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Dwyane Wade can relax now that T-Mobil has dropped Charles Barkley

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 15, 2009

Nice outfit, Chuck. Apparently you’ve gone from the Round Mound of Rebound to the Drab Flab of Rehab.

Who knew that driving while intoxicating and then telling the arresting officer that you ran a stop sign because you were on your way to get a blowjob would get you dropped by T-Mobil? Is this still not America we live in? Maybe Barkley should have considered a limo service for his Fave 5.

Then again after a careful look at the situation maybe it wasn’t the drinking, whoring or gambling. Maybe it was the shirt in his mug shot. T-Mobile could not condone that.

Don’t tell me that T-Mobile didn’t know Barkley was an obnoxious asshole when they first signed him to do their advertising?

Was him getting a DUI while on his way to a BJ really such a deviation from anything Barkley did before they signed him up???

I’m betting Sir Charles’ new Fav 5 consists of:

  1. His attorney
  2. The producers at TNT so can beg to keep his job
  3. The country club because tee times must still be made
  4. His bookie of course
  5. Heidi Fleiss

The only person who wants Charles Barkley’s endorsement right now is Gene Chizik.

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