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The 2009 Big Orange Roundtable. Vol II

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 22, 2009

This weeks host is the Third Saturday in Blogtober. As always the same rules apply. They ask some question and I and other blogs will answer them. So let’s go to the Roundtable!

1. We will start with an easy one.  Last week, our beloved Rock was relocated across the street to make room for a new building on campus.  What are your thoughts on the Rock’s relocation?

While I was sad the see the Rock was being moved I understand the reasons why. Tennessee needs the new student health center and it’s beneficial to everyone.

2(a).  Wednesday is the beginning of SEC Media Days in Birmingham, which usually signifies that the season is just around the corner.  What would you prefer that Coach Lane Kiffin do this week: Speak up or shut up?

STFU! Don’t say anything stupid be kind with your answers and say “No comment” a lot.

2(b).  If you could take back one thing that Coach Kiffin has done or said to this point, what would it be?

Wow that’s a hard on. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kiffin (and his hot wife) but damn. Anywho calling Urban Meyer was stupid. I realize that he said to fire up fan base but it was stupid nonetheless.

kiffin dumb

3.  The biggest news of last week on the football front was that seemingly our entire receiving corps is in the infirmary. Austin Rogers is lost for the year, Denarius Moore is going to miss several games at a minimum, and Gerald Jones has an injured wing that may cause him to miss some games.  Although it seems like it is time to hit the panic button, is there a way out of this for the Vols?

I’m not worried about it because even though I like Rogers he dropped more his share of passes. I know that’s a crappy thing it type but it’s true. I wish him the best and I do hope the NCAA grants him another year of eligibility. We have Nu’Keese Richardson, Quintin Hancock & Brandon Warren. All of whom I believe will be ready to play.

I also think we will get Gerald Jones by the second or third game of the season. Of course if Crompton is as bad as he was last year, will it really matter?

4. Basketball recruit Josh Selby decommitted from the Vols over the weekend, and many suspect it is because he wants to play for a Nike school.  Tennessee is an Adidas school, and there is speculation that future sponsorship money with Nike may be at stake if Selby doesn’t go to a Nike school like Kentucky.  This obviously has ramifications in all sports, so what do you make of all this? (NOTE: The NFL is a Reebok league, which is owned by Adidas.)

It’s funny that Selby is doing this because he was at the camp where LeBron was dunked on by a college player from Xavier University, who by the way is an Adidas school. Here is a link to a high def version of the video!!! Not the crappy cell phone version TMZ here.

LeBron gets dunked on.

Let’s look at one thing though. This kid committed when he was 16-years old. I’m not that surprised that he changed his mind…he’s 16 for goodness sakes. What is most disturbing is the fact he MIGHT feel pressured or “persuaded” by someone like “World Wide” William Wesley who as a rather public relationship with John Calipari. I think the bigger question should be: When will the NCAA ever investigate this guy?

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Ok this is disturbing

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 3, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alex certainly loves the Cavs and apparently has too much time on his hands as well.

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Let’s hope some better slogans come from Orlando than this

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 1, 2009

I would like to engage in consensual relations with that blonde-haired wit in the photograph above.

Trash talk t-shirts, I love them, you love them, we love them. Even though the shirt in the above photo is rude and abrasive it’s still funny as hell. Let’s hope people in Orlando aren’t as brain dead as Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi.

I normally don’t rag on beat writers but this guy has written some t-shirt slogans that are retarded and boring. “Magic Task: Beat LA!” Who cares? That is unoriginal.

Here are some examples:

• “Say good night to LeBron vs. Kobe.”

• “LeBron is LeGone.”

• “Bring on the Lakers.”

• “Mission accomplished.”

• “California, here they come.”

• “You heard me: the Magic are going to the NBA Finals”

• “Witness this: Orlando Magic 103, Cleveland LeBrons 90?”

• “I’m sorry, who was the MVP?”

I swear this guy is the retarded lovechild of Mike Celizic and Rick Reilly. That or I’m in a really bad mood. “Mission accomplished,” always a good thing to say not a chance that anything could go wrong after a statement like that.

Maybe it’s the team he is covering. Let me tell you how lame Orlando is…….After last night’s win over the Cavs, not one car was overturned and burned in downtown Orlando. WTF is up with that!?

Come to Orlando: Where we take your mild retardation and turn it into a fucking Minstrel Show!

Sorry maybe I really am in that bad of a mood.

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Yo Ma! Sit Your Ass Down!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 14, 2008

Did anyone catch the last game between the Cavs and the Celtics? If so then you would have seen the “wrap-around” foul Paul Pierce committed on LeBron James. I was surprised it wasn’t called a flagrant foul however LeBron James’ mommy was even more surprised. Notice in the video as the two go into the court side area under the basket, LeBrons’ mommy comes to the rescue only to be told “Sit your ass down!” by LeBron. What a post mothers day present!

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