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College Football Week 9 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 26, 2008

It sucks to be a Tennessee fan this season however I’ll still support them no matter what. As always a complete write up on the Tennessee/Alabama game will be tomorrow after I torture myself by watching a replay of the game.

There were other teams in action yesterday. Let’s look and see what we have learned from yesterday.

UCONN got back on the Big Least track by hammering Cincinnati.

Indiana upset the smarties of Northwestern.

Apparently Boston College doesn’t want too go to the ACC championship game.

Wisconsin finally won a game by beating the fighting Zookers of Illinois.

Here’s a piece of advice: never schedule Texas Tech as a homecoming game. Just ask the Kansas Jayhawks.

The fall of Wake Forest and the rise of Miami as begun.

Minnesota is 7-1 and for real.

The gaytors of Florida hammered Kentucky by blowing them out by 58 points. Hey did they steal your plays as well?

Oklahoma scored 55 points in the 1st half against Kansas State but only 3 in the 2nd half. Oklahoma still handily won the game.

Vandy is still not bowl eligible and Couch Cut picks up another win for Duke.

Florida State beat Virginia Tech, that and the fact Virginia beat Georgia Tech means Virginia of all ACC teams is on top of the Coastal division in the ACC.

Look out folks Louisville might be back, they upset South Florida yesterday.

The beast known as Georgia reared its head yesterday by hanging 52 points at LSU. As you can see from the photo LSU fans is thrilled at all. (Click on it)

Trends started at Rutgers…

1. College football (1866)
2. Giving the finger to hovering HD cameras at college football games (2008)

For the first time in 10 years Michigan State beat Michigan at Michigan. I’m sure things are getting hot for Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez.

Texas barely wins against Oklahoma State. Folks this Oklahoma State is for real just America’s coach, Mike Gundy.

Pittsburgh was doing well but they regressed yesterday while Rutgers beat them.

Missouri took some frustration out on Colorado yesterday.

Texas A&M beat Iowa State. Check this video out. You have to love fans whose team is not performing well talking shit about the other teams. This video is hilarious!!!

JoePa gets his first win at the horseshoe since 1978 as Penn State beats Ohio State officially knocking them from playing in this year’s title game.

Washington is still winless and Notre Dame is 5-2.  They could become ranked this week.

Houston Nutt took Ole Miss in to Arkansas handed them another loss. I’m he is savoring that one.

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The Tennessee/Georgia grade book

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 13, 2008

Where do I begin? Let’s start with awful and move to hopeless and finish with WTF.

Image courtesy of the 3rd Saturday in Blogtober

Image courtesy of the 3rd Saturday in Blogtober

With that being said let’s briefly go another route. I had the pleasure of the watching the game with my best friend who is a diehard Georgia fan. He pointed out 3 very questionable calls that resulted in 45 yards of penalties. The no contact pass interference, the helmet to helmet shot and wasn’t a helmet to helmet shot and late hit out of bounds that really should have been a no call. Even the announcers were surprised at those calls.

However that doesn’t excuse the nonexistent running game and the fact the defense had one of the worse games of the season.

This team is as offensively challenged as Brittany Spears is crazy. My question is what is the real problem? Is it Fulmer or Clawson? Fulmer still backs Clawson for the moment.

“The plans are good,” Fulmer said. “They’re sound. We just don’t execute like we need to. All of us need to do better.”

“He’s got the head phones on and he’s certainly aware of everything we’re doing,” Clawson said. “He certainly lets me call the game. I’m responsible for the offense.”

Well I can certainly rest easier at night knowing that. *Sarcasm*

The fight and fire does seem to continue to burn inside Fulmer however for how much longer is anyone’s guess. He knows what is coming within this coming week.

“Everybody in the world is going to talk about me,” Fulmer said. “They’re going to talk about our staff. They’re going to talk about (the players) and what kind of backbone we’ve got.

“Look ’em in the eye and say, ‘I’m not quitting.’ Who’s going to stand up? They got to go on campus, out and about. They better be able to look them in the eye and say, ‘Hey, I did my best.’ That’s the staff, and that’s me and that’s everybody else.”

I hate to say this but sometimes ones best just isn’t good enough anymore. It’s not that Phil hasn’t done a lot of great things for UT but let’s face it, when he continues to run the same plays year after year, the opposing coaches get a lot of tape and figure out the best way counter it. See Urban Meyer, Mark Richt and Nick Saban. Any coach that looks at those schemes against UT can mount a good game plan against the offense and it is currently and has been happening a lot in the past 4 years.

Bottom line this team lacks creativity. With that being said let’s review the grades. Read the rest of this entry »

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Does Fulmer’s future hinge on a win against Georgia?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 9, 2008

Has Coach Fulmer’s career come down to whether the VOLS win or lose come this Saturday? It depends on whether if you believe the glass is half empty or half full.

For those that believe the glass is half empty then the most obvious answer is yes. They can simply point out to the current record of their beloved VOLS. Tennessee (2-3) is last in the SEC East, and only two other teams in the entire conference stands at 0-2 in SEC play. Those are Arkansas and Mississippi State.

When Josh Briscoe says things like “If we play the way we did Saturday, we won’t beat many (Southeastern Conference) teams” after the meager 13 point performance like last Saturday night, it does cause some to wonder.

Statements like that also cause a great deal of anguish and stress to those whose glasses remain half empty. Those that believe their glass is half empty believe their booing is a badge of honor.

Of course the Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer and his players aren’t exactly helping their situation either. When asked if this Saturday’s showdown with the SEC Eastern Conference rival Georgia was a must win Fulmer was quick to answer.

“It’s all of the above,” Fulmer said. “It’s not business as usual. This is a very important time for us as we fight like heck to stay in the championship mix and hope somebody else gets beat.”

Tennessee is in the bottom half of the SEC in 10 major offensive categories, including last in pass efficiency (102.6) and first downs (15.8 per game).

The opening point spread is Georgia by 13 and any glass half empty person will quickly point out how 13 is the unluckiness of all.

“But we brought it on ourselves,” Quarterback Nick Stephens said. “We didn’t really play as well as we could have the first couple of games.

“It’s to be expected.”

It might be expected, but to most it’s not accepted. Of course the people whose glass remains half empty will also quickly point out about how Fulmer has a 9 lives and a contract for life, then their glass goes from being half empty to ¾ empty. Read the rest of this entry »

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It all smoke and mirrors because Georgia cheats!

Posted by Billy Bob Bammer on August 5, 2008

The Fulmer Cup is ours bitches! Keep your MFing paws off!

The Fulmer Cup is ours bitches! Keep your MF'ing paws off! RTR!

You dirty MF’ing Dawgs! I know that you know that I know that Little Bear Cub knows that you dirty Dawgs are nothing but cheaters! I should know I’m a Bama fan and Bama fans know cheating tactics (R.I.P. Logan Young) when they see it. Hell we invented it! rtr

Do you Dawg fans have a contract on my life? As Thomas the Terrible reported, when I heard about your practice sessions for next years Fulmer Cup I went on a Copenhagen & PBR bender. Now that I’m out of the hospital I see you’re actually trying to make a push to win that dang’um cup this year!

Georgia listen to me, you’ll never defeat Alabama (except on the football field.) To add insult to injury you’re holy of holiest coaches is trying to steal our cup by cheating!! You dirty Dawgs! rtr

Go ahead and suspend Darius Dingleberry Dewberry for overturning the beds of Bama fans trashcans and vandalizing a hospital. Truth is he wasn’t arrested so you get no Fulmer Cup points! Ha! RTR!

“Yeah, it’s embarrassing,” Richt said, “it’s sad. It’s certainly been a distraction. There is no way you can say it’s not a distraction because it has been.”

You should be embarrassed about how you are trying to win the Fulmer Cup by cheating.

I will give Richt credit for choosing the pattern of discipline that the Florida Gators School of Discipline proved useful:

  • Rule 1 – Always suspend your players during the first game (or two) of the year against patsies. No longer is suspension ever necessary.
  • Rule 2 – The Crowder rule. If a tough opponent appears during the first two games, enforce the discipline at a later game in the year against a weak sister team.
  • Rule 3 – The Thomas rule. Alternate suspension time around important games. Suspend the player. Bring him back. Suspend him again. Bring him back. Then dismiss him.

Go ahead and try to cheat in order to win. You’ve bitten off than you can chew Dawgs. Alabama perfected this method. The crimes of your players are frail and weak compared to Bammers crimes. You have pubic drunkenness we have cocaine dealer. (Remember to stop by the corner of Main & 4th that’s where I opened my Jimmy Johns franchise.) RTR

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to masturbate to old episodes of “Petticoat Junction.” RTR Bitches!

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Georgia challenges Alambama for the Fulmer Cup

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 3, 2008

Image courtesy of Losers With Socks

Image courtesy of Losers With Socks

Gee thanks Georgia you’ve got Billy Bob Bammer incensed with rage because you have the “audacity of hope” to make a late push and challenge Alabama for this years Fulmer Cup. He is presently at the hospital after OD’ing on Copenhagen & Pabst Blue Ribbon. This latest binge of his was fueled by rumor that there is a billboard near Athens that states “Practicing for the Fulmer Cup- Look out Bama, Next year it will be ours!”

Long snapper Jeff Henson, a junior from Gunsville, was arrested for being a drunken fool and attempting to write his name in the snow even though there wasn’t any snow around if you know what I mean. This is same Henson that was charged with DUI last November & missed Sugar Bowl. Richt should have known not to recruit a Gator Gangster.

That’s ok Henson when you gotta go, you gotta go, Henson. I understand.

Henson was arrested after the Po Po saw a “very intoxicated” Henson writing his hame name on the wall of a bank building. Reached by telephone Saturday evening, Henson was contrite: “There’s no excuse for being out the weekend before camp.” I say being fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son, unless you’re a Bama fan.

To make matters worse safety Donavon Baldwin was arrested in an unrelated altercation beat down at a bar. He was already serving a one-game suspension because of a DUI arrest in January. Plus he had to go to St. Mary’s Hospital after getting clocked in the head with a beer bottle.

Both these players have been suspended indefinitely by Mark Richt. Remember Dawg fans he ain’t God Spurrier meaning he actually means they’re suspended.

Wait, Henson was injured and also got suspended. Ouch!

“This is the second incident for both of these young men in the last year,” Richt said of Henson and Baldwin in a release. “In my judgment their standing with the program is in question, and they don’t deserve to report with the rest of our team on Sunday.”

Also freshman linebacker Marcus Dowtin also was treated at the hospital for injuries suffered in the same altercation beat down as Baldwin. So far Richt hasn’t stated any punishment he might receive. He was probably going to redshirt anyway.

There are also rumors swirling around that other Georgia football players may have been involved in the altercation beat down or possibly committed other offenses such as jaywalking and masturbating in an Applebees that was showing the humiliation of Florida at last years Worlds Largest Cocktail Party. An UGA spokesman named Claude Felton said Richt “is looking into everything.”

Would you believe anything that someone named Claude say?

So far this makes 8 players from the Georgia squad arrested since January. Maybe someone needs to use the Hob nail boot on the players. With the arrests that Georgia, USC, Florida & Alabama have racked up this year how can my beloved Vols defeat these teams? I fear the Tennessee players are to soft to commit crimes. What a shame.  I feel like I’m a Vandy fan watching all this unfold.

One Georgia reflects on his team’s latest jaunts with law enforcement here. Believe me it’s worth the read.  A special thanks goes to Gray at Left on Lanier for giving me the heads up on this story.

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Georgia Players Mourn for UGA VI by Getting Arrested and Kicking Ass

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 2, 2008

I mourned the loss of UGA VI with her. Time and time again.

I can fully understand the university of Georgia football players being upset after the loss of their beloved Uga VI. What I don’t understand is the strange mourning ritual 3 players have endured.

The first two are Guard Justin Anderson and tackle Trinton Sturdivan. They are now are facing misdemeanor battery charges. According to the Po Po they were charged after an incident involving two women outside a dormitory. One of the players allegedly touched the stomach of one of the women, who is pregnant.

First off, if she’s pregnant and hanging around the dorms, she’s probably just visiting from Florida. Secondly, they could suspend everyone but Knowshon from the first two games and still cover the spread.

However sending flowers would have been sufficient.

“It is a misdemeanor allegation and the boys deny that they have done anything wrong,” said Ed Tolley, the attorney representing Anderson and Sturdivant. “We’ll have to let the courts sort it out.”

The third player, sophomore defensive end Michael Lemon, has been named as a suspect in a weekend altercation beat down at an Athens apartment complex, in which a Georgia student suffered an eye injury and head trauma.

If Lemon is indeed arrested, that would make him the seventh Georgia football player to be charged with a crime since the end of last season.

Usually UGA players stick to domestic violence…looks like they are branching out a little here.

According to the police report:

“Lemon punched [the victim] five times … and several witness advised that Mr. Lemon’s friends ‘huddled’ around Mr. Lemon as he was punching [the victim].”

The report also states the victim’s “left eye was noticeably swollen and he also had a bump on his head from where Mr. Lemon hit him. [The victim] advised that his vision was blurry from his left eye. It appeared as though [the victim] also had a concussion from the altercation.”

UGA associate athletics director Claude Felton was shocked to learn of the arrests and coach Richt was conveniently “out of town” so he couldn’t comment.

“Under Athletic Association policy, a misdemeanor offense will fall to a coach’s discretion in terms of disciplinary action,” Felton said. “I’m sure Coach Richt will gather all the facts and make a decision at some point.”

All this has caused Billy Bob Bammer to stop with the harvest of Coca plants with the Columbia Cartel and make an official statement:

“Listen UGA. Stop trying to one up Bama, we are better than you (except on the football field). We still have a lead at this point and will win the convict championship ’08 (sorry Tennessee). We appreciate your effort UGA but 10 arrests in 13 months cannot be beat so take that dawgs. RTR.”

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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 11

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 11, 2007

#1 tOSU falls, more chaos for the BCS. This is the best college football season ever!

I’ve already said my piece about Ohio State, but Ron Zook might the Big Eveleen Ten coach of the year.

If Kansas wins out they will play for the national championship. The game against Missouri looms larger than the Kansas coach.

Boston College proves why they were over ranked.

Mark Richt is pumping up the crowd on the sidelines, getting the black jerseys for his players…he’s finally coming out of his shell. No team wants to play Georgia right now. Ask Auburn.

Virginia Tech might be better than what some of us thought.

Welcome back to realty Michigan, however you still have a chance of beating tOSU next week.

Ha Ha Ha Uconn got beat, another Big Least team has their BCS dreams crushed.

South Carolina went from ranked 6 in the country to a joke during their four game losing streak.

It doesn’t matter how many point Nebraska scored against K-State, Callahan is a goner.

NC State is slowly and quietly becoming bowl eligible.

Notice how the Gamecock fans were gone by the middle of the 4th quarter? Yep the old USC is back. 🙂

The old Cal team is back is well.

For the last game played in the Orange Bowl, one would think Miami would at least put up a fight.

The offense of Clemson is playing as well anyone in the nation.

Kentucky denies Vandy a chance to be bowl eligible. By the way I got a lot of grief from Kentucky fans over this post. So even though the embarrassing lose to Gardner-Webb isn’t football related, all I can say is: Ha ha ha your team really sucks. 🙂

Service Academies 2 Notre Dame 0.

And finally Joel is writing an in-depth piece on Coach Croom. But all I have to say is this:

Others have been fired because of this.

So I profess on this day 11/11/07.



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Spurrier Sends A Message Out to Any Team that Pulls a Celebration Stunt Like Georgia Did.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 1, 2007

God Spurrier knows how to make quick verbal jabs, he knows coaching, he knows lack of discipline & now God Spurrier knows violence, and isn’t afraid to use it against teams that might celebrate against the Gamecocks.

“I think if (Florida coach) Urban Meyer had known they were going to do it, send out one of his third team guys and get in a wrestling match with the guys, get a fight started, so all those guys on the field leave the bench in a fight,” Spurrier suggested.

“I think that’s what we’d do. If the other team ever does that, get one of your down the line guys that’s not going to play to get out there and start wrestling with the guys. Now you’ve got a fight and they’re all out the next week.”

Well, that explains the number of thugs he recruits. He would just send out his third string to start a fight. What an inspiration to youth everywhere. That comment also explains why USC receives a great deal of personal foul penalties and why they have such a hard time with the Po Po off the field. Great role model for everyone. He still has the Gator Mafia mentality.

All this comes after the fact that Coach Richt has sent the Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mr. Slive, an apology letter. Of course no one can deny that USC beat Georgia this year, but what about just playing a clean game, using good old fashioned sportsmanship, and the better team wins. I guess that’s not good enough anymore.

So I profess on this day 11/01/07.


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I dedicate this to all the Georgia fans that read this blog.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 29, 2007


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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