eight free throws. Two free throws for the actual plus 6 free throws because of the three technical fouls that called against Rio.

On the flip side Rio (the team that committed the intentional foul to begin with) received. 18 yes 18 free throws that were awarded from nine technical fouls! I find it hard to believe a team can even receive that many technicals and Rasheed Wallace wasn’t playing for them and I’m shocked to find out that Duke wasn’t the recipient of this gift. One player for Rio made 17 of those shot to bring his team from being down by five to win the game six points.

The refs are standing firm and state that players from both teams “stormed” the court after the intentional foul and apparently Bella Vista had a lot more players that left the bench area. Bella Vista coaches say that’s not the case and even if it was, that doesn’t mean you give out a technical for every single one which in all honesty makes sense to me.

Bella Vista is appealing the game’s final outcome. Whatever the case might be give some props to the Rio player that made 17 out of 18 free throws, because there are several NBA players who couldn’t do that.

Mark Cuban is somewhere angrily blogging about this.

Bizarre finish to boys game disputed [Sac Bee]

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Alabama Crimson Tide All-America Andre Smith has been suspended from the Sugar Bowl

Posted by Billy Bob Bammer on December 29, 2008


WTF is Saban doing? You just don’t go and suspend an All-American left tackle like Andre Smith for violating “team rules.” He won the Outland trophy for God’s sake!

“The University of Alabama, the team and the football program are more important than any individual player,” Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said in a statement Monday. “Every one on our team depends on each other to be responsible, to make good choices and decisions relative to their actions.”

Wait…we win the freaking Fulmer Cup for having the most off season’s arrests and now you want to play Mr. Disciplinarian? We need him Saban.

Now Smith is a perfect fit to go to Detroit with the 1st overall pick…he seemed too good for them until now!

Thanks Saban…its bad enough we got beat by jort loving Gators and now this.

“Our priority and focus as a team is to play the best football game of the season in this Sugar Bowl, and to support our players to overcome any adversity this unfortunate situation has created,” Saban said.

He better not be opening his own Jimmy Johns franchise. I own that shit in Bama! RTR!

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Ole Miss Will Most Likely Begin Coaching Search Today

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 26, 2007

Today’s date is 2 A.0. (after 0) for the Ole Miss football program. For the second time in four years, Ole Miss has really screwed themselves royally by firing their football coach. When I learned about this my first thought was “That’s a mistake he’s only been there 3 years”, my second thought was “I wonder if Jai Eugene of ‘Losers With Socks‘ will have to change his aviator now”. The first time involved the firing of David Cutcliff after so much success he brought them, the latest firing involves the man, the myth, the legend, the man-god with 42″ python arms Coach 0, just after a poultry 3 years there. Three years? Are you kidding me?

Coach 0’s firing comes on the heels after Chancellor Robert Khayat endorsed Orgeron last month. Khayat told the AP that Coach 0’s job was safe and he believed the coach would eventually field a winner, even if it took five or six years. In that same interview Khayat also showed some rather unnatural man-love towards the 0. Those details can be found here.

So now after Ole Miss has shown the SEC that they too can be like Alabama & Notre Dame, and fire a coach after a relatively short period of time. The search should begin today. Let’s look at some candidates that could possibly become the next Ole Miss football coach.

David Cutcliff: Oh wait my bad. Not only would the athletic director have to get on his knees and beg him to return, he would also have to tongue his balls in the process.

Bo Pelini: HA! You think he’ll go there over Nebraska? Bahahahaha.

OK OK OK here’s the real list, I was just kidding on the first two.

  1. Rick Neuheisel: He hasn’t been coaching for awhile now. In fact I’m not even sure if he’s still alive, but if they can find him and sober him up it possible.
  2. Mike Shula: Why not? He was wrongly canned last year so getting fired again within another 3 years wouldn’t be a new experience.
  3. Gary Barnett: He can enticed recruits to come to Ole Miss with sex and alcohol during recruiting visits & actually coach as well, he’s a winner.
  4. Coach Fran: Wait even Ole Miss wouldn’t stoop that low.
  5. Bill Callahan: He can win more than 3 times a year.
  6. Gus Malazan: This could be a real win-win here. The “I’ll whip your ass in the parking lot” looks he would throw towards Houston Nutt is worth the admission price alone.
  7. Kevin O’Dea: Don’t know a lot about him but he is a coach with the Chicago Bears. The cool thing about him is people can still keep their Coach O decals on their cars.
  8. Me: That’s right bitches m-e ME! I have no clue on how to coach, but neither did Coach 0 and that’s didn’t stop him. For a generous salary I’ll coach that team or at least teach Jerrell Powe how to read. I’ll employ my patented motivational tools to the job. A whistle and cattle prod.

Hire Kevin O’Dea


So take your pick Ole Miss but remember I have a cattle prod and I’m not afraid to use it bitch.

So I profess on this day 11/26/07


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 12

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 18, 2007

Yesterday wasn’t as exciting as the previous past Saturdays have been, but still for the 11th time this season, a team in the top 5 lost to a non-ranked team.

Good job Texas Tech but I have a few points to make.

Mike Leach talks about how officials are against him but those officials robbed OU of a touchdown.

It’s commendable that you didn’t want to run up the score on your friend Bob Stoops, it almost cost you the game

The Texas Tech cheerleaders are hot.

The Oklahoma QB, Sam Bradford, looks like a retarded caveman. Moving on….

Coach 0 almost looked like a coach yesterday and you could understand what he was saying, OK Ole Miss where’s the real Coach 0 at?

West Virginia almost lost, damn it Cincinnati learn to finish the job.

If Georgia committed those four turn overs at Kentucky they might not have won.

BC didn’t beat Clemson, those receivers that can’t seem to catch a ball that is placed perfectly beat Clemson.

Who would have thought that one of the biggest games of the year would Missouri & Kansas.

Well Notre Dame can finally look away, your horrible season is over.

Fulmer is like a resilient cockroach, no matter how hard he tries to get fired he finds a way to win.

How Penn State could let Michigan State comeback like that is beyond me.

What ever to that team that hammered Tennessee without mercy? No not Alabama, the other one, no not Florida, that other one, yes Cal…maybe Aberclay will answer that one for me. 😉

With Houston Nutt rumors swirling around his retirement, I see….I see a a…Baylor job in his near future.

I’m sick and tired of seeing about every damn Chick-Fil-A commercial they run this year.

There’s a lot of big games coming up this week. I’ll try to preview some of them.

Finally Lloyd Carr…I said at the beginning of the season he was retiring, it appears I’m right. Ohio State will really miss him.

So I profess on this day 11/18/07


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Other Coaches Can Live Vicariously Through Mike Leach

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 13, 2007

Everyone is out to get me!!! Read Below Bitch

How many times have you seen a coach during a press conference look like a man about to pass a kidney stone when asked about the officials, knowing he “can’t” comment on it? How many times, in your eyes at least, has your crappy team been the subject of an conspiracy of the officials? My team hasn’t, they suck. Well, according to the Texas Tech head coach, Mike Leach, you can think and say it. Fight the power coach!!!

Mike “Fuck the officials” Leach ripped into the officials that “the man” assigned to work the game between Texas Tech and Texas last Saturday. Though he didn’t call any official out by name, he made a reference to Randy Christal who live in Austin by stating:

“I think it’s disturbing that Austin residents are involved in this. People work too hard, too long, there’s too much money invested in these games to allow that,” Leach said.

“Am I condemning the crew? Hell yeah, I’m condemning the crew,” Leach said.”

Mike “I am 40 I’m a man!” Gundy better watch out. The Big Twelve has a new renegade coach that appeals to every coach who has been to much of a wuss to speak out. Lead the way coach!

Of course the Big 12 spokes people were to busy cowering in fear of the awesomeness that is Mike Leach to return any telephone messages. They were probably to busy sobbing while being holed up in some bomb shelter in Kansas. However more likely than not, after a heavy drinking binge, they will muster up some liquid courage and fine him.

The fact that the game officials disallowed 2 Texas Tech TD’s, is what spurred this verbal slaughter of Mike Leach.

“Unless this can change, the Big 12 Conference needs to take a serious look at having out of conference officials officiate the Texas Tech-Texas games and perhaps other games where there is proven to be a bias by officiating,” he said. “It’s unfortunate and does the bowl picture enter into it? I don’t know. Does the money enter into it? I don’t know.”

Come on Coach Leach you know, share it with the world. Just don’t mention the fact that one of the TD’s you’re upset about clearly hit the ground during replay, cause then people might not be gun-ho to follow you.

“It may be incompetence, bias, I don’t know. Maybe it’s something as simple as guys sitting over the water cooler at their office in Austin talking about how the great game they’re going to see — and then perhaps a preconceived notion develops as to how it’s going to come out,” he said.

Asked if expects to be punished by the league for his remarks, Leach said, “I expect to be coaching. I don’t know what will happen but I’m not standing for this.”

Sweet use of the conspiracy innuendo there. Oliver Stone should do a movie about the great official cover-up that is occurring within the Big 12. Horatio Sands can play Leach while Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller play the officials. The evil Big 12 commissioner can be played by Jack Nicholson.

Leach is so adamant about this, that on Monday he basically refuses to apologize.

“There’s a certain amount being taken out of context but the full context of what I said, yeah,” Leach said. “I think it speaks for itself.”

I’ve always said that “the man” has been keeping Texas Tech football down. I wonder if Bobby Knight is on board about this as well.

“He qualified some of his responses Monday, emphasizing he wasn’t commenting again on officiating. One reporter asked if he would prefer there be no replay.

“I’d almost need an attorney to figure out whether I’m supposed to answer that or not,” Leach said. “Suffice it to say, referring to nothing even remotely related to officiating, I think as far as how we do instant replay maybe ought to be looked at, maybe other systems looked at.”

All in all sometimes officials make bad calls, unless their SEC refs, because SEC refs seriously suck. However, to claim that there might be some conspiracy going on is rather foolish. Texas Tech is a high powered offense, with no defense, much like a Big East team. They just ran into a better offense last Saturday. I still might write a screen play about this and discreetly slide it under a bathroom stall while Oliver Stone is taking a dump in Spago. You just never know what it could lead to.

So I profess on this day 11/13/07


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YMSWCC’S NBA (It’s Gambling Fan-Tastic) Season Preview

Posted by Joel Jackson on October 28, 2007

It’s me, Joel, for better or worse, posting about the NBA. Volunteer football depresses me and since Thomas is about to celebrate a Red Sox World Series ring, I’m posting about something that’s not long and drawn out, the NBA season!!! Yes that’s right, a league that is full of gamblers (refs), adulterers and snitches (Kobe), bloggers (Gilbert), best point guard who happens to not be American (Nash), Hasselhoff loving German (Dirk), guy who brags about not snitching (Carmelo), Frenchman married to an overexposed former Y&R actress (Parker), and owners who get more young ass than the toilets at The Clevelander on South Beach (Dr. Buss and Mickey Arison). The NBA, I LOVE this game!!!

This preview is fluid, to use the words of Herbal Essence spokesman Mel Kiper, Jr. What this means is that my “expert” (ok, I had to laugh at that one myself) analysis will change if/when Kobe Bryant is traded. I still believe that San Antonio will win the title this year, as hard as that was to type, but the path to them winning it all will change as the contenders will change. Can one player change the way I look at how the rest of the league will fare??? When that one player is Kobe Bryant, like him or not off the court, on the court he is amazing, and maybe the closest thing to #23 (whom I refer to as Jesus in a pair of Nikes) that we will see for a while…

Atlantic Division (in order of finish):
1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. New Jersey
4. New York
5. Philadelphia

I really like the move that former Celts Ainge and McHale engineered to bring Boston back to greatness. It was as smooth as the pick and roll game these two execs used to run when they were players. Garnett is a motor guy who has some help. Rajon Rondo needs to grow up quick at the point but Boston should have no problem winning the division.

Toronto will still make the playoffs but I am anxious to see how the young guys develop. New Jersey should be ok but they are not a title contender at this point. The Knicks have traded for a ball hogging post player to go along side another ball hogging post player to go along with a ball hogging 1 and 2 guard, with more ball hogs off the bench. I do like Renaldo Balkman and Wilson Chandler. Philly is a mess…

Central Division:
1. Chicago
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland
4. Milwaukee
5. Indiana

Chicago has all the pieces to make a run this year. If they can get Kobe without giving up the store, they could go to the Finals. What the hell has happened to Detroit??? They should be dominating the East in the regular season AND in the playoffs. LeBron still has no help in Cleveland. Imagine if he was in Chicago instead of Gordon or Deng??? Milwaukee should be interesting with Yi and his adjustment to the NBA. Hope he likes the taste of elbows while in the paint. Indiana has some good young players mixed in with Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy. Golden State got over on them…

Southeast Division:
1. Washington
2. Orlando
3. Miami
4. Charlotte
5. Atlanta

Washington needs a little more help off the bench, but Gilbert Arenas sure is fun (aka another players the damn Grizzlies could have drafted). Orlando should continue to make strides with Rashard Lewis. I would not be surprised if they won the division. Miami is getting older, shame with D-Wade still in his prime. Charlotte got a deal with Jason Richardson. He really emerged last year in the playoffs. They are probably 1 year away. Atlanta on the other hand is still several years away. Stop me if you haven’t heard that before.

Southwest Division:
1. San Antonio
2. Dallas
3. Houston
4. Memphis
5. New Orleans

This will be a very competitive division. Spurs will win, but any of these teams could be second. Dallas is #2 by default. I am anxious to see how Steve Francis will adjust to a new role. Yao will get posterized by the 15th game of the season. My Grizzlies still needs a low post rebounder. I am not sold on Darko. New Orleans could win big too. The Paul/West combo will be big.

Northwest Division:
1. Denver
2. Utah
3. Portland
4. Seattle
5. Minnesota

A.I and Melo together after a full pre-season should help out a lot as far as chemistry with the Nuggets. Utah will go as far as Williams will take them. Portland will be much improved, but losing Oden for the year will obviously hurt. The theme for Seattle this year should be “And a Child Shall Lead Them…to Oklahoma City”. Quick. Name me 5 players for Minnesota without looking it up on the web. Thought you couldn’t.

Pacific Division:
1. Phoenix
2. Golden State
3. Los Angeles
4. Los Angeles
5. Sacramento

Phoenix still needs a back up point guard and to use their bench more. This way they can be fresher for the playoff run. Golden State will be hurt a little without Jason Richardson, but Monta Ellis should make up for some loss of production. Keyword is SHOULD. Notice I didn’t separate the 2 LA teams. Doesn’t matter, they won’t do much this year anyway. Coaching will be a problem in Sac Town. I don’t know what kind of style Reggie Theus will run. He didn’t show us much when he was coaching in that NBC show “Hang Time”.

The one big question I have for this year, well 2 questions, is how will the league recover from gambling??? The words “one rogue official” has done nothing to satisfy me because of recent revelations that half of the league’s refs broke a gambling rule or 2. My next big question is how long until Madison Square Garden patrons begin the “Fire Isiah” chants??? Well they have started, but how long until people stop showing up and Spike Lee starts wearing a bag on his head???

Spike Lee predicting the Knicks up coming season

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