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I only punched a tow truck don’t taser me bro!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 4, 2009

I always wondered what happened to Kubiac after 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' went off the air

Just when I thought the stupidest 20-something year old athlete in America was Michael Phelps, along comes a Buckeye with a black eye.

Meet Alex Boone, former offensive lineman for Ohio State. Alex was considered a potential top pick for the NFL draft however resisting arrest, threatening officers, jumping onto the tops of several cars and banging on garage doors and let’s not leave out punching a tow truck, will most likely cause Alex to slip a few spots in the upcoming draft. And yes he was tasered…twice. Not for nothing, that truck had it coming.

Alex was supposed to be in California to focus on training for the NFL draft however he decided to get a wee-bit tipsy and cause a ruckus. Of course when the police arrived Alex was to busy attempting to punch out the windows to a tow truck & banging on garage doors to notice them. When he did finally notice them he decided to flee and hide on someone’s porch.

When the police attempted to complete to booking process Alex was uncooperative and threatening toward deputies that they have not yet been able to complete it so that’s when he was tasered….twice.

“Alex Boone was taken to Saddleback Hospital by sheriff’s deputies for injuries resulting from being shot with a stun gun and being heavily intoxicated, said sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino. He was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, threatening officers, jumping onto the tops of several cars and banging on garage doors around 11:30 p.m. Sunday at the Barcelona apartments at 23500 Windsong.

When deputies arrived, Amormino said, Boone was trying to punch out the driver’s side window of a tow truck; he then jumped onto the back of the truck. Boone then tried to flee police, Amormino said.”

And now it is time for the Jim Tressel quote from the Columbus Dispatch:

“Alex headed to California to focus solely on his training. It is so disappointing to hear that he had this mishap. His intentions were to prepare for his NFL dream.”

Umm…Jimbo getting so drunk that you punch a tow truck, flee from the police, threaten the police & get tasered not once but twice isn’t a “mishap”. It’s another stupid idiot that should have known better. However public intoxication, stupid stunts and an arrest does make it sound like he has been doing his best to get ready for the NFL. So throwing millions upon millions of dollars at him will probably solve all of this.

Al Davis likes his hustle, and claims to have beaten up a Model T or two back in the day, but he wants to know if the tow truck had a “man-step”.

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College Football Week 3 is in the books & here’s what I learned + an update on Joel!!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 14, 2008

First off I have great news. Joel has more than survived his epic bout with Hurricane Ike. Joel suffered no damage however he does not power, but him and his family are safe & dry. He would like to thank all the people that were praying for him.

His next bout will be with the government over the fleecing of gas that has occurred with this hurricane. Did you know that oil prices actually dropped last Friday? Of course not because they spiked to a staggering amount. These refineries only produce 25% of this nation’s gas, and some of that is exported. Nevertheless gas should only go up by 25%, big government should step in but never will.

Ok I just had to get that off my chest. That will be one of few times you’ll see something political on this blog…unless I find some hot photos of Sarah Palin. Is so wrong to lust after a female running for vice president?

South Florida decided to show some Big East pride by beating Kansas. This was a great game. The Kansas QB is awesome. It would be foolish of teams in the NFL not to draft him. I don’t care how tall he is. Think how good Doug Flutie could have been. Trust me there are a lot of NFL teams kicking themselves for not drafting him because of his height.

The Kansas QB reminds me of Vince Young except not as tall, stronger, more accurate, and not suicidal and he isn’t whiner.

Hyped games like the Nuts verses the Contraceptives suck. The SoCal-Ohio State was b-o-r-i-n-g. Let’s face it. Right now SoCal is that good. I don’t care if Beanie Wells didn’t play. The score wouldn’t have changed that much.

Under hyped games rule!! Kansas-South Florida & Fresno State-Wisconsin were awesome games.

Georgia failed to impress. However some of you might remember back in August that I predicted that Garcia would make his debut in the Georgia game and I was right. Self ^5.

Oklahoma continues to impress as Ty Willingham might need to start packing his bags.

Missouri looks great!

LSU did what LSU was supposed to do and beat a nobody team convincingly.

Does Auburn have an offense or is the defense of Miss. State that good?

The Tide continues to roll and they will be rolling next week as they play the worst SEC team in Arkansas. And even though the Texas-Arkansas was postponed, Texas would have crushed them.

East Carolina pulls out a squeaker and the R-E-S-P-E-C-T factor is falling with them as it is with Georgia Tech as well.

People better watch out for Ole Miss and Nebraska.

Everyone point and laugh at the PAC 10 this week. Sure USC rolled and Oregon pulled out a miracle but Arizona State lost to UNLV, UCLA got ass raped by the Mormons of BYU, Cal lost to Maryland….that right there deserves a LOL.

The ACC isn’t fairing any better as well with Virginia losing to UCONN big. Remember UCONN struggled against Temple last week.

Cutcliff is winning at Duke though. Way to go Coach!

Oh La La almost pulled off another epic upset against Illinois yesterday.

Penn State looks impressive I mean very impressive.

Oklahoma State continues to roll and roll big.

OMG Kentucky is undefeated.

Utah continues to roll. How important will the Utah-BYU game this year?

The Notre Dame defense looks good then again it was against Michigan. However Charlie Weis is more man than Tom Brady by electing not to have surgery on his busted up leg. Get better Coach I hate to pick on gimps.

I have a post coming up about the Tennessee game.

Did anyone notice how Herbstreit finally admits Mark Sanchez will probably be a Heisman finalist after side stepping the question?

Finally has anyone noticed how eerily similar that USC QB Mark Sanchez resembles Richard Ramirez AKA the serial killer known as the Night Stalker? (Insert scary music here)



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Ohio State Knows They Aren’t Liked…About Fucking Time

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 3, 2007

The Ohio State Marching Band practicing formations when they see the half time score.

For the second time in two years, Ohio State will play for the national championship. Unlike last year, this they got completely lucky to be in the position they’re in & they realize that. Also, unlike last year, this year they know good & well that they aren’t liked by anyone, including people in Ohio. Story

“In all likelihood we will be the underdog because pretty much everyone on earth hates us,” offensive tackle Kirk Barton said Sunday night.

“That’s cool. We’re going to be playing in Louisiana against LSU and SEC Nation. So, it’s just one of those things we’ll probably end up being the underdog, but that’s fine with us. We’ve played in hostile games before. It’ll be a lot of fun.”

Son, you haven’t seen hostile yet. Imagine some of the fans there want to come down from the stands, rip your head off & skull fuck you, and those aren’t the fans that smell like corn dogs (LSU) either. The LSU fans want to do a lot worse than that. Now, that’s hostile.

“We understand that people are going to question (us) about last year and people are going to remember that,” linebacker James Laurinaitis said. “People are really going to question how legit we are as a team going into this game. That’s something that’s just a real issue, a real fact. We can’t change that. We just have to prepare the best that we can and go down there and play the best we can.”

People question you because you’re 0-8 verses SEC teams in bowl games. They question the conference you’re in, after all there’s 11 teams and yet you still call yourselves the Big 10. Mostly they question how a team who played such a “powerhouse” schedule, with teams like Youngstown State, Akron & Kent State can even make in the title game to begin with. The local high school here played Kent State and won by 40 for God’s sake.
“Nothing surprises me in football,” Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. “Would I have predicted exactly what happened yesterday? Probably not. But you might not have predicted what happened the whole season.”

I remember everyone and their mother predicting an Ohio State victory before Florida bitch slapped you back to Columbus. Of course you didn’t learn your lesson, so they bitched slapped you again in basketball.

“It was crazy. To see those teams go down like that unexpectedly, it was a great feeling,” quarterback Todd Boeckman said. “(It required) a little bit of everything, I guess. A little bit of praying, a little bit of hoping. We just felt we had an opportunity. It’s surprising both of them lost, but it’s a good deal for us.”

More like a good deal for the SEC, because they will yet another national championship off the blood, sweat & tears of another overrated Ohio State team.

“There’s definitely a stigma around Ohio State because of last year,” cornerback Malcolm Jenkins said. “But that’s something we can’t control. All we can do is try to win this game.”

The highest ranked opponent you guys played all was 20th ranked Purdue, who was yet another over ranked & over hyped team. Personally I’m glad you guys made it in. I haven’t laughed so much at a football game since the great Florida-Ohio State game of last year. But I don’t hate you, I only truly hate one team and it’s not you. But I pity your fans who will be crying again this year. This time I hope they’re at least a little quieter about it.

So I profess on this day 12/03/07


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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 12

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 18, 2007

Yesterday wasn’t as exciting as the previous past Saturdays have been, but still for the 11th time this season, a team in the top 5 lost to a non-ranked team.

Good job Texas Tech but I have a few points to make.

Mike Leach talks about how officials are against him but those officials robbed OU of a touchdown.

It’s commendable that you didn’t want to run up the score on your friend Bob Stoops, it almost cost you the game

The Texas Tech cheerleaders are hot.

The Oklahoma QB, Sam Bradford, looks like a retarded caveman. Moving on….

Coach 0 almost looked like a coach yesterday and you could understand what he was saying, OK Ole Miss where’s the real Coach 0 at?

West Virginia almost lost, damn it Cincinnati learn to finish the job.

If Georgia committed those four turn overs at Kentucky they might not have won.

BC didn’t beat Clemson, those receivers that can’t seem to catch a ball that is placed perfectly beat Clemson.

Who would have thought that one of the biggest games of the year would Missouri & Kansas.

Well Notre Dame can finally look away, your horrible season is over.

Fulmer is like a resilient cockroach, no matter how hard he tries to get fired he finds a way to win.

How Penn State could let Michigan State comeback like that is beyond me.

What ever to that team that hammered Tennessee without mercy? No not Alabama, the other one, no not Florida, that other one, yes Cal…maybe Aberclay will answer that one for me. 😉

With Houston Nutt rumors swirling around his retirement, I see….I see a a…Baylor job in his near future.

I’m sick and tired of seeing about every damn Chick-Fil-A commercial they run this year.

There’s a lot of big games coming up this week. I’ll try to preview some of them.

Finally Lloyd Carr…I said at the beginning of the season he was retiring, it appears I’m right. Ohio State will really miss him.

So I profess on this day 11/18/07


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Ohio State Gets Juiced, by SEC Speed in the Big Ten

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 11, 2007

Jim Tressel must come back to reality now. After being nut-punched by Florida in the 2006 championship game, Ron Zook brought his Illinois team, or as I like to call them, the mini Gators, to the Horseshoe to show Jim Tressel that the speed of the SEC even rules in Big Eleven Ten play.

Juice Williams made some big plays on the ground and through the air, guiding Illinois to a stunning 28-21 using SEC speed and mucking up the national title race yet again this season.

It was the first time Illinois has ever beaten a No. 1 team. The defeat also ended a record streak of 20 Big Ten wins in a row by Ohio State.

The Illini rushed for 260 yards against an Ohio State defense that came in allowing just 65 yards on the ground per game. So much for that vaunted number 1 rated defense huh?

Not since Nov. 14, 1959, had Michigan and Ohio State both lost the week before their annual year-end game that will once again decide the Big Eleven Ten champion.


21 First Downs 18
13 Rushing 13
8 Passing 5
0 Penalty 0
50% (8 of 16) Third Down Efficiency 39% (5 of 13)
100% (2 of 2) Fourth Down Efficiency 100% (2 of 2)
406 Total Net Yards 339
73 Total Offensive Plays 60
5.6 Average Gain Per Play 5.7
265 Net Yards Rushing 184
50 Rushing Attempts 35
5.3 Average gain per rush 5.3
12-22 Completions-Attempts 13-23
6.1 Net yards per pass play 6.2
1-3 Times sacked: Number-Yards 2-13
0 Had intercepted 3
6-228 PUNTS: Number-Yards 4-174
38.0 Punting Average 43.5
1–2 Punt Returns: Number-Yards 4-23
3-51 Kickoff Returns: Number-Yards 5-73
3-0 INT Returns: Number-Yards 0-0
1-10 PENALTIES: Number-Yards 2-10
0-0 FUMBLES: Number-Lost 1-0

Somewhere Albert the gator is laughing right now.

So I profess on this day 11/11/07.


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