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Sometimes politicians make me look brilliant

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 22, 2009

Before I begin this rant let it be known that I do currently own a gun and I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. There’s a reason I started this post off like this keep reading and you’ll see why. 

Contrary to popular belief most politicians really aren’t complete idiots. Most are former attorneys who wanted something more. Then there’s Ernest Wooton a state representative in Louisiana, now he makes Les (Big hat little penis) Miles look like a Rhodes Scholar. 

See State Rep. Woot there it is Wooton is proposing House Bill 27 which allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry a gun on Louisiana’s college campuses. This has cause Miles to stop playing with his voo doo doll of Kirk Herbstreit and make the following comment: 

“I am concerned about this piece of legislation for reasons far greater than sports,” Miles said in a statement issued Monday. “Having worked on a college campus for most of my career, I know that firearms do not belong on campus. 

“To allow firearms on campus would be to introduce an element of risk that could compromise all that is good about a university setting.” 

I whole hardily agree with Coach Miles. First no one tailgates harder than LSU fans and they take pride in that. If a game is happening Saturday then they start parting Wednesday. Bottom line alcohol and firearms do not mix, much less combined with fan frenzy and bitter feelings either by LSU fans after a loss or opposing fans after a loss. 

Now I’m not picking on LSU either. I don’t want to be able to carry a firearm on the campus of Tennessee or any other institute of higher learning period. 

What’s really scary about this situation is that Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana’s governor) actually supports this bill and stated he will sign it to law. Maybe both Wooton and Jindal are smart men but they are certainly lacking something called common sense. 

So here is a question for you and feel free to answer this in the comments section: How safe would you feel traveling or attending a game at a school where you know that some drunken spectator is most likely carrying a firearm?


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College Football Week 9 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 26, 2008

It sucks to be a Tennessee fan this season however I’ll still support them no matter what. As always a complete write up on the Tennessee/Alabama game will be tomorrow after I torture myself by watching a replay of the game.

There were other teams in action yesterday. Let’s look and see what we have learned from yesterday.

UCONN got back on the Big Least track by hammering Cincinnati.

Indiana upset the smarties of Northwestern.

Apparently Boston College doesn’t want too go to the ACC championship game.

Wisconsin finally won a game by beating the fighting Zookers of Illinois.

Here’s a piece of advice: never schedule Texas Tech as a homecoming game. Just ask the Kansas Jayhawks.

The fall of Wake Forest and the rise of Miami as begun.

Minnesota is 7-1 and for real.

The gaytors of Florida hammered Kentucky by blowing them out by 58 points. Hey did they steal your plays as well?

Oklahoma scored 55 points in the 1st half against Kansas State but only 3 in the 2nd half. Oklahoma still handily won the game.

Vandy is still not bowl eligible and Couch Cut picks up another win for Duke.

Florida State beat Virginia Tech, that and the fact Virginia beat Georgia Tech means Virginia of all ACC teams is on top of the Coastal division in the ACC.

Look out folks Louisville might be back, they upset South Florida yesterday.

The beast known as Georgia reared its head yesterday by hanging 52 points at LSU. As you can see from the photo LSU fans is thrilled at all. (Click on it)

Trends started at Rutgers…

1. College football (1866)
2. Giving the finger to hovering HD cameras at college football games (2008)

For the first time in 10 years Michigan State beat Michigan at Michigan. I’m sure things are getting hot for Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez.

Texas barely wins against Oklahoma State. Folks this Oklahoma State is for real just America’s coach, Mike Gundy.

Pittsburgh was doing well but they regressed yesterday while Rutgers beat them.

Missouri took some frustration out on Colorado yesterday.

Texas A&M beat Iowa State. Check this video out. You have to love fans whose team is not performing well talking shit about the other teams. This video is hilarious!!!

JoePa gets his first win at the horseshoe since 1978 as Penn State beats Ohio State officially knocking them from playing in this year’s title game.

Washington is still winless and Notre Dame is 5-2.  They could become ranked this week.

Houston Nutt took Ole Miss in to Arkansas handed them another loss. I’m he is savoring that one.

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College Football Week 4 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 21, 2008

So far this season is not like last season but so far so good nonetheless.

Tennessee sucks! Wait I already knew that…expect some more on this subject as the week progresses.

Georgia adds to the PAC 10 non conference woes by beating Arizona State with ease and Oregon did not help matters much by losing to Boise State. Basically everyone in the PAC 10 is playing for second place behind SoCal. Anyone see the awesome dive Moreno did to score the first TD? However he should have received a flag for celebration.

To see it live was awesome.

Missouri failed to impress against Buffalo.

Texas and Texas Tech. both flex some Big 12 muscle yesterday by trouncing their opponents.

And The Tide of Alabama continues to roll however credit 14 points of the 49 they scored to great defense.

South Florida fails to impress.

Not so fast Auburn fans and haters…they do have an offense after all but they lost nevertheless. Les “Big Hat Little Penis” Miles might be at least the 2nd best coach in the SEC. This was easily the best game of the week.

South Carolina gets by 1-AA Wofford…Spurrier can’t be happy right now.

Ohio State is the most over ranked in the top 25, Penn State is the team to beat in the Big Eleven Ten.

BYU is easily this years BCS buster…but let’s not forget about Utah.

East Carolina…fails…but Skip Holtz is still a hot commodity.

Florida State’s offense is simply lost and Wake Forest is the team to bear in the ACC.

Butch Davis better go back to the drawing board because North Carolina isn’t there yet.

Georgia Tech wrecked Miss State and Sly Croom.

Hell has frozen over because right now Vandy is sitting atop the SEC East.

Kansas let’s not forget about them.

Clemson got some frustration out by beating up on SC State.

Fresno State…is still ranked for a reason.

Hey Notre Dame still sucks imagine that.

Pittsburgh pick up your Big East flag & wave it proudly…just like last year Iowa sucks.

Look at Maryland 3-1 and might be ranked come later today.

Boston College could also be ranked as well.

Syracuse actually wins a game, of course it was against a 1-AA opponent but a win is a win.

Cincinnati is still looking like the team to beat in the Big East.

Miami will be scary good by the end of the year.

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Fo Shizzle Snoop Dogg & Les Miles are new BFFs

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 1, 2008

Apparently Snoop Dogg is no longer a SoCal fan. Snoop Dogg made a cameo appearance during Miles’ speech to the weekly meeting of local business people. They were brought together by their common belief that before you dig you out a bitch, you have to find a contraceptive.

I wish I was an LSU recruit. I could picture my parents sitting on the couch as Coach Miles & ‘Recruiter Snoop” come in with 3 bitches, a water bong, and more narcotics than a Colombian cargo plane

“I just wanted to give my love and support to coach Miles,” Snoop Dogg said as he briefly stepped behind the podium. “I met him last night.

“So you’ve got my love and support, from S.C. I’m here to support him.”

“Ben Miles is all over Snoop’s stuff. I found every guy around him is a former coach or player, and he runs a league of youth football and provides opportunities for young people. I defend his music, and am much more a fan of the person.” Miles said.

Snoop must be so relieved to have Les Miles coming to the defense of his music. Rumor has it that Saban’s going to the mattresses. He’s calling in Fiddy.

Les Miles reportedly ended the press conference proclaiming “We don’t you Hos, I’m out tha doe”

Ben Miles may be all over Snoop's stuff, but Les Miles is apparently terrified of him.

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The Little Known Features of EA Sports NCAA 2009 Football

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 15, 2008

Find your overrated school cover here

Well well well…today is the day that EA sports NCAA 2009 is released. There are many new features that aren’t gathering the attention they deserve, let’s go over some.

When you’re playing as Tennessee the more you lose the more stress is placed on the Great Battle Captain Phil Fulmer thus resulting in weight loss. Go for the male swimsuit model look! There’s also a special code that allows to take a virtual tour of Knoxville via police ride-a-longs. Sweet!

If you’re playing as Ohio State & make it to the BCS championship game but you’re paired against a SEC team…go ahead and press reset, you’ve automatically lost. Another note when you’re playing as Ohio State you can bypass playing Michigan game, you’ll win it every time so why waste your time.

There’s a secret Jimmy Johns mode when playing as Alabama where you can snort some of the end zone chalk.

While playing as Michigan if any opposing team makes fun of the fact you lost to Appy State you’re allowed to kick their mascot.

If you’re playing as Penn State and Joe Pa breaks his leg you can have him shot & put him out of his misery.

If you’re playing as Oklahoma and make it to a BCS bowl game just press reset you can’t win.

If you lose a game while playing as South Carolina you’re allowed to try and decapitate the opposing coach with Spurrier’s visor.

If you defeat Texas for the national championship you can kill and grill Bevo the Texas mascot or Matthew Mcconaughey your choice.

While playing as Alabama, Florida or South Carolina you’re allowed to comment crimes as players and then bail them out, supply them a lawyer and attend the trials as a spectator. There are also special codes of all three schools that allow you to use bongs, guns and stolen merchandise as “recruiting tools”.

While playing as Georgia you can have Uga defecate on any opposing coach’s shoe.

While playing against Michigan you can have the INS arrest and detain Rich Rodriguez for not having a green card on his person at the time.

If you lose to Louisiana-Monroe while playing as Alabama, you can send EA Sports a screen shot of the final score and they will ship you a loaded gun to kill yourself with, because no one should lose to them in real life much less during a freaking video game.

While playing as West Virginia you have a secret weapon in using the enormously ugly chicks as cheerleaders like the Angry Err posted here at LWS.

When playing as Ole Miss you can send dirty and obscene text messages to blond female members of press. Much like Houston Nutt did while at Arkansas.

When playing against Auburn at Auburn you have a brief window of opportunity to shoot down the eagle mascot in mid flight.

Speaking of Arkansas when you’re in coach mode you can up and quit without notice.

While playing as LSU, the more you win the bigger Les Miles’ hat gets.

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Ryan Perrilloux says OCD Made him do some Crazy Sh*T that or he’s a Dumb Ass

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 30, 2008

In a way too long interview that was given “exclusively” to Yahoo! Sports, former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, states it was OCD that made him act like a moron and Coach Leslie “Big Hat Small Penis” Miles knew about it all along.

Perrilloux states he was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and was prescribed medication to control symptoms such as anxiety.

Perrilloux said he was experiencing ear aches last summer and, when LSU’s medical staff could find nothing wrong, he met with a psychiatrist who diagnosed his problem. The psychological disorder is commonly known as OCD and characterized by obsessive thoughts and rituals.

Other symptom of this disease- The belief that I can do anything I like at anytime I like and nobody will do anything about it because I’m good in sports.

Also in his case OCD also caused him to use drugs, berate a waiter with obscenities and racial slurs get mixed up in a scheme involving counterfeit money, skip practices & miss classes.

“The OCD made me do it.” If he were really “sick” he should be able to sue LSU using the Americans with Disabilities Act. Someone please explain to him that Paxil won’t cure stupidity.

“That’s what was wrong with me because I always used to pop my jaw and used to pick at my skin, bite my nails,” he said.

“That was the first time I knew I had Obsessive-Compulsive (disorder),” Perrilloux said. “Because I was always so busy, I didn’t know I had it. They said that’s a way to hide it.”

I don’t buy it. A very common symptom of having OCD is a strong sense to abide by the rules and not do something criminal or wrong. This is driven by fear of punishment or law enforcement.

Jack Crowe, head coach at Jacksonville State, said he learned about the diagnosis while doing a background check before he offered Perrilloux a scholarship. He also said he thought it helped explain Perrilloux’s troubled stay in Baton Rouge, La.

“I think what you have is a little bit of a compound effect of several different things there,” Crowe said. “Not the least of which is that he walked in there behind two pretty good quarterbacks and has been a guy that stood there and held the clipboard, and it’s about to kill him. That’ll change your character.

“Yeah, he ought to be able to handle that. He ought to be able to handle a lot of things. But you got all that compounded together.”

Perrilloux said he stopped taking medication with doctor’s approval and has the OCD symptoms under control. But his mother, a licensed practical nurse, said she and her son agreed he did not suffer from OCD and he never took the medication.

So is Perrilloux lying? Did take the meds and stop or is he using some lame excuse to justify he past bad behavior?

Perrilloux would neither confirm nor deny published reports that he failed a recent drug test, but his mother, Bobbie Breaux, told Yahoo! Sports that Perrilloux tested positive for a banned drug as a freshman and that a recent drug test detected “trace” amounts of a banned substance in her son. She said she did not know what the banned substances were even though she’s a licensed practical nurse and all…slacker.

“Is it true or is it not true?” Perrilloux said when asked about the drug tests. “I don’t want to say no and I don’t want to say yeah. I just want to say no comment and just move forward.”

“I’m excited to just kick the season off against Georgia Tech, to have an opportunity to just play my first game at my new school on ESPN,” he said. “… A lot of people want to see me do well, and I don’t want to let anybody down.”

To late…

Remember I still need “bail” money!!! Click here for details.

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Ryan Perrilloux’s Reefer Smells Like Corn Dogs & Coon Ass

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 3, 2008

Ryan Perrilloux’s never-ending troubles are once and for all over for LSU. About time Leslie!

Perrilloux was one of the most sought-after quarterback prospects in the country coming out of high school however his off the field escapades which gives me something to write about finally caught up with him. Les “Big Hat Little Penis” Miles booted the “troubled” duel threat quarterback off the team yesterday after failing a drug test. By “troubled” I mean a complete moron.

Wow Miles actually grew a set……He’s a man, He’s 40!!! Perrilloux is no man, he’ll be at La Tech in no time!!

Perrilloux said he hopes to transfer to a member of the former Division I-AA, where he could have two seasons of eligibility left. Besides the smaller schools party harder than the larger ones. Ask Appalachian State about that.

“Perrilloux didn’t fulfill his obligation as an LSU student-athlete,” Miles said in a statement. “Ryan was given every opportunity to be a part of this football team.”

Perrilloux’s lawyer, Nathan Fisher, declined to comment Friday. Reached at her home in LaPlace, Perrilloux’s mother, Bobbie Breaux, said she and her son preferred not to discuss the matter publicly at this time but may do so later after he runs through his stash.

Photo courtesy of the The Football Diet

Perrilloux was suspended last summer and during recent spring drills. He was on the fringe of a counterfeiting investigation and was caught trying to enter a Baton Rouge casino with false identification. He also was involved in a nightclub fight in November, causing him to miss a game at Alabama. He was cleared of wrongdoing.

Miles again suspended Perrilloux in mid-February after he missed a team meeting, skipped some classes and was late for conditioning workouts and now a failed drugs test. Hey Leslie try the police ride-a-long punishment next time.

Maybe he’ll be in the supplemental draft. The Bengals would probably beat Jerry Jones to the pick, seeing as how they drafted another kid with problems which reared its ugly head just this week, Ahmad Brooks.

How difficult is it to stay out of trouble? Every Athletic Department has one or two or ten who just can’t seem to help themselves. A message to all scholarship athletes….you have entered into a lease agreement which offers you a free education in return for playing a game as well as STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE!!!!!

Don’t worry Ryan, ‘Bama or South Carolina will take you in a heartbeat, neither King Liar nor The Ole Ball (sac) Coach cares so long as you’re not actually in prison.

Photo courtesy of the funny as shit Losers With Socks.

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Ohio State & the Big 10 are Becoming a Big Joke

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 8, 2008

Another championship game, another disappointment for Ohio State and the Big Eleven 10. What makes the SEC so special to its fans and so dominate verses to teams outside the SEC? It’s simple really and to explain it I’ll quote Eleanor Roosevelt “America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed” and that’s what SEC is about speed.

Don’t believe me? Did you watch the game last night? Ohio (we fucking lost 3 national championship games in a row) State know exactly what I’m writing about. LSU spotted them 10 points before rolling off 31 points unanswered. The final score doesn’t indicate just how bad Ohio State was beaten last night. After all Ohio State is 0-9 verses SEC teams in bowls for a good reason.

To make matters worse this bowl season proves that the BCS doesn’t work. Ohio State had no business being there in the title game. Look at the some of the teams they played to get there.

Youngstown State
Kent State

WTF? The highest rated team they played was a very overrated Purdue team and they were like rated 22. The scary thing is I believe Georgia is actually faster than LSU. The SEC will continue to get stronger while the Big Eleven 10 will continue to get weaker.

Just how weak is the Big Eleven 10? Here’s the final Jeff Sagarintm rankings by conference as an example.

2 PAC-10
3 BIG 12

Wait the ACC is ranked higher? Bahahahahaha. That’s mortifying. No wonder Ohio State students decided to try and torch their own town after getting their asses handed to them. One would think another buckeye helmet sticker would make them feel better.

I believe the Georgia president was right when he said this:

“I believe the season is already too long and demands too much of athletes and the universities that serve them,” Adams said at a news conference. “But this year’s experience with the BCS forces me to the conclusion that the current system has lost public confidence and simply does not work.”

No shit. Even though it’s brave of you to state that and send it in a letter, but seriously the fans have been saying that for years. (I had the video from but for some reason it wouldn’t work on this site)

This I proclaim on 1/8/08.


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Ohio State Knows They Aren’t Liked…About Fucking Time

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 3, 2007

The Ohio State Marching Band practicing formations when they see the half time score.

For the second time in two years, Ohio State will play for the national championship. Unlike last year, this they got completely lucky to be in the position they’re in & they realize that. Also, unlike last year, this year they know good & well that they aren’t liked by anyone, including people in Ohio. Story

“In all likelihood we will be the underdog because pretty much everyone on earth hates us,” offensive tackle Kirk Barton said Sunday night.

“That’s cool. We’re going to be playing in Louisiana against LSU and SEC Nation. So, it’s just one of those things we’ll probably end up being the underdog, but that’s fine with us. We’ve played in hostile games before. It’ll be a lot of fun.”

Son, you haven’t seen hostile yet. Imagine some of the fans there want to come down from the stands, rip your head off & skull fuck you, and those aren’t the fans that smell like corn dogs (LSU) either. The LSU fans want to do a lot worse than that. Now, that’s hostile.

“We understand that people are going to question (us) about last year and people are going to remember that,” linebacker James Laurinaitis said. “People are really going to question how legit we are as a team going into this game. That’s something that’s just a real issue, a real fact. We can’t change that. We just have to prepare the best that we can and go down there and play the best we can.”

People question you because you’re 0-8 verses SEC teams in bowl games. They question the conference you’re in, after all there’s 11 teams and yet you still call yourselves the Big 10. Mostly they question how a team who played such a “powerhouse” schedule, with teams like Youngstown State, Akron & Kent State can even make in the title game to begin with. The local high school here played Kent State and won by 40 for God’s sake.
“Nothing surprises me in football,” Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. “Would I have predicted exactly what happened yesterday? Probably not. But you might not have predicted what happened the whole season.”

I remember everyone and their mother predicting an Ohio State victory before Florida bitch slapped you back to Columbus. Of course you didn’t learn your lesson, so they bitched slapped you again in basketball.

“It was crazy. To see those teams go down like that unexpectedly, it was a great feeling,” quarterback Todd Boeckman said. “(It required) a little bit of everything, I guess. A little bit of praying, a little bit of hoping. We just felt we had an opportunity. It’s surprising both of them lost, but it’s a good deal for us.”

More like a good deal for the SEC, because they will yet another national championship off the blood, sweat & tears of another overrated Ohio State team.

“There’s definitely a stigma around Ohio State because of last year,” cornerback Malcolm Jenkins said. “But that’s something we can’t control. All we can do is try to win this game.”

The highest ranked opponent you guys played all was 20th ranked Purdue, who was yet another over ranked & over hyped team. Personally I’m glad you guys made it in. I haven’t laughed so much at a football game since the great Florida-Ohio State game of last year. But I don’t hate you, I only truly hate one team and it’s not you. But I pity your fans who will be crying again this year. This time I hope they’re at least a little quieter about it.

So I profess on this day 12/03/07


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Hold the Phone Folks, Les Miles Might Not Leave LSU After All.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 1, 2007

And the drama continues… This morning complete corporate tool Kirk Herbstreit one of the members of ESPN’s boy band, College Game Day, reported that Michigan was going to name Les Miles head coach early next week. Funny how the “story” broke right LSU face Tennessee in SEC championship game.

Of course all the media was a buzz a good part of the day. Some were outraged at the timing of the announcement and some members of the liberal media were questioning how a deal could have come about so quickly.

We now ESPN is reporting that Les Miles isn’t leaving LSU and he has a new contract to sign with LSU. Story

” LSU coach Les Miles will remain the school’s football coach rather than consider a move to Michigan, athletic director Skip Bertman said Saturday.

“Coach Miles and the chancellor have already worked out a contract that they’re happy with, but it hasn’t been signed yet,” Bertman said.”

Whether this report is true is the question. What does Michigan have to say about this? If Miles doesn’t become the next coach for Michigan who will they go after? What become of the Old Ball Sack Coach God Spurrier? He was counting on that LSU job you know.

Stay tuned to find out more. Hopefully Joel can help me get a handle on this, since I’ll be away from the computer after 3:00 EST. today.


Les has spoken! Story

“I am the head coach at LSU. I will be the head coach at LSU,” Miles said Saturday. “I have no interest in talking to anybody else.”

“I’ve got a championship game to play, and I’m excited about the opportunity of my damn strong football team to play,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that I had to address my team with that information this morning.

“I represent me in this issue, please ask me after. I’m busy,” he said.

Bahahahah. I love it. Now let’s see if Miles pulls a Saban in upcoming days.

So I profess on this day 12/01/07



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