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Something just isn’t quite right with the Tuberville departure from Auburn

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 5, 2008

Is something amiss on the plains of Auburn? After what seemed to be a never ending speculation on whether Tommy T would be fired we found out he “resigned.”

By most accounts this seems to be true. Auburn’s AD states he was “shocked” that Tubby resigned. Of course maybe after seeing what happened to Fulmer, Tubby took the high road.

If Tubby didn’t have the support from the Board of Trustees………he probably didn’t have it from the AD either, but that is only my opinion.

Of course Tubby’s mama is telling a newspaper that “He didn’t resign. He was fired.”

“He didn’t resign,” Olive Tuberville said. “He was fired.”

“He called and told me,” she said. “He made it through (the phone call to her) pretty good. He was dreading telling the players .This went on too long. They had their minds made up days ago, I imagine. It was tough. He didn’t know what to expect. All of his friends have stayed with him.”

For some strange reason I find this more factual. Let’s say Tubby did resign, one would think he would tell his assistant coaches ahead of time. At the time this all took place his assistants were out hitting the recruiting trails.

A couple of the assistant’s spouses were so enraged that they called a local sports show to vent publicly.  You can listen to the calls here.

Donna Dunn who is the spouse of the then D-line coach Don Dunn said her husband found out by a recruits coach when he was visiting him. She also states that her son, who is a student at Auburn, found out when a classmate interrupted a presentation he was giving to tell him his dad was unemployed.

That kid gets an A+ for his how-to presentation “On Being a Huge Asshole”

Amy Enzminger, the spouse of offensive coordinator Steve Enzminger, states he found out while out recruiting in Maryland. She also accuses Nick Satan I mean Saban of buying players. Well, duh everyone knows that. She also brings up Bobby Lowder, the Auburn trustee who got the president of the university fired in 2001 and tried to hire Bobby Petrino behind Tuberville’s back in 2003. Of course as everyone knows Auburn went 13-0 the following and was denied a shot at the National Championship.

Either it’s an interesting situation. You should listen to the calls. They’ll crack you up.

As far as the fark, Tommy Tuberville is a very good dancer. You ever see Tommy
Tuberville dancing? Tommy Tuberville is very tall. That helps. It makes him…lankier.

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College Football Week 14 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 30, 2008

Yes folks I decided to take some time away from writing and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you had a pleasant and happy Thanksgiving.

I dub yesterday as disappointment day with the exception of Tennessee. I don’t mean to gloat, well…actually I do but this is the worst team that Tennessee has even placed on the field and yet Kentucky still couldn’t beat them. The streak lives on because Tennessee is Tennessee and Kentucky is Kentucky.

I’ll have a full write up on that game tomorrow.

Notre Dame put up a fight against USC at least until kickoff occurred. The Irish kept interrupting the Trojans’ pregame warmups which resulted in punches thrown and the Po Po intervening. Of course in the end Southern Cal proved what everyone knows and that is Notre Dame is a horrid team. Next stop on the Brian Kelly rumor-mill…why I’m betting Notre Dame.

Georgia seriously screws my picks up and loses to Georgia Tech.

Same old South Carolina, they still can’t beat their arch rivals the Clemson Tigers even though Clemson has an interim head coach. Hopefully this win will lead to Clemson offering the job to Dabo Swinney.

The Ole Ball (Sac) Coach is plenty mad after this embarrassment which lead Spurrier to degrade his players even further publicly. Honestly I’m wondering if he has lost this team. The reason I say that is because at the end of the game South Carolina tried to start a fight instead of shaking hands…classless.

Florida did what everyone thought they would do and beat up Florida State.

With Boston College and Virginia Tech both winning yesterday it looks like a rematch is set for the ACC title game. The same game that didn’t sell 50% of the tickets last year. Joy…

Alabama ends the Auburn winning streak they had against Bama…rather soundly at that. Time will tell if Auburn is foolish enough to fire Coach Turbeville.

No Rose bowl for you Oregon State, unless by some miracle UCLA can upset Southern Cal. Oregon State got hammered by the ugly uniform wearing Ducks of Oregon.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State was a closer game than what the score indicates and it was a great game. Hats off to both teams.

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College Football Week 12 is in the books & here’s what I learned

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 16, 2008


Let’s be honest. Yesterday offered a plethora of crappy games. On the bright side my beloved VOLS didn’t lose, of course they didn’t play but that’s not the point.

Clemson light Duke up. One more win and they’re bowl eligible.

Will Ron Zook be asked to step down after losing yet another game?

Look out Notre Dame is now bowl eligible even though Navy had a chance to win it in the end. Charles Weis really needs to look into doing some push-ups.

Georgia and the penalties they accrue almost cost them the game against Auburn.

chompFlorida hammered South Carolina which is absolutely hilarious to me. Living in Columbia you should have heard all the things the Cock fans were saying. Deuce Staley actually said on his weekly radio talk show, “Carolina’s defense can match up with anyone’s speed in the country.” Really Deuce? You couldn’t tell from their performance yesterday.

I continuously laugh when I watch TV ads for other schools. And then a Florida ad comes on. “Go Gators. Go cure cancer.” Oh, that seems pretty simple. Tebow will take care of that in between circumcisions this off-season.

Does anyone really want to win the ACC?

Miami should be thanking Maryland for beating North Carolina.

Wisconsin discovered something called a forward pass and beat Minnesota with it.

Has anyone noticed that Nebraska is bowl eligible yet?

Missouri wins the Big 12 North…yes people that still exists.

Florida State couldn’t control penalties & Boston College’s running game at the same time.

It can be said: Vandy is bowl eligible. Kentucky might have been still mourning the humiliating loss the basketball received at the hands of VMI the night before.

Washington is still winless go figure.

Houston doesn’t have a problem as they rack up 70 points against Tulsa.

LSU almost embarrassed themselves and the SEC yesterday.

Michigan endures their first 8 loss season ever. I’m sure they’re glad they hired Rich Rodriguez now.

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Tuberfield Is Coming

Posted by Joel Jackson on April 22, 2008

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The 2004 Auburn “Peoples” National Championship Ring is Now on E-Bay.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 15, 2008

In 2004 the University of Auburn was clearly screwed out of a shot for the national championship. Jason Campbell who is now the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins was the quarterback. Well, now that Jason has moved on to bigger and better things, that special season just isn’t that special anymore. He’s selling his “Peoples” National Championship ring on E-bay, that or Tommy Tuberville is hard up for money.

This sell apparently isn’t the same as the disgruntled C.J. Leak sell of his SEC Champions ring sell. This seller claims this is the only white gold version of the ring and the cubic zirconias look like diamonds. Aren’t cubic zirconias supposed to look like diamonds anyway? Wait, you mean this cheap ring doesn’t have real diamonds? Good Lord Man, it’s only 10 karats at that.

It bears the number 17 and bears the name of Jason Campbell. So if you know any Jason Campbells make them adore the number 17 and purchase this piece of crap truly unique piece of Auburn history for them.

The ring has a 100% money back guarantee and come with a certificate of authenticity and appraisal from a major championship ring dealer. (Like there’s such a thing)

This I proclaim on 1/15/08.




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The Revelations After a Saturdays Worth of Football Week 13

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 25, 2007

What a weekend, what a season, I’ll sad when it’s over.

What I’m not sad about is that God Spurrier is on his first five game losing streak. To be a South Carolina fan you have to enjoy and understand the song “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac. Here for your virtual listening pleasure is the key verse.

“Oh, no, no you can’t disguise
(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)
Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies”

How does one go from #6 in the country to a probable no bowl season? Smoke & mirrors my friends. Of course that Spurrier to A&M rumor is still there…by the way A&M hasn’t contacted the AD at Auburn, yet.

How is that Vandy can give Tennessee and Georgia all that they want at home, and then roll over and play dead for Wake Forest?

Tennessee makes it to the SEC championship game, who would have thunk it? Especially playing prevent defense that allowed a sizable lead to shrink and force OT…Chavis you’re an idiot.

UCLA actually become bowl eligible by beating Oregon…oh how the mighty have fallen.

It took OT for North Carolina to beat Duke? WTF?

Four straight loses for Bama. Six straight loses to arch rival Auburn. Will bricks be thrown though Saban’s windows?

Speaking of Bama…remember the textbook 5 and how the Bammers said it would only be a one game suspension? Well, they finally played yesterday. One game turned into four games. Why? What’s being covered up? Tide Druid you must account for this. Enlighten us all. Please.

If Mark Mangino was a smurf, he would be “High Cholesterol Fatty Smurf”

Chase Daniel showed why he’s a Heisman candidate.

Louisiana-Monroe became bowl eligible yesterday…they should Bama a thank you card.

So I profess on this day 11/25/07



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Nebraska Is Callahan Free & A&M is Coach Fran Free!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 24, 2007

Nebraska fans join hands and rejoice, for the evil scourge Bill Callahan has been defeated by the White Knight that goes by Tom Osborne. In less than 24 hours of giving up an eleven point halftime lead and 65 total points to Colorado, Callahan one the most arrogant idiots in sports history was fired.

Callahan also ensured that Nebraska doesn’t become bowl eligible for just the second time since 1962. Osborne has been quoted as saying:

“As a former coach this is a role I really don’t like,” Osborne said at a news conference.” I hate to sit in judgment of other people. I never envisioned having to do this.”

I’m sure that’s true. After all he was betting that the AD would fire him, but that was the problem, the AD was fired earlier in the season. The dismal results came one season after the Huskers reached the Big 12 championship game. This year also was marked by a 76-39 defeat at Kansas, the most points allowed by a Nebraska team.

This firing comes after about a month ago Callahan was quoted as saying:

“I have done an excellent job in every area.”

Apparently Osborne, the Nebraska fans, boosters, media & God must think different. Because Nebraska willing to eat the $3.1 million buyout clause in your contract just to get your ass out of the door.

The names most often mentioned as possible replacements are LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini and University of Buffalo head coach Turner Gill.

Callahan is the first coach from a big name school to be canned this year, however Coach “I sell my players injury reports while possibly violating HIPPA laws” Fran decided to “step down” after defeating Texas yesterday afternoon.

Coach Fran came to Texas A&M to restore the glory to the Aggies. He left with a mediocre record and an embarrassing scandal on his resume. He finished 32-28 at A&M, far short of the expectations when he took the job in December 2002.

Coach Fran is quoted as saying

“We appreciate the opportunity we have had at this great institution, to work with this administration,” he read from a prepared statement. “We have made many lasting friendships.

We have an outstanding group of young men on this team and especially great people. We want them to know that we love them, feel blessed for our time together, and will miss them.”

After he resigned, AD Byrne was the only man speaking for him.

“I want to express my regret and gratitude to Coach Franchione for his courage in making this decision, and putting the interests of his players and this institution ahead of his own interests,” Byrne said in a prepared statement. “We wish Coach Franchione the very best moving forward and we are grateful for all of his hard work and effort while he was here at A&M.”

A week after the loss in Miami, a newspaper reported that Franchione’s personal assistant had been sending out e-mails with inside information about the program to boosters who paid $1,200 a year to get it. Bill Byrne suggested Franchione breached his contract, admitted NCAA rules were broken and vowed the messy scandal would be part of Franchione’s year-end evaluation.

Byrne said after Friday’s game that the school had completed its investigation into the e-mail scandal. He said the school was convinced that Franchione “did not intentionally, knowingly, or directly participate in actions that were inappropriate or in violation of rules or policies.”

Rumors have been swirling about that A&M will go after Tommy Tuberville or God Spurrier. As for Coach Fran & Callahan maybe they can have a death match to see who will get the open SMU job.

So I profess on this day 11/24/07


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